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Grand Ruler used to be exactly like in the original story.
He used to be a tyrant before something happened and he became The Atoner. One of the main conflicts of the story will be him being haunted by his past.

Dark And Troubled Pasts for some of the characters.
Story summary states that the characters will be facing their own inner demons.

Adaptation Name Change for other characters.
Cuz why not, put your ideas for them here:
  • Mysterious:
    • Shadoom (too obvious)
    • Ombre (French for shadow)
    • Bizzaro (has bizarre abilities)

  • Rep-Stallion:

  • Dementia:
    • Quantia (as in quantum mechanics, to counteract Asta(l) physics)
    • Narcia (as in narcissistic, to match with her vanity)

  • Dyno & Mite:
    • Dina & Mita (Spanish for dynamite, which has a possibility for another sex change)

  • Fratello
    • Metallo for his robot form, real name Bridge, to match with the term cadence also being a musical term.
    • Forte

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