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"Why? What does it do!? Will it turn me invisible!? Turn my thoughts into green reality?... Remind me to always drink my Ovaltine? Running out of things for a ring to do here, boss."

Zelfia is an Urban Fantasy Webcomic currently hosted on ComicFury. It chronicles the story of a young Asraan named Mayy who, along with her multispecies friends, seeks to know the truth about the ring she wears around her neck and why she was left to be raised in the human world. On Hiatus since 2015.

Zelfia provides examples of:

  • Theme Naming: The Asraans: Mayy, Jun, and Juli.
    • Lampshaded when Mayy asks aloud if the next Asraan she meets is going to be named "Aughust." True to form, almost a month later, we meet Augustine.
    • Finally averted with Dremen...
    • ...And resumed with Apryl.
  • Translator Microbes: New Angeles comes with a citywide translation casting spell. Outside the city, you need a personal casting.
  • Unsound Effect: A small sampling includes "TRAVERSE!" "LAND!" and "CRACKLE OMINOUSLY!" These have largely been discarded in later comics.
  • Vampire Hickey: Mayy gets bitten by a vampire fairy early in the story. While she doesn't turn (due to not having did a blood exchange), the bite marks never fully heal and she goes from that point onward with two faded marks on her neck.
  • Webcomic Time: In almost two years of real-world time, less than three days of comic time has been chronicled.
  • Wingdinglish: The various graffiti on the walls are usually important omens for upcoming events in the comic. Other times they're just shoutouts.
  • You Can't Go Home Again:
    • Played With. Mayy isn't actually FROM the human world, but it's where she was raised since infancy. After crossing over to New Angeles, she can't go back.
    • Cloud and Raven, meanwhile, are Elvens in exile, being able to physically return home, but unable to do so politically.