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Lord of Dragons is a eighteen-part book series written mostly by Ephraim B Smain, a popular science fiction and fantasy author who wrote the first book in the series, To Serve A Dragonlord, in 1961, when he was fifteen years old.

Such is what the Lord of Dragons wiki claims. In truth, Lord of Dragons is a wiki-based parody of high fantasy novels, inspired by Penny Arcade's Epic Legends of the Heirarchs: The Elemenstor Saga wiki. It was created because Air Of Mystery and co-writer 4rcit4 wanted to write something with no established canon, whereas if they wrote in ELotHTES they would have to follow existing rules. (ELotHTES did rather kindly put up a short article about LoD.


The wiki is partly about detailing the books in the series (which parody High Fantasy tropes), Smain's life (disastrous) and the ongoing efforts to create a Film of the Book (which parodies moviemaking in general).

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