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The Neverkind Saga is a shared universe by Scraggle and Lightysnake combining supernatural and cosmic horror and urban fantasy, officially the crossover between The Never Mythos and The Kindness of Devils.

In a world where All Myths Are True, horrors lurk in the void and have plagued the world since before recorded history. In an existence known as the Teraverse, creatures that cannot be fathomed, and creatures who are all-too understandable prey upon humanity until the modern day. Within the realm known as Creation, God had grown silent long ago and after a brutal war between Heaven and Hell, an uneasy peace remains.


Hardestadt Delac is a devil who, unlike the rest of his kind, has lived for thousands of years on the earth, defending the world and saving others with the help of his capable assistant Erin Hasegawa. Eliza Cortly is a Seer, a descendant of an ancient race of beings defined by their mental prowess and their connection to the mysterious plane of mind-space known as the Remeditary. With histories that go back centuries, the two have saved countless innocents, while being hunted by far darker powers. In the modern day, their stories unfold with monstrous threats to the world and all they hold dear, leading them to protect the Teraverse and Creation as many times as it takes.

The saga currently consists of the following works:

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    The Never Mythos Full-Length stories 
     Never Mythos Short Stories 
    Kindness of Devils Main Stories 
    Kindness of Devils Short Stories 

     The Lonely Dreams Cycle 

The work contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Arc Words: "Never is forever" is a recurring phrase in both series, first appearing in The City of Never and making appearances afterwards in various contexts.
  • Badass Normal: Some of the most important and impressive characters are ordinary people who just keep fighting through hell to do the right thing. The City of Never's cast is comprised of almost nothing but Badass Normal (and a few Empowered Badass Normal types who become Seers) survivors fighting back against eldritch horrors.
  • Big Bad: Although there's no one main villain of the saga—though Nyarlathotep and the Shadows' Consultant, as the respective arch-enemies of Hardestadt and Eliza, come close—every story typically has one.
    • The Kindness of Devils:
    • The Never Mythos:
    • Lonely Dreams Cycle
      • Sangue Serenissima has the "thing in the patchwork cloak," a monstrous abomination that devours the brains of Seers. Also, as it turns out, Eliphas Coyte, back almost a century after Eliza escapes him in The Englishman.
      • Empty Memories and Cold Graves has Nyarlathotep assume the role again.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: A running theme in the saga. Heroes typically get their happy endings, but they go through hell first—with the major theme of both Hardestadt Delac and Eliza Cortly's arcs being how they overcome this.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Two:
    • Azathoth, the Nuclear Chaos, is the force that created Nyarlathotep, Hardestadt's greatest Arch-Enemy in the series, and is more powerful than virtually any other being in existence—but is also completely and utterly mindless, as well.
    • Its counterpart, the Emperor of Ashen Rain, is hinted to be the single most evil and monstrous Eldritch Abomination in the setting, only alluded to and felt in The City of Never, yet its influence leads to the corruption of Draynak and the subsequent plots of Lucia, Eliza's Arch-Enemy.
  • Lady and Knight: Hardestadt Delac and Eliza Cortly's romance fits the bill. She's a beautiful, elegant (albeit giggly and adorable) lady, he's a heroic, knight-like figure who defends the innocent.
  • Love Hurts: Romance is agonizing in the Neverkind series. Hardestadt has lost everyone he's ever cared about and his relationship with Erin has brought a lot of pain. Eliza lost her beloved Aisling, Michael drove away his only girlfriend and ended up hitting her viciously during an argument....and Hardestadt and Eliza? Were separated by unknown circumstances, with him still mourning the loss of their relationship.
  • Morality Kitchen Sink: Downplayed. Generally, the heroes are heroes and the villains are villains, but many of the protagonists—Hardestadt particularly, and his Devil family especially—have tons and tons of blood and moral ambiguity in their past. Similarly, while many if not most of the villains in the series veer toward pitch-black, many are simply beings with Blue and Orange Morality: the City's creatures are all simply misguided, frustrated abominations that can't comprehend humanity's laws, and the being behind them (Draynak) is no less so, proving able to be reasoned with in the end.
  • Official Couple: Sad example. Hardestadt and Eliza went through so much to end up as lovers for well over a decade to the point they were implied to be engaged. Eliza vanished, and he never found out what happened to her.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: The Never Mythos is dark as hell, usually, with full Cosmic Horror Story trappings, especially in the short stories that focus on an unforgiving cosmos and the horrors therein. The City of Never tends more to the middle of the scale, with a more optimistic end and defiance of the typical cosmic horror tropes. The Kindness of Devils as a whole is far more optimistic and about overcoming pain and tragedy.

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