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"Fate Fools the Bold"
Faerin Proverb
Sigil of House Hormuz

Land in the Stars (LITS for short), created by Quinn OC, is an original Epic Space Opera/Feudal Future universe set in an isolated star cluster of Habital Planets and Space Stations. Originally, a Play by Post Role-Playing Game, LITS serially evolved into a literary Shared Universe.

Set in the isolated piece of Known Space called Avalon Cluster and centered around the "Triad" systems of Throne, Rook, and Sentinel. Here lay the remains of The Empire, now ruled as a shadow of itself by the aristocrats who survived the fall of the previous Imperial Dynasty. After the fall of the Artur Dynasty, three powerful families have arisen to form a Romance of the Three Kingdoms stalemate over the Empire. The competition of these noble families drives the primary political forces of the courtly politics at the center of the plot. But while everyone is deciding who will take the Ancestor Crown and show the Divine Right of Kings, much more is happening beyond the Imperial borders.

War, like the politics of the Avalon Cluster, is about more about the Bling of War and the ritual of showing prowess in combat. For this entire purpose entire generations of mutant warriors (called Errants) train to either die at the behest of their Lords or to pilot Humongous Mecha Chevaliers in battle. Chevaliers are giant Real Robots which while found in great number are in fact expensive to create. Only through careful Synchronization between a pilot and their bonded Soulgiven partner are the machines truly unstoppable (this particular point is canon-nod to The Five Star Stories).

The Plot Thickens as not just the activities of the Imperial Government and its Standard Royal Court can often be so focused on internal feuding that more than one Alien Invasion is usually about to happen. Plus, there's the whole Ancient Conspiracy to turn the Triad itself into a massive feeding ground for the aliens intent on To Serve Man. Plus, there's the competing Empire not too far away awaiting to conquer the entire cluster while offering a Path of Inspiration.

LITS has examples of...

  • Asteroid Thicket: The Marches, an area composed of ever-shifting, hard-to-navigate space debris.
  • All Planets Are Earthlike: The entirety of the Triad is composed of Earthlike planets with slightly divergent climates all centered around a primary star.
  • Alternative Calendar: The "StarFall" calendar begins on planetfall, year 0 SF, which is when the Ancestors colonized the planets of Elys and Aru.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Used frequently:
    • The Faeru species, while appearing human, is descended from outcast "Fae" who lost their innate magical powers and promptly evolved Psychic Powers.
    • The Faerin subspecies each have strange adaptations to their home environments. The Shipborn are small and elfish, including Pointy Ears. However, the Wyldborn are often shown to have tusks for reasons unknown.
    • The Helogav species is entirely comprised of individuals infected by a nanomechanical disease mutating them slowly into elementals.
    • The Gwagaruh have the ability to shapeshift and even reproduce through viral infection.
  • Bio-Augmentation: Used frequently:
    • The entire Alchemists Guild specializes in this to include personally grown clones or even designer bodies ("Doppelgangers") and special-order progeny in the form of the Genespun Faerin subrace.
    • Biological splicing and gene editing were heavily important in the origin of the Arashii species.
    • Gwarish Genesculptors are capable of mutating members of their species into new strains and also create bio-technological ships and mecha.
  • Bounty Hunter: The Privateers Guild is an organized corporation that allows clients to hire mercenaries, pirate hunters and bounty hunters. Some of the most well-known soldiers in the Triad are Captains of these respected Free Companies.
  • Casual Interstellar Travel: All space travel is conducted using Solar Sails and possesses an almost Star Trek foundation of how speed is measured.