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Fan Fic / Pokémon Psychics: Origins

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Pokemon Psychics: Origins, created by mysterynovelist2010, focuses on the exploits of Yukikaze Amano, a young trainer capable of reading the minds of Pokemon. Yuki's ultimate goal is to become a Contest Master but unfortunately, his plans are derailed when he and his companions,Riku Katsuragi and Kuan-yin Ming and later Akira Hiwatari (also known as Clandestine) and Haru Tachikawa discover that an evil organization named Organization Psych is on their tails, planning to use the gang's powers for their own notorious ends. Determined to prevent that from happening and to learn more about his murky past, Yuki and Co. go on the run.


It can be read here.And now has a soundtrack.

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