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Written by the same guy who wrote Thrown Into Love, Rooting for Romance and its sequel The Birth of Something New, I Never is a Love Actually-inspired fic that's about six plotlines:

  • Elizabeth, eighty-three year old, who is looking for her brother, Alan, who she lost in the war,
  • Pete's plotline, as he falls in love with a guy named Bob
  • Ian and Esmeralda, two friends who can't spit their feelings out,
  • Simon and Lauren, a couple that breaks up with each other multiple times because Simon can't control his temper,
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  • Victor and Zoë, a teenage couple that has stayed together since kindergarten, and finally,
  • Jamie's plotline, a guy who meets a girl in the bus, fancies her, but can't say a word to her because he doesn't dare.

You can read it here.

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