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"I'm going to cast a resurrection spell to rip through reality itself in order to bring Danni (no, not that one) back to life, thus restoring the status quo and hopefully making me...I mean, everyone feel better."
Samantha Manson to Tucker Foley, Chapter Two Time Isn't Up

A Danny Phantom Fan Fic written by PhanOfDP333, posted on FanFiction.Net. The author claims it to be an Ultimate Universe.

A mysterious being, wanting revenge on the Fentons, causes an explosion in Fenton Work's laboratory, killing young Danielle (no, not that one) Fenton. Her best-friend (and potential-love-interest) Samantha Manson brings her back to life with help from the third in their trio, Tucker Foley. Upon Danni's resurrection, the trio quickly discover Danni is still "half-ghost", leaving her with ghostly-abilities.


The three friends are the only (or so they think) ones who remember Danni ever died, as reality itself seems to have been altered. Things get complicated when her parents finish their Fenton Ghost-Portal, which leads into the Ghost World, dubbed the "Ghost Zone" by the Fentons.

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