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Teana's Travels is a multi-crossover series centered on Lyrical Nanoha (specifically, on Teana Lanstar) written by DKN 117, broken up into several "Books" that cover Teana's adventures across the multiverse after leaving the TSAB due to a violent falling-out with Nanoha (specifically, this is a Divergence Fic that starts immediately after the White Devil Incident).

On the way, she gathers an elite team composed of four other teen girls (Shion Sonozaki, Kaede Fuyou, Marie Swanson from Erika's New Perfume (aged up and used with the express permission of Lance-The-Young), and Mai Kitagawa) who left their homeworlds to escape respective tumultuous pasts there, and a fifth teen girl, Ahsoka Tano, who had nothing to escape from in the first place, all her friends & family being dead. The girls, led by Teana, become Gamma Team, and they go on to save several worlds, tackling separate problems that crop up in the realms they travel to while a looming greater threat awaits in the shadows…


The series is divided into multiple books:

Book 0: The Prologue: In the wake of the White Devil Incident, a beyond-furious Teana seals her own Linker Core and disassociates herself from the TSAB and from magic in general, using an old Forerunner destroyer she found, which she dubs Starshot, to leave Midchilda far behind and head out for parts unknown.

Book 1: Spartan: Teana arrives at the planet Reach in early-mid 2552, and rapidly gets caught up in the war plaguing this realm, helping to see it through to the end. The last chapter introduces most of Gamma Team.

Book 1.5: The Starshot swings by a galaxy engulfed in war between the heroic Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire… but they don’t stay long, only swinging by long enough for a Precursor device aboard the ship to reach across reality and resurrect a 15-year-old Togrutan girl, killed two decades earlier in the Great Jedi Purge, who becomes the sixth member of Gamma Team.


Book 2: Wings of Liberty: The Starshot reaches the Koprulu Sector, allying with Raynor's Raiders and assisting them against the corrupt Terran Dominion of Arcturus Mengsk and the reemerging threat of Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm. The author freely admits that, writing-quality-wise, this book is a piece of crap, and has begun a remake, with altered scenes, a changing around of mission order, and improved combat, located here.

Book 3: The Starshot reaches a realm where, 16 years previous, the Phoenix League Federation fought itself free from the Sol Confederacy, and during their stay Teana & co. gain access to incredible new skills that point them in the direction of their next travels. Contains a heavily-altered and “What If?” timeline of the Rejuve Verse created by "Lurking Dragon". It's also the distant future of the Modern Warfare universe.


Rise of the Phoenixes is a side-story that covers the backstory of the Book 3 universe, showing how the corrupt Confederacy fell to the Phoenix League. Tropes for this story will be listed separately below on this page.

Book 4: Shinobi: The group arrives at Konohagakure shortly after the failed mission to apprehend Sasuke Uchiha that led to Naruto Uzumaki unleashing the dreaded 4-Tailed Form against Orochimaru and then engaging Sasuke himself. Here, Teana seeks knowledge pertaining to her mother: Sayuri Lanstar... who was born as Sayuri Uchiha, dimensionally-displaced elder sister of Fugaku Uchiha. Along the way, the dreaded Akatsuki begin to move in earnest...

Book 5: Magistra: The gang arrives at Mahora Academy shortly after the "attack" of Count Wilhelm. Teana learns startling truths about magic, and later on the group gets embroiled in the massive pickle that Mundus Magicus soon finds itself in.

Book 6: Freedom and Reconciliation: The group swing by the Earth that Marie and Mai are from, dealing with Mai's old "owner", rescuing Mai's little friend Kizuna, and then reuniting Marie with her overjoyed family... who end up deciding to accompany the girls of Gamma on their travels.

Book 7: Angels & Demons: "Gamma Team reaches the Earth that Kaede called home. There, old tensions rise as Kaede encounters the boy she loved and the girl who took him from her."

Book 8: Break The Cycle: "The Starshot heads to the Earth that Shion called home, to the town of Hinamizawa. There, they face violent traditionalists, a deadly plague, a mysterious organization that seeks bloodshed, and the first signs of an even greater threat..."

Book 9: Home: "After several adventures in other realms, Teana (her squad in tow) returns to Midchilda. There, she will reunite with old friends, settle an old grudge, and help prepare for a coming storm..." The end sees Mana Kirishima show up via a dimensional transfer, getting caught up in things.

Book 10: Into The Dark: Following a tip from Zeratul, the gang ventures into the Realm of Darkness. There, they encounter the Heartless, and meet a trio of new allies, all of whom are, in one way or another, very familiar to Fate...

Book 11: To Be Human: "Teana and her squad come across an Earth that is home to a genetic offshoot of humanity called Diclonius. There, they make ready to help a broken young woman and her friends, and to take on a shadowy organization responsible for the deaths of thousands."

Book 12: Misfits Mobilized: "Gamma Team is directed to assist in investigating Project Freelancer, a pet project of Parangosky's that went rogue. On the way, they meet up with two ex-Freelancers and a group of eccentric yet surprisingly effective soldiers, and together they track down the rogue Director, fight pirates, and face the mysterious enemy."

Book 13: Fallen Messengers: "The crew of the Starshot travel to an Earth that has been ravaged by a cataclysm called Second Impact, and is under attack by monstrous entities dubbed "Angels". Can they make a difference against these beasts, the mysterious organization SEELE, and the three pilots' psychoses?"

Book 14: Heart Of Worlds: "Teana and company travel to Aqua's home realm, seeking the counsel of Master Yen-Sid. While there, they encounter their mysterious foe on a greater level than ever before. And shocking secrets are finally revealed..."

Book 15: Equestria Girls: "The girls of Gamma Team are sent to the world of Equestria, magically granted pony-form transformations to better fit in. There, they will forge a bond with the six Harmony Element bearers, solicit the help of the powerful and benevolent Celestia, and meet new friends & new enemies."

Book 16: Convergence: "The Starshot and its crew participate in a meeting between the present multidimensional coalition and another, separate group of dimension-jumping heroes. Together, they form a new alliance to combat the threats to existence."

Book 17: Collectors' Edition: "The nascent Dimensional Defense Force assists Commander Shepard in building a team and taking on the mysterious Collectors."

Book 18: Puella: "The Dimensional Defense Force finds another Earth targeted by their foe, only to discover that local young mages are already embroiled in a conflict with new and powerful dark creatures called Witches. Can Teana & company help these girls deal with their eldritch enemies and their own issues while also keeping their world safe from the external threats?"

Book 19: Darkness from the Moon: "The Dimensional Defense Force's Autobot allies learn of a surprise lying dormant on their Earth's Moon: Sentinel Prime, Optimus' predecessor. But things are not as clean-cut as they appear, for the Decepticons are readying a plan decades in the making..."

Book 20: Ancient Worlds: "The Dimensional Defense Force returns to Belka, seeking anything that could help them against their Great Enemy. Eventually, they find their way to another, older world that has just as many old secrets. On these two planets, they learn truths, fight threats, and Teana has to deal with an old classmate who loves pushing her buttons."

Book 21: Spark of Hope: "The Dimensional Defense Force follows their enemy's trail to the distant, shadowed world of Ulnar. There, The Dark Voice and Master Xehanort prepare to unleash a great Darkness upon the realms. Can Teana and her friends stop the Fallen Xel'Naga and the Fallen Keyblade Master from implementing their terrible plans?"

Book 22: Heart Of The Swarm: "After Arcturus Mengsk foils her plans to live in peace, free of the specters of her past, Sarah Kerrigan makes ready to re-assume the mantle of the ruler of the Swarm, to wreak vengeance upon the man who has taken everything from her. The DDF and the Raiders can only hope to keep up, as the Queen of Blades returns stronger than ever."

Book 23: The Heroes of Time and Twilight: "The Dimensional Defense Force's operatives travel to two "neighboring" realms, to recruit two separate incarnations of a legendary hero. First, Homura and Miyako must aid the prepubescent hero Link in his quest to stop a mischievous imp and the cursed mask he wields. Then, Teana leads a group in rescuing the Realm of Twilight from an attack by the forces of Darkness."

Book 24: Dark Hearts: While on a routine assignment investigating Heartless sightings, Group Madoka is ambushed by a force of villains led by Malia Abaddia, the fallen Puella Magi. A desperate battle ensues as Madoka and her friends fight for their lives against these villains, cut off from reinforcements. Can they all get out alive? No

Book 25: Red Like Roses: "Chasing Malia, Teana and Group Madoka find the world of Remnant. There, they enlist the aid of Beacon Academy in hunting the murderer down, and stopping Xehanort from gaining control of the Grimm."

Book 26: Hearts, Tones, Smiles: "Pursuing Xehanort's agents, a DDF force led by Teana and Madoka discovers three 'neighboring' realms, each championed by a team of magical girls called PreCures, who have recently fought off grave threats to their Earths, and now will be dragged into a greater conflict than they'd ever imagined. Can Malia and Ruin be finally stopped here?"

Book 26.5: A small collection of a few stories that took place during the Time Skip between Books 26 and 27; written after Book 30, during the lull waiting for the release of Legacy Of The Void.

Book 27: Invasion: "After around three months of peace following the closing of the Malia issue, the Dimensional Defense Force's rest is violently cut short as the Reapers arrive in force, ravaging Realm ME-N7 and using warp-gates to hit a few DDF worlds outside that realm as well. Can Commander Shepard unite the galaxy, rally the fleets, and stop the slaughter?"

Book 28: Requiem: "Fresh from the war against the Reapers, the Master Chief, Cortana, Teana, and Commander Shepard investigate rumors of activity from the Covenant terrorist faction led by the anti-human Sangheili kaidon Jul Mdama. Following the intel, the quartet stumbles upon a Forerunner artificial world with an ancient secret buried within. But some secrets are better left buried..."

Book 29 - Red Threads of Fate: "Teana, Naruto, Subaru, and Sasuke head to yet another Earth in peril. There, they aid a group of local heroes - led by the rough girl Ryuuko Matoi - in a fight against the parasitic Life Fibers led by the vile Ragyo Kiryuuin. Can they stop Ragyo's plot to change all of humanity into food for the Life Fibers?"

Book 30 - Foes Old & New: "The heroes of the Dimensional Defense Force encounter new trouble as enemies old and new emerge. Scores will be settled, sleeping power will be unlocked, and battles will be won and lost as the heroes face some of their toughest challenges yet."

Book 31 - Legacy of the Void: "When the Protoss launch an invasion to reclaim their homeworld Aiur from the feral Zerg, things go horribly wrong when Amon, the Fallen Xel'Naga, finally makes his move. Now, with his Hybrids and his mind-controlled thralls beginning their rampage across the galaxy, the DDF must stand firm against the tide, while Artanis leads his people in seeking a way to save all who live."

Book 32 - Seeking Lights: "Warned of what is coming, the Dimensional Defense Force seeks new Realms containing new heroes, to help stand against the approaching Darkness. Various worlds will see battle, and warriors of light will rise to the challenge. But will they be enough?"; covers the "Spartan Ops" storyline of Halo 4, Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy, and the finale of RWBY Season 3, and introduce the worlds of Cross Ange, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Nothing

Book 33 - Fated Battles: "Teana and several other DDF members venture to another new Earth, to a city called Fuyuki. There, they meet a trio of local young mages - Illya, Miyu, and 'Kuro' - and decide to help them fend off the Heartless' exploratory probes on this world. But there is more going on than it seems, and the specter of the Grail Wars still lingers..."

Book 34 - Welcome to the World of Pokémon: "Following the advice of Goku's new teacher, Teana takes a team to the world of Pokémon in order to request the aid of that world's guardian entities. On the way, they'll make new friends and fight old enemies."

Book 35: Curing the Darkness: "Scanning the Realms for more heroes uncovers four more sets of Pretty Cures embroiled in their own conflicts, and so the DDF sends envoys to aid and recruit them. But helping them fight their enemies won't be easy..."

Book 36: Prisms' Light: "Illya, Miyu, & Kuro first swing by the Pokémon world, and get caught up in an unexpected new crisis that threatens the entire Alola region, if not the world. Then, they return to Miyu's world to finally settle things with the Ainsworths. The Broken God and the Ainsworth Patriarch will provide these girls their toughest challenges yet."

Book 37: Guardians of Light: "As the Seekers of Darkness finally begin to make their move, Sora and his friends move to fight them. They will meet new friends and foes alike, as destiny carries all involved towards the forging of the ultimate weapon..."

Book 38: Goblin Slayers: "The DDF come across a new world filled with fantastical races & creatures, under siege from a secret invasion by depraved, murderous 'goblins' flying under the radar compared to flashier threats. They step in to stem the tide, meeting a veteran goblin-killer and a shy but determined young girl. And other threats may be lurking as well..."

Book 39: Heroes' Trials: "Gamma Team and a few others find a world full of people with mysterious and diverse powers called Quirks, currently dealing with a minor Heartless infestation. They move in to handle the situation and help the locals, and thus are present when powerful villains begin their master plans."

Future Book - Ancient Awakening: To Be Made

Any major developments from the currently-in-progress book or the later section of the previous book is to be spoilered, and be un-spoilered when the book is complete and the next book is started.

