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"Welcome to Mortimer's Vlog! I'm your host Mortimer, and behind me is my bandleader, Joe!"
Mortimer, at the beginning of pretty much every episode of Mortimer's Vlog.

An Affectionate Parody of late-night talk shows created by Andrew and Michael Flack.

Initially used to satirize the Late Night War of 2010 between Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien, Mortimer's Vlog follows the exploits of a monkey named Mortimer and his unwilling sidekick/bandleader Joe as they shoot a Video Blog that he thinks is a network TV show.


The show takes on a semi-serialized format, with each "season" (every ten episodes is considered one season) having a plot-arc that usually gets started about halfway through.

Season 1

  • Mortimer begins filming the show, interviewing his friends and forcing his roomate, Joe, to be his bandleader.
  • There is mention of a show that follows Mortimer's Vlog called Talk Weakly With Steve Wikli.
  • Mortimer announces that he's going to retire from the show and Steve is going to replace him.
  • Two episodes later, Steve takes over Mortimer's Vlog. Mortimer's not happy about this.
    • A mild-mannered monster named Rutherford takes Steve's old job at Talk Weakly.
  • Mortimer beats Steve up on-air and reclaims his show.


Season 2 (current season)

  • With Steve out of the picture, Mortimer gets back to doing his show as per usual.
  • A few holidays are celebrated, including Halloween, Christmas, and even New Year's.
  • Eventually, Zantitus calls Joe, inviting him to turn Mortimer's Vlog into a Product-Promotion Parade, setting a plan in motion that threatens to destroy the show... forever...


This series features examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: The whole thing is a parody of talk shows and video logs.
  • Anti-Humor: "Well, let's take a look at the news... have you heard about this? There's a lot of war and famine out there. And disease."
  • Author Appeal: The creators of the series are totally gay for—er, VERY enthusiastic about Conan O'Brien and late-night talk shows as a whole.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: Mortimer and especially Joe constantly point out the fact that they're on a lowly rated youtube channel.
  • Black Comedy:
    • "Escort Service... blood stain removal... police bribes... I'm feeling lucky..."
    • Mortimer shooting Bubba in Episode 15.
  • Celeb Crush:
    • Mortimer seems to have one of these on Fred Armisen; appropriately, rival Steve has one of these on Jason Sudeikis.
    • Pretty much every character seemingly has a crush on Neil Patrick Harris. Even Joe.
  • Chain of Corrections: "I booked Eric The Armadillo!" "Who's Eric?" "He's an author. He was on Rutherford's show... he was at your New Year's party!" "What New Year's party?" "What?" "What?"
  • Jerkass: Mortimer is possibly the worst friend in the world, and definitely the worst boss in the world.
  • Running Gag: Too many to count!
    • Mortimer can never remember who Steve Wikli is, even though he almost lost his show to him.
    • Throughout the first season, Joe played a completely different instrument every episode.
    • Mortimer can't get through a single "Name That Song" without giving away the answers, even if Joe isn't playing anything recognizable at all! Subverted when Joe very obviously hums "When The Saints Go Marching In" and Mortimer has no idea what he's doing.
    • Joe's various illegal activities and subsequent jailtime.
  • Stylistic Suck: Pretty much the entire point of the show.
  • Take That!: Numerous pot-shots are taken at Jay Leno throughout the series, some subtly, some much more overt. "I have more cars than Jay Leno." "And you're just as douchey."


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