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Here's a Just for Fun list of Tropes that would make a cool title for a TV Show (any kind), with a brief description of what the resulting show would be like.

To any TV executives who may be reading this, you are free to help yourself to these pitches under these conditions:

  1. No changing the titles.
  2. No Screwing.

Compare Trope Names for a Band, TV Tropes Superhero Team, TV Tropes Supervillain Team and TV Tropes Neutral Team.


  • 0% Approval Rating: A power-mad leader in a tiny incredibly obscure country annoys his citizens to no end with his crazy edicts. Somebody should depose him, but nobody's willing to replace him because they know their country sucks and that would mean having to rule it.
  • 20% More Awesome - American sitcom about a bunch of Bronies.
  • Acme Products - A parody of How It's Made set in the world of Looney Tunes, illustrating how the titular improbable products are made. Narrated by Bugs Bunny, with other Looney Tunes characters playing the part of production line workers (with all the Amusing Injuries and resigned frustration on their part that implies).
  • Action Dress Rip - Rip Parker, a somewhat peculiar(but very very competent) superspy— and transvestite— in his never-ending struggle to save the world from the evil forces of S.N.E.E.R. while doing his damnedest to develop a pinafore that can survive his being blown out of a six-floor plate glass window... again.
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  • Action Girl - She is a superpowered girl that is a Teen Superspy. Can she survive in High School?
  • Action Bomb - A superhero cartoon about a talking bomb. Not very sucessful.
  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts - A talk show of the openly hostile variety.
  • Aerith and Bob - She's a half-elven soothsayer from the forests of Lothlórien. He's an Ambiguously Jewish insurance salesman from Wayne, New Jersey. They fight crime meet in an online chat room, arrange to meet in person and marry impetuously. Can they get over the culture shock and live Happily Ever After?
  • Aesoptinum - a retelling of Aesop's fables, IN SPACE!
  • The Afterafterlife: A man dies and winds up in Hell. He finds out that his wife who died in the same car crash as he did is not there in Hell with him, he escapes to Heaven through Purgatory and finds out that while his wife is dead, no one knows where she is. The plot thickens...
  • After the End: A group of Disaster Scavengers search for-and (try to) profit from-Lost Technology from before a nuclear war. Hilarity Ensues. similar to Desert Punk, but set in America. So, more or less "Fallout: The Animated Series."
    • Alternatively, a Life After People clone.
  • Alien Lunch - A Fear Factor style show where they start with odd delicacies such as bugs and worms, and move on to animal genitalia, and eventually, monkey brains.
    • Alternately, an alien cooking show.
  • Aliens of London - A sitcom about aliens living in London.
  • Aliens Steal Cable - Aliens do a mixture of MST3K-riffing and flat out Gag Dubs of horrible, flash in the pan cable shows. Manimal features as the sole Earthling cultural representative.
  • All Amazons Want Hercules: A Harem Anime loosely based on Greek Mythology.
    • Alternatively, a Wonder Woman episode in which Diana is tasked with procuring a Lockheed C-130 “Hercules” cargo aircraft for her home island, and investigates government contract corruption.
  • All Trolls Are Different - A sitcom about ethnic minority trolls (The mythical creatures, not the internet ones) living in the same neighborhood.
    • Alternately, a family of mythical trolls find themselves living next to a group of internet trolls. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Alternate Reality Game - A Five-Man Band of teenagers find a new PC game and put it in their computer. They begin playing, and then they find that the game actually transports them to different dimensions, and a new dimension is featured each week. Despite its popularity, it is cancelled Firefly-style, but also gathers a huge cult following and gets its own Big Damn Movie as well as several sequels.
  • Amazon Chaser: An action-packed series about a CIA agent chasing after a Super Villain who is hiding out in the Amazon rain forest.
    • Alternatively, a man is sent on a quest to find an Amazonian princess.
    • A Survivor-esque Reality TV show set in the Amazonian rain forest.
  • Amazonian Beauty: Two geeks try to flirt with a hot buff girl in this sitcom.
    • Alternatively, an Amazonian beauty pageant that's supposed be based on five criteria: talent, intelligence, inner beauty, physical beauty, and badassery. However, the judges usually end up choosing the winner or Miss Amazonian Beauty based on physical beauty alone.
    • Alternatively, a female bodybuilding contest which actively opposes the idea that femininity equals weakness or that muscular women are automatically ugly.
