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As Starfleet Magic has a sizable hatedom, deconstructions and reconstructions were inevitable. This is one of four.

In the far-off reaches of Neo-Equestria, a race of actually heroic space ponies venture across the universe to save any planets in need of dire assistance. For nearly a millennium, they served to protect, acting as a beacon of hope. But an ancient evil has begun to awaken from its long imprisonment, and so it's up to the newer generation of ponies to save the day!

But as they do, they have to come face to face with several powerful monsters, crafty henchmen, and their own inner demons as they discover the true meaning of friendship wherever they go. They must make new allies in the most unlikely of places, and work together to bring down the dark sorcerer that threatens all of existence, even as their struggle brings them to a world similar to their own...

Let the adventures begin!

It can be read here.

This story provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Name Change: Several are present throughout the fic. Listed in order of appearance:
    • Unicornicopia —> Neo-Equestria
    • Titan —> Nadir
    • Krysta —> Crystal
    • Violet Swamp —> Amethyst Bog
    • Dimension of Darkness / Dark Planet —> Planet Eris
    • White Village —> Diamond Village
    • Buddy Rose —> Garter Variety
    • Rainbow Dish —> Sweet N' Sleep inn
    • Cookie Dough —> Caesar Salad
    • Artie Bristles —> Colin Canvas
      • By extension, Orange Range —> Golden Acres
    • Starla Shine —> Astra Physics
    • Rhymey Ward —> Percy Prose
    • Inquerius —> Ingrid Tuition
    • Abra Kadabra —> Hocus Pocus
    • Horatio I.Q. Brain —> Equal Librium
      • Also by extension, Greenland —> Emerald Fields
    • Emerald Shaina —> Aqua Marine
    • Penny Sillon —> Mary Aide
    • Blacktop Mountain —> Blackheart Hill
  • Alternative Continuity: Serves as this to Starfleet Magic.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: The idea of belief is still present, but only as a means of motivation, rather than being the main theme of the story (see The Power of Friendship below).
  • Continuity Reboot: Effectively one for Starfleet Magic.
  • Foreshadowing: The name "Neo-Equestria" wouldn't make any sense unless the Grand Ruler used to live in Equestria in the past.
  • Hope Spot: Team Trifecta lays quite the beating on Nadir, and it seems like they did the trick. Then the smoke clears and he quickly pieces himself back together. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Identity Amnesia: Lightning Dawn and Crystal met each other on the first day they could remember.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Blackheart Hill, a former shrine of Neo-Equestria turned battlefield.
  • Luke, I Might Be Your Father: Conversed. Colin theorizes that Lightning was the result of the Grand Ruler having an affair, which Laser-Guided Amnesia caused them both to forget. Percy immediately deems this theory ridiculous.
    Percy: "That theory is about as half-baked as the other two dozen you came up with this week."
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: The Neo-Equestrians are alicorns like in the original, but it's downplayed. They all function like regular earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi, with their respective features being heightened (unicorns have longer horns and shorter wings, earth ponies are more physically fit but have shorter horns and wings, etc).
  • Mythology Gag: Like in Starfleet Magic, Grand Ruler used to live in Equestria.
  • The Power of Friendship: The Grand Ruler believes a Starfleet officer's greatest weapon is their bond with those around them.
  • Reconstruction:
    • Whereas My Brave Pony: Starfleet Nemesis and Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship Deconstruction the world of the Unicornicopians and their ideologies, Starfleet Redone starts the series over and makes the characters genuine heroes (with definable characteristics) as well as give them a better system of morals. Word of God has stated that the ideas in Starfleet Magic had potential, but were mishandled in-story.
    • Lightning Dawn's status as The Hero is given a lot more credibility this time around. The original was seemingly found out of the blue by Celesto but here, he and Crystal are found at the same time after a tremendous display of power. Not only that, but he's able to stand up to Nadir in a weakened state, whereas LD Prime got knocked around a bunch, even by his minions and a mere clone, and then cowered upon first seeing him again
    • Krysta wasn't much of a fighter at first, despite her Super-Strength. This fic shows a young Crystal tackling a cragadile and later shielding against an attack from Nadir, as opposed to getting captured like it happened originally.
    • The idea of believing is also given this treatment. Instead of being just a source of power, it's instead treated as an individual's determination and inner strength, with the FiM canon explanation of being tied to a pony's emotions.
    • The Neo-Equestrians being alicorns also gets it. Instead of being a race of complete alicorns, they're merely a bunch of Mix-and-Match Critters that function more like the main triad of ponies in the show, just with their main features being heightened.
    • Lightning and Starla Shine in the original were invoked Strangled by the Red String, falling in Love at First Sight and the latter only existing so that Lightning would have a love interest. In this fic, Lightning and Astra Physics are given more time to develop as friends beforehand.
    • Celesto is barely around in the original, only showing up when the plot demands it. Here, we see him actually taking out a group of bandits far across the universe, and immediately rushing to Neo-Equestria when he senses it's in danger, not only giving an explanation for his absence, but also showing that he truly is a benevolent ruler.
    • Titan was originally not a very imposing threat, showing up and kidnapping a bunch of ponies before heading off. Nadir, however, immediately shows why he's The Dreaded and trounces the elite trio of Starfleet, only being thwarted by Lightning Dawn's immense light powers.
  • Recursive Fanfiction: It's a Fix Fic of a Fix Fic, the latter of which is also a Hate Fic.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Lightning and Crystal go back on orders from Team Trifecta to stay put when they're on the losing end against Nadir. Astra, Garter, Colin, and Percy all follow suit.
  • Ship Tease:
    • Lightning/Astra gets plenty in the latter's debut, though at least one Lightning/Crystal hint has been made.
    • Colin/Percy gets some slight hints as well.
  • Shout-Out
  • Training from Hell: To make sure Starfleet officers reach their full potential, the Grand Ruler has them go through rigorous training to prepare them for any threats they may face. As he admits to Lightning Dawn before the latter chooses to join:
    "Compared to me, that cragadile will be mere foal's play."
  • The Worf Effect: Team Trifecta consists of the three most elite officers in Starfleet's employ. So when they're having trouble against Nadir, that's your cue to panic.