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Webcomic / Lines Uncrossed

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Left: Speedy, Right: Darby

Lines Uncrossed is a webcomic that follows Speedy and Darby, two punks in their early 20's, getting by in their run-down town with the help of drugs. The comic touches on substance abuse, mental health, and past trauma, and its format is split between gag strips and more serious arcs.

The webcomic can be read here.

Lines Uncrossed contains examples of:

  • The Alleged Car: Speedy's car is held together with duct tape and zip ties.
  • Emotion Suppression: When Speedy and Darby are visiting a lake, Speedy implies that he uses Xanax to stop feeling everything.
  • Junkie Parent: Darby's father used to shoot up.
  • Kids Are Cruel: In a flashback, a kid at school beats up Darby because of his father's drug habits.
  • Romantic Asexual: Confirmed in an AMA. Speedy is gay, and Darby is bi.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: The Xanax arc starts with Speedy waking up on the floor of his living room with a cut on his head, unable to remember anything.


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