  • Ambiguously Trained: A Buddy Cop Show about a cop being promoted into the Amateur Sleuth partner of a Hardboiled Detective that always gets his perp. Throughout the show, details about the Detective’s past are kept secret, with his partner doing everything he can to investigate the truth. The series ends before the truth is revealed, but he show implies that he was either a Highly-Trained Black-Ops War Veteran, Master Criminal who's identity was never revealed, a Nazi, an Immortal, an Alien or a Superhero from the Golden Age of Supers.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Wackiness ensues as a shampoo company tries to come up with a product Americans will buy.
  • Angels, Devils and Squid - The angels want to stop the demons from taking over the world. The demons hate the angels for spoiling their fun. Can they put aside their differences when Cthulhu awakens?
  • Animal Wrongs Group - A documentary on PETA.
  • Anti-Sue: Mad Scientist and Super Hero Sue Smith attempts to make a clone of herself. So she can pull off an Identity Impersonator, instead ends up with not only a clone but her very own evil opposite. It has very well rounded 3-dimensional characters and is considered a Cult Classic because of it. However, much like Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue", people still like to make fun of the name.
  • Apocalypse Anarchy - A sitcom taking place After the End starring a family who were on vacation in Thailand during the apocalypse living in a nearly empty Arkansas. The family lives with their pet Cat Girl, who was mutated from their pet cat and has a Verbal Tic of saying "Nya" almost every sentence a la Japanese neko girls, and a Lovecraftian demon voiced by John Cleese.
  • Apocalypse How - A documentary about weapons of mass destruction.
    • Alternatively, a TV show on the Discovery Channel about end of the world scenarios that slowly reveals itself to be a parody as the more insane ones are discussed.
  • Apocalypse Not - A documentary on Harold Camping's May 2011 rapture prediction and the effect of the aftermath on his followers.
    • Alternatively, a drama about the Mayan doomsday prediction (or the discovery of an ancient prophecy "foretelling" the end of the world) and the chaos that ensues... only for nothing to happen.
    • Alternatively (again), a Work Com set in New York City (but filmed in Sydney) about the sons of Jesus Christ and Satan working in a undisclosed location to plan the fight between Good and Evil in Armageddeon. Hilarity Ensues as things such as one of the Four Horsemen calling in sick and God holding a debate with an atheist (of whom He kills afterwards) proceed to happen.
  • Apocalypse Wow - An End Of The World show, similar to Aftermath.
  • Appropriate Animal Attire: Animated sitcom about a nudist colony in a World of Funny Animals.
  • Armed with Canon - A historical drama set during the Crusades. A small band of soldiers struggle to reconcile their Christianity with the horrors of war being committed in the name of their God.
    • A fanfiction where the canon characters put aside their differences to either begin a merciless crusade to slay every Mary Sue and Original Character that has entered their 'verse, or (if it's a Mad Science setting) build a giant can(n)on which will revert their world to a canon-only version, while a group of sympathetic Original Characters try to escape or stop them. Was written as a Troll Fic by the writer just to see who would take it seriously.
    • A web show where geeks tear apart disliked sequels and spin-offs of popular media and point out parts that don't fit with the canon of the original story.
  • Argentina Is Nazi-Land - A sitcom taking place in Argentina (but is shot in Toronto) following the shenanigans of an elderly Adolf Hitler and his 20-year old hot Argentinian wife and their lesbian daughter and adopted Jewish son. Most known for the show's most famous line "Buenas noches, mein Fuhrer!" It somehow won 20 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series, and has become the highest-rated politically incorrect show ever worldwide. It's surprisingly popular in the Middle East.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever - An Affectionate Parody of monster movies. Its sequel is Giant Space Flea from Nowhere.
  • A-Team Montage: A cable access show featuring nothing but Fan Vids devoted to The A-Team. Becomes the highest-rated cable access show ever in its local area.
    • Alternatively, a show where teams have to build working assault vehicles and rigs out of parts they find lying around.
  • Author Appeal - Writers try to defend their work to a hostile crowd of fans. Those Running the Asylum don't go on there anymore after a couple were beaten up.
  • Awful British Sex Comedy - Early-season Seinfeld with ordinary characters in their early 20s, having as much sex as average people in real life. Produced in the UK on a comparatively small budget.
  • Back to School - A Reality TV show where 20 high school drop-outs compete for a single degree. Remembered for its Elimination Catchphrase, "I'm sorry, You Fail Biology Forever".
    • Alternately, a reality show in which adults of various ages return to high school and live as present-day teenagers do. Basically, a concept flip of ''That'll Teach 'Em".