Teana's Travels has the following tropes:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: In Book 2, the Odin is described as a "magnificent machine of malice".
  • After the End: NGE-Earth, courtesy of Second Impact in 2000. After the cataclysmic shockwaves, seismic upheavals, and megatsunamis that ravaged the globe, along with the devastating wars that followed, humanity's population was brought from six billion down to around 1.95 billion, having clawed their way back up to 2.25 billion by 2015.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: Riza is killed by the Fallen Princess she helped exile, apologizing mentally to her Dragons friends for not returning home.
  • Amazon Brigade: Gamma Team. Also, as of Book 10, Sigma Team.
  • And This Is for...: In Book 6, when Mai guts her old "owner" with a plasma sword:
    Mai: "That was for Sayuri and Kizuna, you bitch."
  • Anti-Magic: It turns out that Primes possess a total immunity to all forms of offensive magic-, ki/chakra-, and Force-based techniques; only "conventional" weapons can hurt them. We've also got Asuna with her Selective Absolute Magic Cancel, completely nullifying any magic meant to harm, weaken, disorient, or otherwise be used to create detrimental effects while letting healing and reinforcement spells through. Lastly, it was initially thought that the Norma had anti-magic, but it turns out they're only immune to the diluted and tainted "False" mana used by their world's people, and they are quite capable of using - and being harmed by - the "true" mana used by the the various magic-users of the DDF and their enemies.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: In Book 15, Apple Bloom hits Diamond Tiara with one that triggers an epic Heel Realization:
    Apple Bloom: "After all you've done... Breakin' foals' hearts, teasin' those you see as lesser than yerself, excludin' lonely folks, not helpin' anyone unless it benefits you... Would your mama be happy with what you've done and become?"
    • In Book 26, Malia Abaddia is pressured by Madoka and the three lead Cures into explaining why she values power so much, in the form of an angry Motive Rant about how her kind and loving Good Parents were murdered for "preachin' about being nice to the wrong people", and how the powerlessness she felt then led her to come to believe power was the only thing that mattered, that niceness was weakness and her parents deserved what they got for being "weak" and she thus did not mourn them, and that she'd thrown out things such as happiness, love, forgiveness, sadness, and loneliness. In response, Cure Melody delivers a knockout: "If that is true, then why are you crying?" Upon finally noticing the tears she'd been shedding throughout half of the rant, Malia panics, looking genuinely rattled and frightened for the first time, and then bolts.
  • A Storm Is Coming: Said word-for-word by the mysterious cloaked girl who's been helping Teana and leaving data on her activities with certain individuals on other worlds.
  • Back from the Dead:
  • Badass Boast: Gabriel Tosh comes up with one for Gamma Team that Teana starts using in Book 9: "Cry havoc, and let slip the girls of war."
  • Badass Crew: Gamma Team; also, Talon Squad, a group of Skirmishers and the most accomplished Flood-killer team in the entirety of the Covenant (and later the Sangheili Alliance).
  • Bathtub Bonding: Between Erio, Caro, Timmy, and Erika, at Fate & Sarah's insistence.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: In Book 11, the gang takes a Dive Into Kaede K.'s Heart to confront her Other.
  • Beam-O-War: In Book 9, the big battle between Nanoha and Teana nears its end when the two girls fire Starlight Breakers at each other, resulting in this. It ends when Nanoha's Starlight Breaker pierces through Teana's, shooting straight down the middle... but Teana's now-bifurcated beam keeps going along the 'outside' of Nanoha's attack with almost no loss in speed or power, Nanoha and Teana's attacks striking each other at the same time and leaving them barely able to stand, setting up the Cross Counter finish mentioned below.
  • BFG: Teana's M99 Stanchion
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Amon, Xehanort, and Harbinger; Amon and Xehanort worked together at first, but separated after the battle on Ulnar in Book 21 to pursue their respective agendas independently. They also lent assistance to the DDF in the fight against Harbinger and the Reapers.
  • Bond One-Liner:
  • Boring, but Practical / Simple, yet Awesome: A few of the Mangekyō Sharingan's abilities 'secondary' abilities. Besides the flashy and eye-damaging "Big Four", the Mangekyō can also grant telescopic sight and the ability to see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectra; using these abilities also does not damage the eyes, like the primary offensive techniques of the Mangekyō do.
    • Instead of making something big and flashy, Krillin manages to make his Destructo Disk attack leagues more effective by developing the ability to make it instantaneously change size mid-flight, allowing him to let it briefly shrink to slip between obstructions or grow to catch off-guard and take down foes who think they're about to successfully dodge it. He takes down Edo-Tensei Frieza with this new trick.
  • Break the Haughty: Julio and Syliva learn the hard way when they pick on Ange again and when people know Julio's true intentions. And that's before the Protoss invade the World of Mana with their Norma allies. Julio goes under an irrecoverable Villainous Breakdown and Sylvia is a nervous wreak crawling back to her sister's feet.
  • Broken Pedestal: Subaru used to essentially worship Nanoha. That went out the window after Nanoha's actions led to Teana leaving the planet.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Did you try to backstab Ange, Syliva? Well, you almost got it in the original work. But this time, she underwent training by the Protoss of all people, turning her Un Sorceror status into that of a Templar and Ascendent. Big mistake, one would say.
  • The Cameo: Slender Man shows up when Mundus Magicus starts collapsing, literally feeding on the terror of the panicking masses. Becomes much more than just a cameo when Book 18 reveals the Slender Man - operating under his 'true' name Slind, to be one of the Dark Voice's Dragons.
  • Combination Attack / Combined Energy Attack: In the final battle of Book 21, Goku, Naruto, and Teana plan to take out Amon with a Spirit Bomb. Of course, since the SB by itself wouldn't be enough, they hyper-compress it, add rotation and a heap-load of Sage and Wind chakra, and smack Amon with the Mother Of All Rasenshuriken. That does the trick note .
  • Cool Starship: Plenty. Besides the Starshot (a 1600-meter-long Forerunner destroyer with shields and armaments enough to match most other civilizations' battleships), the group is friends with the United Nations Space Command, the Sangheili Alliance, Raynor's Raiders, the Protoss, Valerian & Warfield's section of the Dominion, and the Phoenix League, all of whom have formidable navies.
    • Book 9 adds the Arbiter's supercarrier Immortal Honor, the UNSC Infinity, and - on the villains' side - the 14-kilometer behemoth Saint's Cradle which ends up in the TSAB's hands by the end of the Battle of Belka, but requires close to a year of extensive repairs before it's combat-ready again; it makes its grand re-debut during the Reaper War at the head of a fleet of reinforcements, using a plethora of new weapons to bulldoze through any Reapers in its way.
  • *Cough* Snark *Cough*:
    Donny Vermillion: "Donny Vermillion, UNN. Your first, last, and only stop for the truth."
    Marie: cough-"Bullshit"-cough
  • Cross Counter: How the epic battle between Nanoha & Teana ends: the two of them, completely exhausted, dealing simultaneous KO-ing face punches.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The Starshot versus Arael, the 15th Angel. The ship's shields protect it from the Angel's "Divining Light" attack, and a single 70%-charged particle beam shot slays the being with pretty much no effort.
  • Cuteness Overload / I'm Taking Her Home with Me!: In Book 11, Nana's reaction to Mariko calling her "onee-chan".
  • Death by Adaptation: Jun, Chao Lingshen (though she gets revived in Book 21), Miyo Takano, Nomura, Teppei Houjou, Margaret Parangosky (offscreen, via a stroke), Tre, Quattro, Jail Scaglietti, Lantar Sidonis (via Heroic Sacrifice), Riza
  • Death from Above: If need be, the Starshot can fly in low and use its ventral guns to hammer enemy ground forces.
  • Demonic Possession: Asuna is briefly semi-possessed by the wandering spirit of Darth Nihilus; Klaus, Albireo, and Shion manage to exorcise him.
    • In Book 8, Teppei Houjou makes a Deal with the Devil. When he fails to live up to his end of the bargain, his employer decides to "direct things personally".
  • Disney Death/Only Mostly Dead: Caboose in Book 12, Marie in Book 30
  • Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off!: In Book 26, after Ruin is defeated by Tiida after she uses Edo Tensei to cause a lot of people pain, he comments on how "behind all your dark power, your Keyblades, your viciousness, your bravado... you’re kinda just a mean, nasty, ill-tempered, ill-behaved little brat", and goes on to say how there's really only one way to deal with that kind of person. He proceeds to restrain her with his Susanoo, de-pants her, pull out a paddle and punish her to the point of "bawling and wailing like an infant" in front of quite a few people, including her nemeses Fate & Alicia. To make it worse, once he's done he drops her through a portal back to her home so that she lands butt-first, and he places a counter-spell on her backside that renders it immune to healing magic, as well as to any attempt to cool/soothe it through other magical means, so she can't take the easy way out from the post-spank pain. She takes it poorly.
  • Emotion Bomb: Zerg-Protoss Hybrids (at least the bigger ones) have a special "Aura of Fear", a passive effect of their psychic presence that forces anyone within range to feel automatic, instinctual fear of the creatures; without the proper mental fortitude, it can be debilitating. Even people strong enough to effortlessly curb-stomp a Hybrid (Nanoha, Goku, Naruto, etc) will still be affected by the Fear Aura. Furthermore the effect "stacks" when multiple Hybrids are present. The only ones immune to it are the Hybrids' allies, the Primes (with their innate immunity to all magic-, Force/psychic-, and ki/chakra-based attacks), and beings physically incapable of feeling fear (Yanme'e, Incubators, etc).
  • Empathic Weapon: The Intelligent Devices, Cross Mirage and Charon.
  • Everyone Is Bi: At least, everyone in Gamma Team and quite a few out of it.
  • Eye Scream: In Book 7, Asa loses her left eye and is fitted with a cybernetic replacement. Also, the injury Rin suffered to his left eye as a child is addressed, is revealed to have never fully/properly healed. Book 15 sees Trixie lose her right eye to a Zergling; she almost bleeds to death because of it.
  • Flat "What": Teana's reaction to the Forerunner slipspace-altering crystal's effects.
    "...What... What... What is this I don't even..."
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: The Master Chief and Teana pull this on the Prophet of Regret's guards to get to the Prophet himself.
  • Friendly Tickle Torture: In Book 13, Asuka subjects Rei to this, to surprisingly good effect.
  • Groin Attack: Noble-6 pulls this on an Elite early in Book 1. Sangheili genitalia are internal, rather than external like humans, but Spartan strength still means it hurts like a sunuvabitch.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The entire Mana populace of Cross Ange undergo this after being released front Embryo's thrall, despite all the hatred and oppression beyond no return previously.
  • Heroic RRoD: Use up too much chakra, and your body starts to pay the price. Reduce your reserves to below 25%, and it's officially-recognized chakra exhaustion. Below 15%, tissues and organ systems begin to break down. 8%, and most people slip into a "short" coma. Zero, and you just plain die. The danger of chakra exhaustion is made abundantly clear in Book 8, when five hours of delicate medical ninjutsu purging the Hinamizawa Syndrome from Satoshi Houjou's body reduces Kaede's reserves to around 7%, very nearly killing her.
