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Communication Media Comic (shortened to Commedia, a reference to the renaissance play Commedia dell'Arte) work-in-progress webcomic made by Master Jay AM, who happened to be a mass communications major, the series focuses on the Anthropomorphic Personifications of media channels, drawing story lines and gags from the history of the media and the real-life relationships and issues faced by media practitioners today. A series with over 30 characters representing a media format or an associated technology or industry. A partial list is available here.


The pitch emerged on mid-2010 as an edutainment series of single-shot cartoons and comics. Much of the original sketches were finished between September and October. The comic itself along with a considerable amount of sketches is posted on DeviantArt. Segments of the comic are published on Tumblr.

Its premise is loosely inspired by Hetalia: Axis Powers and other similar comics. It is heavily influenced by the author's own time spent at TV Tropes. The author wanted to give Anthropomorphic Personifications a shot and looked for one that the people at DeviantArt haven't already tried.

The media formats featured in the comics so far include the following, sorted according to the technologies involved.Such relations are interpreted to mean familial relationships through blood, adoption, or marriage.

  • The Prints: Literature, Mail, Print Journalism and Periodical Publishing/Journalism, Comics, Magazine Publishing, Printmaking, Writing
  • The Audio-Visuals: Television, Video, Recording Industry, Music Video, Satellite Communications, Cable
  • The Films: Cinema, Photography, Animation
  • The Digitals: Internet, Computer Technology, Arpanet, Podcast and Mobile, Intranet, Video Games, Satellite Communications
  • The Telegraphs: Telegraphy, Telecommunications, Radio, Internet
  • The Spatials: Art, Music, Comics, Animation, Cartography, Graphic Design, Dance
  • Theatre and Puppetry
  • The Motives: Advertising, Propaganda, Public Relations
  • Tabletop Games

As seen previously, there's an overlap with some media formats and technologies that can fit more than two categories.

Many more characters may come as the comic progresses.

It can be found here. The majority of the tropes present are available on the profiles and sketches. Now has a WIP character sheet.


Not to be confused with a certain other Commedia.

This series contains examples of: