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Never underestimate the power of Zeksmit!
- Ezekiel.

Total Zeksmit is Great Pikmin Fan's second attempt at a Total Drama competition, and unlike his first attempt this is set in an Alternate Universe where none of the actual seasons happened. Instead, Ezekiel "Zeksmit" Smithy had competed on a show by Chris called Extreme Musical Drama High School, where he happened to win a special "Host your own miniseason" challenge held at some point. As reward, he starts up a game where the story begins at: The prairie campgrounds of Zekitunakwa, with the eleven girls from canon's first season competing as well.


Thus is the plot of the first season, Total Zeksmit Plains. Which is more of a mini-season, as there will only be twelve chapters (counting a pair of Aftermath talkshows) and a special connecting it with the sequel. Following Plains will be a far larger sequel season titled Campsites Around the World, adding Original Characters to compete alongside the canon cast and a few new gimicks not used in the canon series. There is also going to be a spinoff series called Total Zeksmit Side Stories, which do not take place in a singular competition but is instead a collection of various stories in the Total Zeksmit verse, and a prequel fic centered around Ezekiel's time in Extreme Musical Drama High School, which will be named after said competition.

The fan fic was originally published under the title Total Fan Service Plains and had contained reward challenges, thickening out the total chapter count from thirteen to twenty. This made it up to chapter seven (with a portion of eight written), before Pikmin Fan decided to retool the season due to the current formatting drastically slowing down the production and changed several of his plans. The original eight written chapters are planned to be republished on another website, but details on that have not been fully decided.


The first and only season so far can be found here.

Be Warned! While this does spoil-tag specific eliminations, the trope list does not strain itself from outright giving away the remaining contestants! Especially because some will inevidably have more tropes to their actions here than others, thanks to having more time in the game! In other words, this page may indirectly spoil some eliminations.

This fan fic provides:

  • Anyone Can Die: First the apparant antagonist, then one of the apparant protagonists, then Leshawna, then it subverts the usual fan season premise in having Katie getting voted off before Sadie, then Bridgette (Decoy Protagonist). After the merge, eliminations become less shocking, as it's only natural that not many contestants remain at this point.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • This is another one of those fan fics based on such: The host and co-host are Ezekiel and Justin respectivley, and the main villain is Eva. All three of which were characters eliminated rather early in canon, and while Justin did get something of an arc in Total Drama Action, it's dropped about halfway and completely forgotten while he's all-but replaced with a "better" version of him. "Blast to and From the Past" just about confirms this. As of its ending, the first three contestants voted off were all part of the final five of the original first season. With Owen and Duncan only having a 1/9th shot at being important this season, that means that the entire final five of Total Drama Island may be shoved off to the sidelines for the main story. Word of God saying that both Heather's elimination as well as the eliminations of chapters 2 and 3 being needed to advance the plot more quickly makes this even more true.
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    • Kathy originally appeared in a previous fan fic by the same author, Total Drama World Tour Rewrite. In it, her role was limited to two brief appearances and might have had a role in the Aftermaths had the fan fic continued, and she was an intern. Then TDWTR was rebuilt from the ground up, and she was confirmed by the author to be Ret Gone. In the TZ universe, she's the game's designer and at the very least warns Lindsay about something. Word of God says that she will be a contestant in Campsites Around the World.
  • Batman Gambit: The first three eliminations caused by the main villain.
    • The only thing Eva held in Katie's elimination was pressuring Sadie to vote for her. And to discard Katie. Everything after that was entirely dependant on what someone else does. Oh yes, and the Screaming Buffalo's winning streak to finally be broken.
    • Eva also makes Sadie to act like she wants to maybe-quit the game, so that Bridgette would sympathize and try to see if she can convince Izzy to vote with her. Izzy lied, saying that she will, only to throw away her vote on Eva. And so Eva and Sadie, being the last two of four members of their team, could tag-team Bridgette's elimination in order for Eva to prove Courtney right. The trope comes in in that this all came from Eva persuading Sadie to act a certain way, and for both of them to vote for the same person.
    • The third is more like a Batman Gambit in-action. Eva thinks that kicking off Lindsay will drive Izzy and Courtney to go after eachother instead of going after her. Seeing as not much has been covered post-her elimination, whether or not this plan will work is up for grabs.
  • Big Bad: Since "Cosplay Roughplay" it's been all-but confirmed that Eva will be the contestant to take the role, after Heather's one-chapter long rule of attempted villainy and a flip-flop between either Eva or Courtney as being the spot. With Courtney currently tied up in trying to fix up Lindsay and Beth's friendship (and her own friendship with them), Eva is the definitive antagonist. Taken even further as to how Geoff refers to her as the main villain in the Aftermath, even when he's making a Deal with the Devil comparason that included Courtney.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Heather.
  • Bottle Episode: "Pairing is Caring" had a laid back, pretty low-use challenge for the most part, and was almost completely focused on character development.
  • The Cameo: "The True Heroine of Zekitunakwa" has adult versions of John Egbert and (a humanized) Nepeta Leijon as well as an alternate Soos and .GIFfany appearing to remark on Izzy, Courtney, Eva, and Bridgette's battle in the sky on one of Homer's legs. Also, both pairs are couples in this verse, and it's highly implied that ".GIFfany" took the role of working with "Soos" as the staff of the version of the Mystery Shack.
  • Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest:
    • Bridgette is the only contestant that Ezekiel does not feel comfortable seeing naked. The rest of them he finds funny.
    • Inverted with Izzy. There's clearly something working towards her and Bridgette, but she does act pretty perverted towards her and her alone.
  • Cassandra Truth: Nobody except Izzy believes Katie when she says that Eva is evil. It really doesn't help that she tried to attack Sadie.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The earlier chapters in Plains were a bit more lighthearted, having a warmer atmosphere with more contestants around and the snarky Gwen and Leshawna knowing how to out-fox the antagonists. Heather, who had been set up near the end of the first chapter as something of a bad villain, is kicked off. The real plot with Eva as the antagonist kicks off, the more competent and/or light-hearted contestants are voted off, and the story slowly grows darker in tone.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Each of the campers are given a color-coding based on something involving their auditions (as that was all Ezekiel had seen of them at the time). Every outfit and most accessories they have, with the sole exception of the cosplay challenge (likely because making eleven different colored versions of eight different outfits would be a huge chore), uses these colors.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The climax of "Bears, Bares, and a Whole Lot of Flare" is, basically, like a jousting match between Lindsay and Eva, except on bears instead of horses and with "battle poles" instead of lances. It goes down in the exact way you would expect a battle between a strong and psycho weight lifter and a thin idiot would go. What makes matters worse is that the story describes the fight as being slown down just so that the length of it can be dragged on.
  • Demoted to Extra: Any male from canon first season who isn't Ezekiel, Justin, or Geoff. Out of the first season guy contestants (and Alejandro), another one of them is set to appear at some point in this season. While not on the actual show, Alejandro appeared in Leshawna's audition, though what he'll be doing is unknown. Otherwise, their whereabouts are unknown. Chris and Chef are also demoted, though Chris has gotten a quick appearance at the beginning.
  • Development Gag: In "Rather Plain Sports," Ezekiel briefly refers to the Killer Jackrabbits as the Killer Grass before correcting himself, saying that he accidentally called them by the team name back when the series was in progress in-universe. However, "Killer Grass" was the name of the team back before the fan fic got an overhaul. "Blast to and From the Bast" also mentions the season originally having reward challenges, which is true both in-universe and out.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: The pilot sets up Heather as the main antagonist, complete with giving her a speech about eliminating each of the contestants. However, it turns out that one of her own plans completely backfires as she throws away an oppertunity at getting immunity and is rightfully voted off by almost half of the contestants.
  • Egopolis: The reality show itself is named after a sort-of portmantaeu of Ezekiel's first and last names. Inverted with Zekitunakwa, which Ezekiel was named after.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The fan fic makes itself clear which route it's taking with Ezekiel right from the beginning, as during the first chapter he is largely characterized through his responses to the camper's comments on the environment. Also there's Chris's first and currently only appearance, where it's implied that he made the ride for the campers unpleasant by deliberately driving badly. Kathy, the first OC introduced, makes her first appearance by picking a deliberate diction that would scare Lindsay with the addition of commenting on her butt. She soon reveals in "Pairing is Caring" that it was just an act.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Both Izzy and Courtney think that Eva's apparant plans for winning the competition are rather brutal.
    • Courtney specifically draws a few lines: It's okay to form a secret alliance with someone, and it's okay to use that alliance to threaten outsiders to get what you want. (Thanks to Beth and Lindsay's prior experience with Heather, insiders on the other hand is out of the question.) But you better follow your word through, do not lie about convincing your teammates to kick yourself off.
    • Ezekiel relies on making his challenges cheap sometimes and lets violence pass through, but he will not downright rig the game in his favor, or do anything else like Chris does. No Loophole Abuses here, unless another contestant tries to do the same — even then, Justin's the one who comes up with a way out.
  • Fan Disservice:
    • Ezekiel's hairy ass. It's mentioned twice in "Bears, Bares, and a Whole Lot of Flare". Or rather, naked Ezekiel in general.
    • Speaking of that chapter, the main gimmick about it (becides the bear riding and the toque-based elimination) is that everyone is naked. While this includes Justin, he's out for most of the chapter thanks to a toe injury. And, yes Ezekiel too, as said above. As for the contestants... let's run through our final six, shall we? So there's the unoffensive Courtney and outright Ms. Fanservice Lindsay. But then there's the psychopathic Izzy. Word of God says that you could think of the fic as redesigning Beth and Eva as a leftover from the old version of this for Self-Fanservice, or could not, but he seems to be leaning over towards the latter option. And them aside, Sadie's weight seems to be a constant regardless, which several in-story comments confirm.
    • Izzy spends a lot of "Pairing is Caring" naked, as she was fortunate enough to be exempt from the challenge thanks to how it relies on pairs and there's an odd number of campers left. Although she does some incredibly unsexy things, like trying to ruin Eva's bed (she even considers taking a giant crap in it), or playing an annoying song on a flute.
  • First-Episode Spoiler: The elimination on the very first chapter (not episode, chapter), which in a way seems to be the kickstart for the plot of the season.
  • Foil:
    • Hosts Ezekiel and Justin. The former is disliked by near-the entire cast so far, very ignorant to new tradition, and pretty damn wordy. But seems to have a good heart buried somewhere under that egotism. The latter is popular with the contestants (except Gwen at least), always teaching Ezekiel how the new world works, and much more laconic unless he really needs to explain something. But he seems to be a jerk under all of that.
    • Eva and Courtney are already contrasted. Namely, in how they do their two eliminations in their teams. While Courtney uses simple popularity by (mostly accidentally) persuading Lindsay and Beth to be on her side, and Leshawna's elimination wasn't even part of her plan, Eva uses lies, manipulation, and guilt to get the contestants she wants out. And unlike Courtney, who is trying to stay on the game, Eva is also using these eliminations as a scare-tactac to show her that she's not messing around.
  • Foreshadowing: In "Pairing is Caring," Sadie calls for other people to help her out, as she had been lost in the woods for hours waiting for company and had climbed up on a branch. The last thing she calls is "Someone voted off," and almost right after that, she notices Bridgette walking below her. Bridgette would be eliminated in the same chapter.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Nodded at in-universe, as this has no real radar to speak of. Lindsay thinks that a bikini made of floss can get around the need for censorship. If the prose of the audition is any indication, it doesn't.
  • Hope Spot: "Cosplay Roughplay." Katie had just made a huge catch up to about half of the campers. She's getting close to being neck-and-neck, and it seems as though Eva might lighten up to her. Especially after finding out about Sadie's slip-up. If anything there's even potential for Eva to suddenly drop Sadie, and refocus herself on Katie instead. Nope. Eva kicks Katie out of the alliance once they and Sadie meet up in person again, and she is soon voted off.
  • In-Series Nickname: Parodied, Ezekiel wants everyone to call him Zeksmit, but so far the only people who do are either blatant kissups (IE Heather) or, for all intents and purposes, trying to troll/mock him. A few of the contestants don't even bother remembering what his actual name is.
  • Ironic Echo: At the beginning of "Blast to and From the Past," Courtney gives a speech out loud to herself about being in the lead and life being sweet. In the end, there's a confessional where Eva, after witnessing Courtney's own alliance flop in her face, repeats a similar saying in a confessional, with use of Punctuating for Emphasis:
    Courtney: My team is ahead by a load, I'm making two new friends that garuntee us all free from elimination until Leshawna is out, and my biggest enemy has been gone for three days. Life is sweet.
    Eva: My team is ahead by a longshot, I'm making one new friend while splitting her from her old friend, my biggest enemy is in an emotional panic and the last two campers who have so much as a shot against me are both eliminated now. Life. Is. Sweet.
  • Irony: In "Rather Plain Sports", Kathy tells Lindsay to "Beware of Homer". This piece of advice turns out to be unnecessary. Lindsay's voted off right before (not counting Aftermaths) the challenge where Homer is supposed to come into play.
  • Last Minute Hook Up: Subverted with Izzy and Bridgette, if "last minute" is considered their elimination. Instead of getting together, Bridgette just tells Izzy off right before the former's elimination for being too immature and letting her petty grudge on Eva get the better of her. Though the author says that the couples will stay the same from the original version of this story, so it is likely that they will get together eventually.
  • Morality Pet: Beth has been this to Courtney. While she isn't exactly a villain as of now, Izzy also seems to have her chaotic actions more limited by a recent take-up on Bridgette's advice.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
    • The Dance Dance Revolution matchups towards the end of "Rather Plain Sports," to the extent that Pikmin Fan compared it to events later on in the series. What that means exactly is unknown.
    • An imitation of Homer Simpson is given super strength and flying abilities, as well as the power to capture people with some strange cape thing.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Most of Izzy's nudity is played for laughs. Same with Lindsay, who is later revealed to have an odd definition of what it is to be naked. In addition, every contestant/staff character except for Gwen, Kathy, and Geoff have shown some form of nudity so farnote .
  • Odd Friendship: Courtney forms one with Beth and Lindsay. At first, it was purely for competetive reasons, however within the same chapter as the establishment Courtney takes concern when Izzy wins the final challenge by making Beth slipup and hit her head, leading the other two to assume that she was actually trying to be real friends with them in the first place. And as it turns out at the end, Courtney's okay with that and she just rolls with it.
  • Opposites Attract: Izzy has some kind of crush on Bridgette. The former is highly wild, chaotic, a near compulsive liar, and a pyromaniac while the latter is calm, prefers order, honest, and... well, prefers the water.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • "Blast to and From the Past" has Courtney refusing to vote for Leshawna and trying her best to keep her word in that she will give up the game if her plans flop after Leshawna follows them. She risks damaging her own alliance just so that Leshawna can go knowing that Courtney really isn't that bad.
    • Retroactively, Lindsay giving Gwen her Guilded Zeke at the end of the first challenge. Seems like a future apology for how she's a borderline load later on.
  • The Plot Reaper: Word of God says that Gwen and Leshawna were only eliminated so early because otherwise they would easily be able to take down Eva; Eva herself mentions this several times, calling them the most competent campers or the only ones with so much as a shot of taking her down.
  • Precision F-Strike: Ezekiel off-handedly gives one in "Pairing is Caring." While some other fan-competitions use lesser swears (and even the bigger ones in some cases) all the time, Total Zeksmit is not one of them. So it counts.
    "We're nearing our halfway point in the game! What's next in store? Who will go home next? Will Izzy get to kick Eva's ass for pulling that stunt? Find out next time, on Total! Zeksmit! Plains!"
  • Running Gag: Characters getting Ezekiel's self-given nickname wrong in their audition. Heather had gotten it right (presumably in an attempt to kiss up to him) while Gwen, Leshawna, Katie, Bridgette, and Lindsay all mistake it, though the former at least questions if she heard his name right. This is put on hold, if not stopped altogether, by "Beware of Homer," where Sadie actually gets his nickname right. What this implies is unknown.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns:
    • The first three contestants kicked off are Heather, Gwen, and Leshawna. Between the three of them, a plot similar to the canonical first season was set up and they had a "lighter" conflict compared to the main storyline of Plains. Not to mention that the latter two were fairly competent, and the former was something of a lighter antagonist. The first chapter after they were gone is a bit more serious in tone, and the remaining contestants are clearly established as having trust issues at best and being wrecks at worst. Or are tied to the real Big Bad in some way.
    • The first elimination in the merge is Lindsay, the contestant who was providing the most light-hearted moments of them all. (Izzy being a contender for that, although the very same chapter this happens seems to imply that she's becoming more serious thanks to what Bridgette told her before her elimination.)
  • Sinister Scythe: Ezekiel's enegmatic assistant Kathy weilds one. She currently has yet to actually use it.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: The contestants are frequently put through all kinds of slapstick, particularly Izzy. This also goes for most of the auditions so far: Gwen suffering from Comedic Underwear Exposure, having to do a cheer because she lost a bet, and falling on her face because she tripped over her own too-large pink skirt picked out for doing a cheer dance; Leshawna getting pansed by a barbell; Katie didn't suffer any, but Sadie did in her audition when she fell off of the bed after a failed swing; Bridgette's younger sister ripping her dress off of her; and Lindsay giving herself a wegdie and falling on the camera. All of it is played for laughs, although seeing how common the element of undressing is, it might double as an attempt to sneak in more Fanservice. Oddly, Heather's audition averts this, despite the fact that she's the closest of the eliminated contestants who might fit as an Acceptable Target. Although really, all this considered, the fact that there are currently only three major male characters, and one of them has been seriously Out of Focus so far, helps.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Heather and Ezekiel. The former all kinds of Wrong Genre Savvy, expecting to get to the top of the game pretty easily and she thinks she can take control of half of the contestants as soon as the game starts. She also acts like kissing up to Ezekiel will make her stay on the game last any longer. Ezekiel has his method of constantly blabbing about being better than Chris, despite already showing signs of being Not So Different from him.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Total Drama World Tour Rewrite, in the sense that they are both fan competitions heavily centric on the female parts of the cast, and where Ezekiel plays an antagonistic rule. However, unlike TDWTR, it is unknown if Harold will have a role with an Unwanted Harem (or any role at all for at least the entire first season), or if Owen or Duncan will be villains.
  • Stepford Smiler: "Blast to and From the Past" implies this for Izzy of all people, when it comes to Bridgette. On the outside she treats her in a very "lead, follow, or get out of the way" adittude, and that since Bridgette disagrees with her about stopping Eva she's not going to bother with her anymore. Yet in the confessions, Izzy reveals that she actually regrets pulling up such a tough facade to her, because of the consequences of Bridgette's opinion on her being colored significantly.
  • Stripperiffic: Lindsay's idea for a floss bikini. It's supposed to be a means to get around censorship, but any system where a thin strip of floss across your nipples and wrapped around between the legs would count as coverage would be a very unnecessary system.
  • Take That, Scrappy! Invoked. While neither of these are Scrappies, they have been admitted or implied to be Pikmin Fan's personal least favorite characters.
    • Despite having Hidden Depths in the first challenge where she selflessly gave up her Guilded Zeke to Gwen, Lindsay has spent the rest of the story so far either being a Butt-Monkey or some strange case of The Complainer Is Always Wrong. And she has done increasingly questionable actions. This cumulates in her elimination — while the elimination itself was fairly dignified (compared to, say, Heather's), what happens before and after isn't. Before, and she's curb-stomped by Eva, which was the effect of her own idea to betray Izzy in the preceeding part of the challenge. After is her audition, where she's implied to have spent hours working on a floss bikini, the narrative doesn't exactly sugarcoat her stupidity (the author even confessed that he was trying to write her actions in a negative way), and it ends with her injuring either her butt or her privates (or even both) from yanking up the bottom too fast, and then collapsing on the camera, breaking it yet seeming to keep the footage intact somehow. Pikmin Fan says that he doesn't really like Dumb Blonde-type characters, which Lindsay has been Flanderized into more and more as canon went on.
    • His profile admits that he doesn't like Sierra. When she finally does appear in the story, she's treated like some big threat, openly talking about taking down all of the show staff and taking Ezekiel for himself. Then she's treated as fodder for Homer.
  • Thong of Shielding:
    • Yet another trope discussed briefly in Lindsay's audition. She says if you cover up "the line part" (the crack), it's okay to show as much of "the round parts" (the cheeks) as you want.
    • The story itself averts this, as it's heavily implied through dialogue and Ezekiel's costume plans (mainly in "Blast to and From the Past") that, unlike in canon, asses would be uncensored. Even the girl's. Especially the girl's considering the high ratio of female-to-male nudity.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: The days and episodes are all one chapter and the pilot contains an elimination, so Heather is voted off on the same chapter she's introduced.
  • Wham Episode:
    • "Pairing is Caring". Bridgette, who seemed like a major character, is voted off. This is partly because of Eva's plans, which worked thanks to Izzy's nature in lying to Bridgette and deciding to not vote for the same person. She's kicked off thanks to the power of numbers, and this — combined with a speech that also hints at something going on with the other contestants and even Ezekiel and Justin — makes Izzy start to turn herself around.
    • "Bears, Bares, and a Whole Lot of Flare" seems like a Breather Chapter at first — and it is, to the point where it's one of the few things that can be both a Breather and a Wham. The chapter itself is a breather for having a more comedic challenge idea, coming right after Bridgette's elimination, shoveling in tons of Naked People Are Funny, and having a rather throw-away elimination. However, it also contains a twist of a Stinger. "Homer" is shown for the first time. Sierra is also revealed, showing that she was a stalker of Ezekiel who found her way to Zektiunakwa with a threat to take down all of the protecting show staff. Then Sierra gets trapped in a strange cape that "Homer" tosses on her, and reveals that he can jump high into the air and pretty much fly. Beware of him indeed.
    • "Aftermath: The Final Five Countdown." Heather has taken a level in emotional manipulating badass (the eliminated girls manage to get along, but barely, yet she left some shaken), she also knows something about "episode(/chapter) 13," and Geoff is fired.
    • "Beware of Homer." Sadie's role as Eva's dragon comes to an end with the former's elimination, Homer is revealed to be Courtney's boyfriend who is revealed to be Harold... yet their relationship looks pretty troubled, Geoff is now a co-host, and Eva both mentions the elemental classes for the first time and she off-handedly hints at something from her past, saying that it's a year too late for her to avoid becoming like the enemy.
  • Wham Line: In "Aftermath: The Final Five Countdown," this line implies that Heather knows way more about the show than she lets on:
    "The point is, once episode 13 rolls in, I'll be ready and none of these losers will. "

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