  • Hope Spot: In Book 5, Chapter 27 - The Lifemaker's been exorcised, freeing Nagi. Everyone's alive and mostly unahrmed. ...Then the Lifemaker manifests a physical form independent of a host, kills Chao, and sucks the entire planet into the Eternal Garden.
  • Human Subspecies: So far we've got four extant subspecies of humans: Homo sapiens sapiens (baseline modern humans), Homo sapiens sanguinus (the Lucavi), Homo sapiens diclonius (the Diclonii), and Homo sapiens saiyajin (the Saiyans). We also have Homo longevinus, the Elvaan, who are genetically a different species from humans, but still of the same genus.
  • Insistent Terminology: "ONI called it a 'practically-sized temporary headquarters'. Teana called it a shack."
  • It's All My Fault/My God, What Have I Done?: In Book 5, Teana has this reaction when it comes out that her plan to hook Mundus Magicus up to The Ark to avoid having to sacrifice Asuna created a resonance within the Solar System's background magical energy that weakened the Lifemaker's seal, allowing him to break free.
    • Also, Rin blames himself for the nasty fight between Asa and Kaede. Teana agrees.
    • In Book 8, Teana blames herself rather harshly for Kaede nearly dying of chakra exhaustion, beating herself up over not taking the possibility into account. However, a medical shinobi and Shamal both absolve her of blame; as a healer, it is Kaede's responsibility to monitor her own chakra levels while on the job to prevent such a thing from happening, and her failure to do so was her own mistake.
    • Book 9 reveals that, even three months after the incident, Nanoha still hasn't even come close to forgiving herself for accidentally setting up Teana's outburst and exodus from Midchilda.
    • Hilda's mother and Sylvia both realize how screwed up their world is upon learning Ange and Hilda's new Protoss powers and that their powers were Evil All Along.
  • It's Raining Men: ODST drop-pods see use more than once. Wendi thought her first drop was awesome; Nove, on the other hand, did not share her sentiment.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: Common during Book 1, the Halo Universe. Also, the fate of whoever or whatever gets hit by a shot from Teana's M99 Stanchion.
  • Magitek: It turns out that the Forerunners were just as skilled with magic as they were with pure tech, and regularly created machinery that ran on both. In fact, their magic system (derived from the Precursors') was eventually rediscovered and modified into the Al-Hazred system, which in turn gave rise to the Belkan and Midchildan systems.
  • Marshmallow Hell/Funbag Airbag: In Book 1.5, a spar between Teana and Ahsoka leads to a wayward Force Push knocking Shion onto Marie, with the latter's face ending up wedged between the former's boobs.
    Marie: Huh. They are bigger than Sarah's...
    • In Book 11, Yuka and Arakawa do this to Kanba. From front & back, at the same time. While pretty much naked.
  • Mecha-Mooks: In addition to his Gadget Drones, Jail Scaglietti gets his hands on some CIS battle droids when he allies with the demons.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Cross Mirage gets two more new modes during the trip through the Library in Book 1.
  • Morph Weapon: Cross Mirage, Teana's device, has multiple forms: Longsword, pistol, full-auto plasma-bolt pistol, rifle (complete with interchangeable underslung 40mm grenade launcher or energy bayonet), 8-gauge shotgun, and particle-beam sniper rifle. Marie's Device, Charon, has its default Arm Cannon mode that can shapeshift into an arm-mounted Laser Blade.
  • Mugging the Monster: The World of Mana's police force sight upon a Norma and proceed to give her a the usual, pointless No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. This would be normal for them in their world, expect they're facing Hilda, who not only feels enraged by her Parental Abandonment, but was also recently trained by Vorazun and Alarak to wield true Mana in the form of Protoss powers. You can now predict where this goes now...
  • Must Not Die a Virgin: When the final battle against the Lifemaker and his top Disciples grows near, Negi gets talked into this by Nodoka, Yue, and Ahsoka. All three at once.
    • In Book 13, the same thing is decided and done amongst Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Mari, and Mana, faced with SEELE's imminent full-scale invasion/attack on Tokyo-3.
  • Name's the Same: Mai's deceased friend and Teana's deceased mother (Sayuri); Gamma-3, Negi's kunoichi friend, Mai's evil former slave-owner, and a certain troubled Diclonius (Kaede); Gamma-7 and the former Queen of Blades (Sarah); the mother of Eva-02's pilot and a hotheaded young magical girl (Kyouko); the maternal grandmother of Eva-02's pilot and the (male) "R" of Team JNPR (Ren); a shy yet determined young Keyblade-wielder and the excitable Cure Marine (Erika); a shy girl with confidence issues but a strong heart and the youngest of the Suite Pre-Cures (Ako)
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Good job, Teana! You found a way to save Mundus Magicus without sealing Asuna away for a century! Too bad that the implementation of said plan caused a disturbance in planetary background mana fields that weakens the Lifemaker's seal enough for him to break free.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: Embryo's Villainous Breakdown over the Protoss and Dragon invasions, which results in possessing the Mana populace just like Amon did. But after the battle, it ends up completely healing the severed bonds between the Mana users and Norma, as if their Fantastic Racism never existed. Nice job, indeed.
  • No-Sell: Two people who go up against Hidan do this to his Cursed Ritual: Mai due to her insanely powerful healing factor, and Zhal Arum because it appears the ritual is only able to work on humans.
  • Not Worth Killing: In Book 11, Sarah convinces Nozomi not to kill her father by invoking this. Also, Kaede K. spares Tomoo because she figures that letting him live the crappy life he has now is punishment enough.
  • Oh, My Gods!: Teana invokes the Saint Kaiser more than once, and some of the shinobi invoke the Six-Paths Sage. Thanks to being trained by the Dark Templar, Shion has used "By the Void" at least once. And the Equestrians often swear by Celestia or by her father Ouranos.
