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The following are fictional series for Cartoon Action Hour: Season Two written by Dr Thinker.

Tropes For All Series


Short Version: If Transbots is The Transformers in the Cartoon Action Hour universe, then Alienformers is the Gobots to Transbots in which the human crash-landing on the planet of robots instead of the robots crash-landing on the planet of humans.


Long Version: In the year 3000 A.D, two astronauts — Lois "Luna" Stone and Tanya "Terra" Stone, were sent by NASA to explore the Yot galaxy because of signal coming from it. The journey to the galaxy was uneventful but they end up crashed on Silcon, a planet of transforming robots. They were found by Trickians, lead by,Airhead. For a while, the humans were forced to become slaves for the Trickians who want to conquer another planet. They tried to find out the planet but had no successful finding out the planet until Annoyance reveal her true indentity of Ink, a Patroller, who called some of her allies, including Patrolian leader, Merge. The planet happen to be Earth.


Tropes In This Fake Series


Area 52

Area 52 is not operated by humans, but by aliens. These aliens protect Earth from evil aliens.

Tropes In This Fake Series

Betty And Co.

Anna Smith and her best friend, her cat — Betty, run away from fake monsters and fake ghosts while Josephine Joggers, Donald Berry and William Book work to solve their mysteries.

Tropes in This Fake Series


Georgina Tenton with the help of Holo's mini- projector Sun Earrings becomes Gem of "Gem and Beamers" in order to save her company from the evil Kathy Key. She is successfully in doing so, and so she and her singer alter ego deal with Kathy Key and the Nightmare's attempt at revenge at her.

Tropes in This Fake Series

Ghost Girls

Four girls who had become ghosts because of mad scientist joins the World Troubleshooter Organization in order to fight evil including the mad scientist that was behind it.

Tropes In This Fake Series

Hero Inc.

A group of superheroes join forces to protect the universe from super-villians

Tropes In This Fake Series:

The Mermaid Squad

Five teenagers were kidnapped by Dr. Snot and Dare. Dr. Snot hopes to transformed them into dead mermaids to use their bones to prove that Atlantis existed. One of the teenagers used herarm to damage the machine transforming the teenagers into eggs. They were found by May O'Brain as eggs. They had become living mermaids and fight the good fight against evil doers that threaten New Tokyo.

Tropes In This Fake Series

The Silly Race

Nine racers compete to racers in random spots across the Cartoon World. Eight of them play fair — the nine one, Count Cheater, cheats.

Tropes In This Face Series

The Space Lizards

On Alternate Universe version of Earth called "Aretha,", where the lizard humans were the king of the world. Dr. Rexicon had conquered and slaved a prince or pincess of each country expect one — Mira. He asks the Orcale how to conquer it. The Orcale tells that he's going to be sorry if he's going to conquer it. He start to have a successful mission until Mira's armed force arrived at Dr. Rexicon's doorstep. Durning this, five lizardiods including Princess escape to an human version of Earth.

Tropes in This Fake Series:


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