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So right, what exactly is Resonating Spirits? Well, it began one day when a Game Master on the forum pitched the idea of a Fullmetal Alchemist-based game IN SPACE! as an Extranormal Institute! So quickly, a group of posters on the forum hopped on the chance and made a cast of characters and things went from there. While the game is subject to a slow schedule since all the players are going to college or just busy and, it has still been going on for three years and doesn't look like it will stop soon. and is coming to an end, but may return in another form.


Immediately after the creation of the game, an OOC thread was formed for player chatter, general silliness and the occasional Omake. Here is a link to an archive of the game thus far.

Here is a list of characters in the game and with a small description of them and some tropes they fall into.

Player Characters:

  • Alex Ophen, Passion - A Homunculus character with the ability to change his flesh into fire and ice, and is quickly learning how to use these powers to break things down and make artificial Alchemy.
  • Benjamin (Ben), The Fluid Soul Alchemist - A Sealed Soul with a mysterious and half remembered past who takes the form of a suit of armor. He's able to fully fuse himself into solid object such as the ground and in extreme cases, other characters.
  • Branden Ziel, The Burning Soul Alchemist - A Kyoushin with a non-elemental means of using Alchemy in the form of massive white auras about him. He has a huge family and past and was not one of the original characters in RS.
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  • Caliga Enmu, Paranoia - Another Homunculus who has a massive split personality, in which one takes over for long periods of time. One is meek, one is strong, both can control his body and turn it into various gasses and plasma.
  • Elias Neth, The Gate Crasher Alchemist - A Phoenix Kyoushin with an automail right arm. He carries a pet snake that is part of his power and can form wings of resonance when he uses his big attacks and collapses other characters powers around them.
  • Jacob Kinde, The Deceitful Frame - A Hybrid character, half Homunculus and half alive. Jacob can fuse about anything with the dead parts of his body and use them as weapons. Jacob has the tendency to absorb a lot of damage.
  • Nic King, Karma - The last Homunculus with the ability to make a clone puppet of himself. The puppet can then transform into other characters he's fought and absorbed bits of blood and DNA from, making him a well rounded character.
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  • Rai Scrimgore, The Harmonic Octave Alchemist - A small Kyoushin boy who holds incredible powers over lightning and thunder and is just learning how to control his split soul. Rai just recently found out he is a small part Chimera, an extremely rare mix with a Kyoushin.
  • Rojo Rockbell, The Flowing Scribe Alchemist - A Ishvalan boy who hated Alchemy when starting at CORE but is now the most accomplished master of neutralizing any and all alchemist effects in the school. His ability to analyze and turn a situation on it's head is second to none.
  • Xerin Barga, The Soaring Fang Alchemist - The group's super powered badass wolf/falcon chimera. What is there to say about Xerin, except that he can kick your ass, will kick your ass, and send you footage of your ass getting kicked to show you why you got your ass kicked, complete with unforgiving, audio commentary.
    • Tends strongly towards Jerkass behavior in the eyes of other characters, though.


  • Accidental Pervert: Rojo has not once but twice three times completely vaporized female character's clothing. (The first time it ended up stopping a brutal rivalry battle and the girl has ended up being Rojo's girlfriend.) The third incident left an entire team naked.
  • Action Mom: Ethan's mom was fighting on the front lines before getting captured
  • Adults Are Useless: Averted. Multiple times the teachers have come to rescue the students.
  • Artificial Limbs: Automail arms, again an element from the series this game was based on. Several characters have automail.
  • Born Winner: Only people born with the ability can learn alchemy, with the Kyoushin being even better than normal.
  • Brother Chuck: What ever happened to Ethan?
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: CORE is willing to let all kinds of eccentricities slide as long as students get results.
  • Cat Girl: Geno, Terra and Myrcial who is a rare catboy.
  • Cerebus Syndrome/Growing the Beard: The story became more serious once it was revealed that the class was being trained as soldiers for a far off war.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Xeno's ability to make golems hinted at his ability to make clones of himself
  • Child Soldiers: CORE exists to train alchemists to serve as soldiers in the war with SCAR. Luckily the students mostly fall under the precociously talented sub type.
  • Code Name: Everybody second year and above as a code name. Alchemists are dubbed The _____ Alchemist with some title relevant to their abilities. Homunculi are give titles based on an emotion and hybrids are given a combo name.
  • Evolving Attack: As the game progresses the characters continue to refine their signature techniques
  • Evolving Weapon: REAPERS are supposed to grow with their creators over time
  • Expy- Oh, let's just take a look at some of the NPCs:
    • Mary Illyana is super strong and hyper competent while drunk? Remind anyone of a certain Ninja?
    • Anna shifts her bones into weapons. She is a reference to either Kimimaro or Marrow.
    • Harley Cobura is a snake chimera and uses vectors as her weapons like a certain witch named Medusa.
    • Bane and Shin seem an awful lot like two members or Slytherin House...
    • Terra's powers are a lot like a Sound Ninja whose name escapes me.
    • Nicoleis alchemy works a lot like the Alters from Scryed.
  • Extranormal Institute: CORE is a sort of cross between Superhero School and Wizarding School
  • Functional Magic: Alchemy is a combination of Inherent Gift, Force Magic and Rule Magic. Drives also add on Device Magic
  • Genius Loci: CORE itself is a giant Sealed Soul for one of its students
  • Magic Wand: A lot of alchemists build drives to augment their alchemy instead of building straight out weapons.
  • Meta Origin: The ability to use alchemy is derived from a resonating soul.
  • Nightmare Dreams: Jacob has a tendency to have horrible nightmares about his past. To the point that for the last 6 months (in game) he has been wearing a device to suppress all dreaming activity in his brain. It makes him a bit fragile, mentally. But hey, its better than having dreams about people dissecting you.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: The ghost itself is a manifestation of a student whose soul was bonded to the ship.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Alex stores energy for his artificial alchemy in the form of three fiery rainbow wings.
  • Power Glows: Resonance gives off a glow when alchemy is performed.
  • Reverse Polarity - Alex learning how to drain heat rather than creating it, giving him ice powers.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Plot! - On a meta level, Rojo's player. Every single one of his plans is more or less a flagrant rule abuse designed at forcing the GM in to RP battles instead of mechanics battles, where he is assured victory.
    • Probably the most outrageous example of this is a current work in progress. It's really huge and complicated, but the end result is transforming the enemy team's big tornado of death in to a Wave Motion Gun fired back at them by combining the talents and equipment of the class. There is no rule that says this is possible, and it has even caused Caliga's player a bit of mental anguish that had to be handwaved away by Rojo's player assuring him that resonance is just Spiral Energy.
  • Shapeshifter Weapon: Hommunculi in general and others.
    • Nic can turn his hands into human sized puppets and other weapons.
    • Xerin transmutes his feathers.
    • Jacob transmutes the metal on his bones.
    • Caliga transmutes his body into poisons and plasma.
    • Elias' resonance membranes count since they can't leave his body
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad - What happens when three players love their characters so much they each end up trying to wrestle control of the spotlight away from the others at an almost constant basis? Rai, Rojo, and Xerin, that's what.
  • Stepford Smiler: Elias covered up his old guilt and self loathing with manic energy until he was forced to deal with it.
  • Tangled Family Tree: The Scrimonger family tree. Rai was conceived by a union of his mother Harmony and Dominic Scrimgore, Bane’s Evil Twin. Alicia is a clone of Harmony and Rai's aunt. Bane had Tiberous with an unnamed woman.


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