  • Our Demons Are Different: They come in two types - demons and daemons - that are each divided further between "lesser" and "greater". Lesser demons are cannon fodder; on the opposite end, greater daemons, like Amon/the Dark Voice and the 10-Tails, are essentially dark gods.
    Setsuna: "Daemons are what demons quake in fear of. Demons aren't all bad, and some are borderline heroic. Daemons are ruthless monsters that care for naught but death and destruction. Also, daemons completely outstrip demons in terms of power. There are four types of demons & daemons. Lesser demons are the type that Mana-san and I can mow down by the dozens for the weaker ones, and maybe the stronger lesser demons we can deal with without exhausting ourselves. Greater demons are bigger and stronger, but still nothing an S-rank or higher can't handle; that huge kishin that Amagasaki used Ojō-sama to summon back in Kyoto was a high-end greater demon. Daemons are far different... and far worse. How many of you know of Warhammer 40,000? You know how the monsters of Chaos are called "daemons"? Most aren't really; they're far too weak. Most Chaos "daemons" are more along the lines of Mid- or Greater-Demons in power, and their "Daemon Princes" are at the absolute lowest end of Lesser Daemon power. Greater Daemons, also called Daemon Lords, are essentially gods in power. The four Chaos 'Gods' would be more accurately classed as true Greater Daemons."
  • Outside-Context Problem: A common themes in the Defense Forces that allows them to win every confrontation, especially against those without connections to other Realms. Hardly anyone is prepared when they arrive and many of their attempts to fire back only hinder their inevitable defeats.
  • Painting the Medium: Several individuals' speech is presented in unique ways:
    • Infested Kerrigan, The Lifemaker, Kadak, and Kurama the 9-Tailed Fox have their speech bolded.
    • Narud and Majora speak in italics with the first and last letters of each sentence bolded.
    • Amon and the Rachni Queen speak in bolded italics.
    • And in Book 22:
      • Brood-Mothers have the first letter of every word bolded. This is also used in Book 27 for anyone speaking for the Leviathan.
      • Izsha has the last letter of every sentence bolded.
      • Abathur has the first and last letters of every sentence bolded. As does Narud whenever he's shape-shifted into someone.
      • Hostile Primal pack-leaders are italicized with the first letter of every sentence bolded'.
      • Dehaka has the first letter of every sentence bolded.
    • The Catalyst speaks in italics, with the first or last letter of each alternating word bolded.
  • Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: In Book 18, Super Saiyan 3 Goku to third-form Walpurgisnacht:
    "Homura called you the 'Witch of Stage Settings'. Well... I'm dropping the curtain on this show!"
  • Rage Against the Mentor: Teana's against Nanoha kicked off the whole damn series. She later drops it early in Book 9 when she learns Nanoha's real motives.
  • Rightful Empress Returns: Upon showing the World of Mana her and the Norma's new powers and allies fromthe Protoss that exceed the Mana users', Angelise marches through the Misurugi Empire to reclaim her throne.
  • Ragnarök Proofing: Forerunner tech, including the Starshot. Precursor tech is in less good of shape (and much rarer), but still fulfills its functions.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: During the battle of Misurugi, a number of guards were said to have run away to avoid fighting the Norma and their new Protoss allies. Justified in how ill-prepared they were for a true war, especially against a Proud Warrior Race such as the Protoss.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: Arika Entheofushia... that is, until chapter 26 of Book 5, when she gets freed.
  • Shoot The Grenade: In the first Delta Halo chapter of Book 1: "There was one memorable moment where the Scorpion's cannon hit an active/tossed plasma grenade that was in midair, leaving the Grunt who threw it too dumbfounded by the odds of what he'd just witnessed to avoid getting ripped apart by the Scorpion's MG turret."
  • Shout-Out: In Book 15, when Twilight Sparkle is scared of a bug, she calls it a spawn of Morning Star.
  • Space Pirates: Book 12 introduces the Black Suns, a violent and well-armed pirate/crime syndicate that's been a thorn in the UNSC's side for over 170 years.
    Washington: "They're the oldest operating "extra-legal" group; they were founded in 2378. They're a large and powerful crime syndicate who have their hands in all sorts of dirty business – narcotics trafficking, slavery, illegal mining, piracy, corruption of government officials, cyber-attacks, even high-profile theft of UNSC property now & then, not to mention scavenging off battlefields left behind by other factions' fights. They've also worked as hired guns for the Insurrection, performing terror ops and harassing UNSC cargo ships."
  • Spanner in the Works: In Book 13, Agent Washington ends up being this for Gendou and SEELE.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Foehammer, Yayap, Grace, Will, Kurt, Holly, Miranda Keyes, and Sgt. Johnson; Tychus Findlay; Zest Grangaitz('s clone); Precia Testarossa; Saito, Shirakawa, Dr. Kurama, Mariko, Number 28, Tomoo, and Aiko; F.I.L.S.S., The Meta (though in Book 32 he's finally Killed Off for Real); Lt. Razak, Jetfire, both Ashley Williams and Kaidan Alenko, and Dominic Santiago; Mami, Sayaka, and Kyouko; Ironhide, Wheeljack, Skids & Mudflap, Wheelie & Brains, Starscream, Megatron; General Warfield, Lasarra; Shepard, Anderson, Mordin, Thane, Legion, and Nyreen Kandros; Cortana; Senketsu; Alektra von Loewenherz (unfortunately); Pyrrha Nikhos and Roman Torchwick (though the latter is arrested, so he's still removed from the plot); Epsilon-Church
  • Starship Rescue: In Book 9: things are looking bad, a droid warship is flying toward the TSAB Army HQ spire, ready to blast it... and gets blasted from above by the Arbiter's supercarrier, which has brought a hundred and thirty allied ships to save the TSAB's collective asses.
