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Video Game / Kraken Tale

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One day, a woman who had died a few months ago of foreign diseases was revived by a Necromancer, who was trying out his magic on a corpse. He walks away, feeling pride in his accomplishment to be able to raise the dead, but the woman who was revived, Dragica Moresthen, now a Draugr, can only remember the sins she had committed. She sets out to atone for them, and finds out that the Kraken is now trying to drown everyone by sinking the continents. And finds that saving the world would be the ultimate atonement.


Tropes used in Kraken Tale:

  • Draugrs are Witch Species, so they technically fall under Inherit Gift, since they gain Trollskap even if they didn't practice magic as humans. Elves, Trolls, and Dvergar also fall under this category.
  • The Norse Gods can grant people the ability to summon them, so they fall under Theurgic Magic.
  • Human magic users that don't interact with Norse Gods or have magical weaponry are all using Force Magic.
  • Summon Magic: The Norse Gods can assist you in the game this way.
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  • Technically Living Zombie: Zig-zagged. While the Draugr are undead, they have to breathe and have many traits that suggest that they have a functioning biological system, and they don't rot. A Wizard Did It, though.

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