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Black Cat: New Bounty is a crossover fic between Bleach and quite obviously Black Cat. Taking place after the Black Cat anime, Sven and Eve are left with the burden of regular life. Unfortunately being poor as hell has it's downsides and with imminent eviction and starvation on the horizon Sven decides to fix everything through recieving a massive bounty. To do this he moves to Karakura.

At first everything seems like fun and games but the wanted criminal turns out to be just an innocent girl with a strange power. With two powerful oganizations on her trail Sven vows to protect her, but while his back is turned another sinister force makes it's move.


With so many enemies Sven must struggle to protect the ones he cares for...But can he do it?

The story is written by Alex Mcmullen and can be foundhere.


  • Always Save the Girl: Sven will repeatedly get his ass kicked in the name of his gentleman's code. Whether it be Eve, Rukia or any other damsel in distress he is sure to cop a beating for them.
  • Evil Evolves: The shapeshifting Arrancar can take on the form of anything they see. What starts as simple weapons soon turns to flawlessly recreating the heroes' weapons and using them against them.
  • Final Battle: Gaichu and his minions are defeated in a long drawn out battle that pushes everyone to their limits... only for a far worse villain to arrive.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Rukia has a huge bounty on her head and why? Well that's a secret even to her.
  • Last Villain Stand: When all else fails, your minions are dead, the ace up your sleave is beaten. When your body is beaten to hell and you won't last much longer, limp towards the enemy with your sword drawn. It always works...Except for this story.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Chronos and the Gotei 13 clash when their secret motives are revealed, but none of that matters when the real enemy arrives.
  • Parrying Bullets: You've seen it in Black Cat, and yes it's in this story as well. Bullets are like butter in the face of a sword.
  • Passing the Torch - The fight against the shapeshifting Arrancar. Everyone get's a chance in the spotlight but none of them seem to be able to win.
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  • Storming the Castle: Quite literally. Eve is trapped in an abandoned castle, locked away with the evil Doctor and it's up to Ichigo to save her.


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