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Literature / Diamond & the Daylight

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Diamond & the Daylight is a supernatural story by Scraggle and an entry in the The Neverkind Saga, it can be found here.

Far from Earth, a diamond flame on the edge of the universe reminisces about what it used to be, encountering a similar known as the 'day-flame,' and sparking a unlikely friendship.


  • Affectionate Nickname: The diamond flame, upon hearing the true name of the day flame gives her the nickname 'Magpie' after Maggie.
  • Apocalypse Maiden:The day flame, Cthylla, is afraid to wake up lest the world end thanks to her father Cthulhu being able to take over her mind.
  • The Bus Came Back: This story features the return of Michael Wilford Seer, having ascended to claim the power of the King of Pearl Draynak as well as Magdalena "Maggie" Gretchen Isla, or Cthylla.
  • Cute Monster Girl: The day flame prefers a form of an attractive young woman with scarlet skin, wings, fangs and cornflower blue eyes.
  • Deity of Human Origin: The diamond flame was once human (well, a Seer), and ascended to take the place of the King of Pearl.
  • Humans Are Special: Discussed. Both the diamond and the day flames, Michael Seer and Maggie Isla, were never fully human, but lived as humans, something that informs their actions heavily in present day and helps them to bond together.
  • Odd Friendship: What could be odder than a Seer who's taken the power of an eldritch god and the half-human daughter of the Great Old One Cthulhu bonding?
  • Sequel Hook: The story ends with the two looking out to earth, also attempting to locate those they once knew there. Specifically 'Day,' or Hardestadt Delac, the hero of the saga.