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"If I didn't know better, I'd think this was an actual plot." said Raven.
"Ten quid says the author just pulled this out of her arse fifteen minutes ago, then went downstairs to reward herself with a cookie." said Blue.
"That is completely irrelivant." the 'Sue cut in. "Now, you two will be executed at dawn. I'm not without my mercy, I'll allow you to write your farewells to your loved ones."

A series of (really, really short) novellas available on Fiction Press, written by by Wolflette. They tell the tale of Comedic Sociopath Blue and his reluctant companion Raven, as they travel the land of Acellevin fighting the scourge of cliches, flat characters and bad writing. Oh, and looking good doing so, of course. We can't have ugly heros.


The stories include several tropes, in many cases by name, and provide an affectionate parody of the fantasy genre.So far the series consists of: The Big Bad Book of Terrible Fantasy Writing, The Big Bad Book of Mary Sues, and Blue and Raven's Five Man Band. A year long, 100 word drabble a day project was recently started in the setting, and can be found at .


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