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Summary: Twenty years after the events of the Anita Blake series, the fastest growing minority in the US is hybrids: half vampires/half humans. But people move faster than societies, and the hybrids have to face the old problem of intolerance plus a host of new problems that come of being something other than human.

Daughter of a centuries old Master of the City and raised among vampires and lycanthropes, Mara Blake is unusual even among hybrids. She says she is not human, but the questions remain: how inhuman is she? Where does she fit into the two worlds she inhabits, vampire and human? And what will it cost her to be who and what she is?


Full series is archived on Pomme de Sang. You can find the series page here:

  • Bullying a Dragon - Mara gets grief at school, and less often from bigots outside that

  • Dhampyr - Mara and her hybrid friends

  • Fur Against Fang - subverted in that many of the shapeshifters in the city work for the head vampire, and most of the shapeshifter groups are allied with the vampires

  • Kiss of the Vampire - of course

  • Fantastic Racism - Discrimination against shapeshifters, vampires, and the half-human/half-vampire hybrids

  • Human Mom, Non-Human Dad - Ania and Jean-Claude, as well as the parents of all hybrids.

  • Kids Are Cruel - At school Mara gets some grief from human students. Somewhat subverted in that Bobby, who is also a hybrid, is naturally very social and has a lot of friends, so he rarely has such problems.

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  • Half-Breed Discrimination - Hybrids face social problems and even hate groups.

  • Vampire Dance - Mara is taught ballroom dancing at an early age by her vampire fathers, because as the Master's daughter she will be expected to participate in vampire social events (such as dances).

  • Warrior Poet - Caden

  • Where Everybody Knows Your Flame - Subverted; Mara finds nothing unusual about the lesbian pool hall Cameron takes her to, until she notices all the customers are female.


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