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Funny moments in Starfleet Redone:

  • Apparently, the ride from the Grand Ruler's palace to Diamond Village was too long a wait for Lightning Dawn.
    Crystal: Lightning, that was a ten minute descent! It shouldn't have been that long of a wait.
    Lightning: Easy for you to say! At least you can fly anywhere you want.
  • When Lightning and Crystal go to find Garter Variety, they approach a phoenix flower...which immediately com-busts in their faces. The two proceed to panic until Garter shows up.
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  • Colin discussing whether Lightning and the Grand Ruler could be related.
    Percy: That theory is about as half-baked as the other two dozen you came up with this week.
  • Hocus Pocus makes his grand, dramatic entrance to the group. Unfortunately, Lightning and Crystal are the only ones who haven't Seen It All.
  • When the Grand Ruler is taking out a group of bandits, he takes them all out until their leader is the only one left. He starts darting around at incredibly fast speeds before darting towards which the Grand Ruler just grabs his head, leaving him flailing about.
  • After the fight against Nadir, Crystal ends up exhausted from using so much magic. After a few hours of rest at Mary Aide's hospital, she's already back to her perky self.
    Mary: She's been resting in the best bed we could find for her; she should be up and raring to go in a few more minutes.
    Crystal just flies right to Lightning.
    Crystal: So, when're we ready to go?
    Mary: Make that a few more seconds.


  • When Mykan found out about this fic, he made a comment on it, stating, "People like you (Low-lives/mockers of the net) seem to attract me like metal to a magnet. I give you this one warning: don't push your luck." This is in spite of the fact that this is meant to make the characters more likable. Cute, no?
    • Legendbringer of FoS fame, on the other hand, responded quite favorably. Especially on the subject of Percy.
    "Rhymey, is a mare...Rhymey is a...he's a...HAHAHA!!!!"

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