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Nightmare Fuel / Starfleet Redone

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Nightmare-inducing moments from Starfleet Redone:

  • Lightning and Crystal find themselves in Amethyst Bog with no memories and no way to defend themselves aside from their sheer strength, and almost got eaten by a cragadile upon their first meeting.
  • Planet Eris even before Nadir breaks free. Its atmosphere is beyond horrific, natural disasters constantly litter the place, and there have been incidents where spacefarers actually died from getting caught in its gravity.
  • Nadir shows up in Neo-Equestria and effortlessly defeats three of the strongest ponies in Starfleet's employ. And the kicker? This isn't even his full power.
    • He's also able to create minions out of corpses, specifically using those that fell to him in the past.

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