    • Book 18 has the Normandy II swooping in to blast a horde of Demons and Unversed that were pressing in on a DDF team.
  • The Atoner: Every single member of the Sangheili Alliance.
  • The Cavalry: In Chapter 2 of Book 9, Gamma Team shows up on Midchilda just in time to push back a Gadget Drone assault on the capital.
  • The Corruption: Comes in four stages. At stage 1, the irises of your eyes turn golden-yellow. At stage 2, the sclera of your eyes turn black. Stage 3 and your hair turns an unnatural silvery-white. Reach Stage 4, which is complete/terminal corruption, and you lose your mind & your humanity and become something else.
  • The Great Offscreen War: The various nasty conflicts that broke out on NGE-Earth in the wake of Second Impact. Among things known are that China and Japan both had to deal with nasty insurrections (both sides of the "Hokkaido Insurrection" used Child Soldiers, of which Mana Kirishima was one of), Iran and Iraq were at war (including firebombing each other's population centers), and Pakistan & India "nuked each other into annihilation".
  • The Reveal:
    • Book 5: There is a mysterious greater threat who has it in for Teana and company.
    • Book 6: Gamma Team's members learn that their adventures have been viewed by those they left behind on their homeworlds.
    • Book 10: The mysterious little black-cloaked Keyblade-wielder girl who's been aiding the heroes is Laicixa Testarossa, Alicia's Nobody. And she's brought two friends: Precia and Aqua.
    • Book 14: The evil little Keyblader named Ruin is the Darkness of Fate & Alicia's Hearts made manifest as a separate being, akin to Vanitas. Alicia's Heart has resided as a passenger inside Fate ever since Fate's creation. And the Big Bad of the series, creator of the Heartless, corrupter of the Night Sky Tome, and leader of the daemonic enemy, is The Dark Voice. Also, there is another multi-realm coalition running around the multiverse, fighting bad guys and righting wrongs.
    • Book 15: Anyone who has traveled between dimensions has their rate of physical aging permanently and dramatically slowed - for humans and similar-lifespan species, it's to a rate of one year per 300 years (shorter-lived species get more of a boost, while longer-lived species get less of one).
    • Book 18: Witches aren't just the corrupted forms of Puellae Magi; they're their Heartless.
    • Book 21: Teana's deceased father Tarlis was a Saiyan, making her half.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Upon hearing how the Incubators have been manipulating countless numbers of races, taking away their ability to self-determinate, and resulting in hundreds of sapient races' extinctions, Legion (whose culture holds the right to self-determination as very important, and its violation a grievous wrong) is understandably pissed.
    "It is regrettable, but necessary; any hypothetical contributions they could have made to the galactic community are outweighed by their deaths' prolonging of the universe. It is the pure and simple logical choice, as is our manipulation of their cultural and technological development to render easier the recruiting and harvesting of resources. We are the universe's salvation through destruc-"
    Kyubey exploded. Everyone jumped from the sudden noise of the firing of an M98 Widow, looking around, and soon spotting the culprit - body trembling slightly, head-flaps forming a yet-unseen configuration, and photoreceptor bearing a reddish tint to its blue light. Despite the being's infancy in terms of possession of emotion, one thing was abundantly clear:
    Legion was furious.
    "Unacceptable methods" the Geth stated. "Unforgivable transgressions. The ends do not at all justify the means in this situation. Entities designate 'Incubators' violate the right to self-determinate of targeted species, strip sapient races of their right to walk their own path, forcefully manipulate target species' developments to their detriment, steal their target races' futures for their own goals, condemn species to extinction for no true worthy purpose. They are no better than the Reapers."
  • Time Skip: 108 days between the end of Book 26 (excluding the bonus chapter) and the start of Book 27.
  • Twitchy Eye: In Book 0, one of the few subtle warning signs that Teana was about to snap – warning signs that Nanoha and Vita, unfortunately, missed.
  • Un-Sorcerer: The Norma. Subverted, they're only this to the tainted form of Mana. Once cleansed and trained by the Protoss, they become far more powerful than any Mana user could hope to be.
  • Unstoppable Rage: In Book 7, Kaede flies into this against Asa, exacerbated by her heart's darkness. At the end of the resulting clash, the latter is half-dead and has lost an eye.
  • Values Dissonance: In-universe example; In Sangheili culture, twins are considered "sacred, blessed, a gift from the gods"; you can guess how they reacted when they learned of the torment that Shion had to go through just because she was a twin, and what the Sonozaki view on twins is (them being cursed, and tradition being that the youngest be killed at birth). (Hint: Not well)
  • Wave-Motion Gun: The Starshot's particle-beam cannon. Also, some of the mages' higher-end attacks.
  • Wishplosion: In Book 18, Madoka's wish is for all present and future Puella & Puer Magi's souls/Hearts to be returned to their natural incorporeal states within their bodies instead of as Soul Gems; among other things, it turns out that Puellae Magi were becoming Witches/Heartless because their Hearts were outside their bodies and thus exposed to the corruptive Darkness of the physical plane, this wish means they're no longer exposed to that, and thus no longer have to constantly keep their Gems clean to avoid becoming Witches. Though Puellae who become Heartless the "usual" ways (succumbing to Darkness or being forcibly transformed by Heartless) will still become Witches, her wish nonetheless means that Puella Magi no longer live with a Fate Worse than Death sentence.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Book 1 has Teana clotheslining a Skirmisher, while Book 5 has Zhal Arum pulling a Lariat on one of Takane’s shadow-summons.

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