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Level 30 Psychiatry is a webcomic hosted on ComicFury that asks "Have you ever noticed how insane video game characters are?" quickly followed by "What if they had a scrap of common sense and got professional help?"

The titular practice is run by Dr. Gardevoir, a Gardevoir who has somehow "broken through the language barrier" to help those who have lost their minds (or never had them in the first place) to reintegrate into society. Other main characters include Roll, the head of the MM Memorial Hospital and Gardevoir's friend, Head Nurse Chansey, who has to deal with the physical problems, former galactic hero and current bumbling janitor Roger Wilco and airheaded Trainee Nurse Audino.


While most comics are separate entities there are intermittent arcs.

  • Another Side: The stress of the job is beginning to get to Gardevoir.
  • Olympics: A tie -in to the then-current London Olympic Games.
  • Home Visit: Audino has a nightmare and decides to sleep over at Gardevoir's place
  • Hire Expectations: After mistaking an ad-placing for part of the Job System, Black Mage and White Mage join the hospital staff.
  • Dawn of Misunderstanding: A Pokémon trainer who was unaware of the crossover arrives in Light City, along with her flirtatious Gallade.
  • Malpractice Makes Imperfect: The hospital hosts tryouts for the vital role of surgeon, despite a lack of competent surgeons in Light City. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Heavy Metal: Proto Man pays a visit to the hospital, and the history behind its name is revealed.
  • Girl's Day Out: Roll is concerned that Gardevoir is overworked, so she takes the female staff out for a day while Roger, Black Mage and Valentine stay behind.
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  • Airman wa shigoto wo yameru: The Poorly-Disguised Pilot for a long teased secret project, a Spin-off focusing on Air Man and the video game villains, End Boss's World.
  • Level 29 Psychiatry: Thanks to a deal gone wrong, Dr. Gardevoir is de-evolved into a Kirlia and White Mage is forced to fill in for her.

Updates Sundays, usually. Late updates tend to be accompanied with "apology sprite comics" featuring author avatars of the creators.


Tropes include: