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Kong Tower is a webcomic that started in 2015 by Townsend S. Wright, hosted on his blog of the same name, which chronicles the day-to-day lives of people living in the titular high-rise apartment building. The main characters include socially awkward young artist Tim, his somewhat aggressive, IT tech new neighbor April, Aya, a reserved, but very sweet teenaged girl, and her schizophrenic older half-brother Steve.

Oh, and everyone in the building has superpowers. Or can do magic. Or is a Badass Normal.

That awkward artist has telekinetic powers and a tragic backstory involving a vat of toxic waste (which are largely unrelated). That snarky IT girl is a Winged Humanoid from the future who's had to spend her life dealing with being the only member of her species around. That teenager got the butt end of the combination of her Superhero parent's powers and ended up looking like an Anime character. And her brother, well his delusions have a specific quality to them.

Other Characters include various Expy versions of Marvel and DC characters, such as the martial-artist billionaire-playboy owner of the titular tower, his various former sidekicks, and awkward waitress with spider-powers, as well as some more original characters, like a restauranteur and former Jetpack-wearing Science Hero, a Zombie Private Investigator, and an inept Supervillain group attempting to infiltrate the building. The Comic makes a point of parodying, playing with and deconstructing tropes endemic to the Superhero genre, and frequently references This Very Wiki. New pages go up every Tuesday, along with strips put up on Fridays when Superhero movies come out to parody them specifically.

The archive can be found here.

Kong Tower contains examples of: