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Palae-oh-no is a series of stories on DeviantArt by paleontology enthusiast and fellow troper Tyrannotitan. The stories feature a Late Cretaceous society run by troodonts in Laramidia, the main characters being two friends studying at university, Sampson Pterygius and Lora Anuscler. Both of them have relatively unusual interests, with Sampson advocating against the Fantastic Speciesism that is present in this society (troodonts are the only maniraptors granted full rights) and Lora being interested in synapsids, which are considered little more than food by most troodonts. The two are often joined by Jeff Breud, Sampson's high school science teacher.


Sampson shares his home with two other friends, Kollin the Albertonykus and Corrie the Epichirostenotes, who are forced to stay permanently indoors due to the Fantastic Racism. Kollin spends much of his time on the internet ranting at trolls and pseudoscientific fringe groups, while Corrie, being more level-headed, tries (often unsuccessfully) to get him to relax.

The series frequently satirizes pop cultural depictions of paleontology and references paleontological facts.


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