  • Bad Boss - A Reality TV parody, specifically of The Apprentice, where the contestants believe themselves to be in a simple clone show. The Boss, who is always shown as a silhouette, sets them ludicrously impossible tasks every week. Cancelled after the first season when the 'winner' sued the TV company that made it.
    • But probably would have been cancelled anyway, unless the contestants were told the title was something other than Bad Boss.
  • Badly Battered Babysitter - A drama regarding stressed out members of Child Services and other public servants that work with children.
    • Alternatively, a sitcom or cartoon show about a cranky babysitter having to watch the children of a mad scientist and other villains; she has to try to keep them under control while also protecting them from vigilant "heroes" who Would Hurt a Child.
  • Bad Humor Truck - A reality show on the Food Network about ice cream truck drivers in Toronto. The ice cream men include a winner of The Next Food Network Star from Toronto, a middle-aged man also from Toronto, a really hot chick from Ottawa, a Fez-esque Indian immigrant from Dharamshala, a Quebecois independence activist from Montreal, a Haitian-Canadian from London, a Stratford Festival actor from Hamilton, a retired school bus driver from Thunder Bay, an American expat from South Carolina, and a on-parole-convict from Winnipeg. Later had a spinoff set in Los Angeles and a foreign remake set Oop North in the United Kingdom.
  • Bald of Evil - a reality show where flowing-locked heroes are shaved and sent into difficult situations to test their moral fiber.
  • Bang Bang BANG - A dramedy about a bisexual male prostitute and a female assassin navigating the seedy underworld together. Despite the title, they are Platonic Life-Partners.
  • Become a Real Boy - a family comedy about a boy who is bullied for being too girly, so he enlists the help of his father to teach him "manly" skills and hobbies. Notable for presenting the contrast between toxic (the bullies) and not toxic masculinity (the boy and his father bonding over fishing, hiking, and fixing cars).
  • Batty Lip Burbling: A Young Children's animated series meant to help children with grammar. Stars a talking bat with a lisp that likes to end his sentences with "squeak squeak".
  • Best Beer Ever - A British game show about holding your liquor. Japanese execs sue because they had a similar show planned, and claim elements were stolen.
  • Beyond the Impossible - An action comedy series that is based around extremely over the top antics. Much Artistic License is involved due to supposedly impossible stunts. It requires a strong Suspension of Disbelief since the antics are absolutely unrealistic.
  • Big Applesauce - Cooking show from a studio inside the Empire State Building.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Superheroes work at a sandwich shop on their off time.
    • Alternatively, a show about a group of fledgling superheroes trying to make it big... while working in a sandwich shop?
    • Also the behind-the-scenes comedy that involves a group in charge of the logistics necessary for heroes to always be where they need to be Just in Time (so it's a double-meaning title, in a "The Real Heroes" sort of way).
  • Bishōnen Line - A reverse harem show about an innocent girl surrounded by beautiful men from various transportation companies.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology - A medical drama set in the far future in a fledging human colony on a distant planet. The human doctors in the emergency constantly receive alien patients from passing ships, nearby planets, and the planet's native communities, and they struggle each week as they try to figure out how to diagnose and treat such unusual beings.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: A Jeopardy!-style game show where contestants are given such a phrase, and must figure out what the original phrase was. Feature the title as one of the phrases of the first episode.
  • Boobs of Steel - She's a feisty robot stripper. He's a Superhero without a clue. They Fight Crime!!
  • Bombers on the Screen - A period drama centered around the lives of U.S. Strategic Air Command personnel throughout The '70s and The '80s. Received multiple accolades for its exceptionally accurate representation of the period and U.S. nuclear doctrine, as well as managing to make the plot legitimately tense despite the Foregone Conclusion of "the Cold War ends peacefully".
  • A Boy and His X -
  • Brains Evil, Brawn Good: A comedy about a Knight Templar who assumes all smart people are evil and deals with them accordingly. Speaking which, anyone uses a word longer than 2 syllables is a witch and according to the main character, problems are best solved by brute force. Always.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • A documentary on sieges.
    • A talk show for fledging writers.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs - A cooking show where the contestants are presented with multiple ingredients picked more or less randomly and challenged to come up with a dish that incorporates all of them at once.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick - A Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?-type game show. Each round, contestants are given four items; three are ordinary, and one is weird and doesn't fit. No lifelines.
  • Breast Plate - Pile fruit cocktails, whip cream, and whatever else, on a lovely girl's bare breasts, and see which guy can eat fast enough to expose both her nipples. A show that's only officially aired in Sweden, and an American pastor was forced to retire when he was caught with recordings of this show. (Close to the idea of Body Sushi. From Japan, naturally.)
    • Alternatively, a show about the first openly female knights in a traditionally male-dominated kingdom who strive to prove that they can kick ass and still be feminine.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer - A successful attorney wakes up one morning to find that he has sprouted bunny ears. He then decides to start defending Mad Scientists as he searches for a cure.
  • The Burlesque of Venus: A light-hearted Sitcom about a free-spirited woman that likes skinny-dipping and is an expert matchmaker.
  • Cain and Abel: A Gender Flipped Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry between two brothers named Cain and Abel, known for its use of biblical references and Lampshade Hangings and was actually made by a theologian and troper.
  • Call-Back - A Reality TV program which randomly pairs up Loser Guys with Alpha Bitches. The guys ask the women out, and the women all tell them to wait by the phone because they'll call "sometime before Saturday night" to let them know. In an inversion of the usual "endurance" contest, the first guy to realize he's being played, gain self-respect and do something more productive with his time, is the winner.
  • Camera Abuse: Ever wonder just what cameramen go through to get that perfect shot? Watch as courageous film crews risk life and limb to bring the action to your living room. Reality TV, along the lines of Deadliest Catch or Dirty Jobs, but with cameramen, and focuses on the lack of respect or recognition as well as the discomfort and physical danger.
  • Catfight - Like a fancy cat show, except the cats compete in claw-to-claw combat. Mysteriously cancelled after one episode.
    • Alternatively, a sitcom about a "normal" girl being forced to move in with her Crazy Cat Lady friend, Odd Couple style arguements and shenanigans ensue.
    • Or, a sitcom taking place in Florida (but is shot in Toronto) about an anthropomorphic cat girl who lives with a middle-class family and her shenanigans which are almost just scene-by-scene remakes of Alien Myth 64's "Squidward's House in the House" videos.
  • A Cat in a Gang of Dogs: A Fish out of Water comedy revolving around a student from a preppy private high school adjusting to life in an inner-city public school, where she stands out awkwardly among her friends. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Cats Are Mean: A My Cat from Hell clone.
  • Cattle Drive -
  • Chekhov's Gun - A western about a bloodthirsty outlaw who escaped from a Russian prison and fled to America. Almost everything that appears in the first few episodes turns out to be significant.
  • Chekov's Gun - A Star Trek rerun block counterprogrammed against Chekhov's Gun.
  • CIA Evil, FBI Good: A Get Smart rip-off starring FBI agents having to clean up stupid CIA projects that are resurging nowdays, long after the Cold War is over, and are more dangerous (or embarrassing) that they would be useful in the current world state. The Big Bad (or at least most reccuring one) is a General Ripper CIA higher-up that has probably seen The Bourne Series way too many times.
  • Closer to Earth - drama about a retired jet pilot
  • Cloudcuckoolander - A documentary series about the band Devo, complete with a score by Mark Mothersbaugh. Wins 5 Emmys and a Teen Choice Award.
  • Colonel Badass - The TV prequel/Spinoff about Col. Hans Landa's exploits in Nazi-occupied France.
  • Commie Land - A satirical sitcom depicting the Soviet Union in the early 1980s (but is shot in 2010's Toronto). Many say it's even more hilarious than the Thembrians from TaleSpin.
  • Complaining About Shows You Don't Like - Brought to you by Something Awful and featuring panelists Simon Cowell, Maddox (of The Best Page in the Universe) and John Solomon (of Your Webcomic Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad)
  • Continuity - A show about fiction, and one man's attempt to sort out the Continuity of all fiction ever written. Also, he's trying to stay sane. A shocking twist came in the second season when he realized the existence of the the fourth wall by recognizing that his theory can't work otherwise. Takes place in the Young Wizards sub universe.
  • Conveniently Empty Building - Our host and a crack team of designers help relocate businesses that have lost their building due to fire, condemning, or foreclosure by taking a standard, empty (but structurally intact) building and designing it to the business's needs.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment - Game show in which contestants have to watch people undergoing fake tortures and choose which one to endure for themselves. Cancelled after the "iron maiden incident" in the second episode.
  • Cool Garage - Celebrities and other people showing off their rides. The first episode features Jay Leno.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer - Japanese live-action sitcom about a straight couple in their late 30s, both with corporate jobs, constantly getting into trouble, only for the day to be saved by their neighbor, a Japanese male college student obsessed with American popular culture, known only as Cowboy Bebop.
  • Criminal Convention: A Reality TV series centered around the various contraband and illegal substances (weapons and drugs) commonly found on the Black Market.


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