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Heartwarming moments from Starfleet Redone:

  • Lightning and Crystal's friendship is full of these moments, starting with Lightning vowing to protect Crystal from the cragadile even at the cost of his life. It really cements him as an All-Loving Hero.
  • Likewise, Lightning's growing relationship with Astra Physics gets plenty of these. Their first bonding moment involves them gushing about the latter's aunt.
  • Astra's relationship with Ingrid Tuition and Hocus Pocus is also laden with them, such as whenever she hugs them after a long time of not seeing them, or when they're in the hospital. Equal Librium also gets this treatment from her, which is equally heartwarming.
    • Likewise, this line from Ingrid in chapter 3:
    Geez Hocus, even when you're in the hospital, you can't help but show off! But I guess that's what made me love you in the first place, you big dork.
  • When the Grand Ruler first senses Titan's return, he almost immediately drops everything and goes straight to Neo-Equestria to try and help out. As he does, his thoughts go straight to Lightning and Crystal.
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  • After Lightning and Crystal start shielding Team Trifecta from Nadir's attack, the rest of the group immediately goes to help their mentors, stating that following orders doesn't excuse letting them die and that they'll keep standing tall despite not knowing of the outcome.
  • When Percy accidentally rhymes, Colin doesn't have a problem with it, saying if she put it into practice, it could work as a form of art. Percy can't help but hide a smile.
    Percy: I didn't say he was a leader, just yet. But right now, he and Crystal are our best bet.
    Crystal: I think you just rhymed, there.
    Percy: *blushing* I-It's nothing! Just an old family tic that comes up from time to time. I'm honestly not very good at it...
    Colin: I think it was pretty good. A bit rusty, but every work of art needs to start somewhere.
    Percy: *smiling* You find everything to be pretty good...
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  • When the team is properly formed and ready to head to Blackheart Hill, Percy says this:
    You're all lucky I like every single being on this planet. Let's do this.
  • In a more meta sense, the author revealed in a conversation with Starfleet: Magic is Believing's writer (who is a good friend of his) that his story was partly what got him out of his Creator Breakdown.

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