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Felix Sanders and his friends were Ordinary High School Stundents who lived in and around New York City. August 1st was Felix's birthday and he and his 4 best friends were running around town, buying gifts, going places, and generally goofing off. However, the group gets lost somehow and stumbles across an old cornerstore with a mysterious shopkeeper. Therein, they purchase 5 vials of what is called "Dragon's Blood" and are told to drink it. Wary, they leave the store to find themselves on a recognizable street in the city and head home, putting the thoughts of the store and the purchase in the back of their minds. After a crazy birthday party, the group meets in Felix's backyard to drink the blood, feeling that they should do so. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?


Upon drinking the blood, the kids are (painfully) transformed into living, breathing Dragons and their lives shattered. With help from the sorcerer, Ash, they travel the world beneath our world, Arcadia, to live their new lives.

Dragonblood is a fantasy epic RP GMed by Renagade that has been running since January, 2011. Respectable for being an RP that has lasted, as of date, more than half a year and containing a dedicated cast of players, this RP might be one of the very few out there that actually reaches a conclusion. As far as we're concerned, it has definitely continued far enough to warrant it's own trope page.


This Roleplay contains examples of...

  • Arcadia: Take a guess...
  • Beneath the Earth: Arcadia is essentially Journey to the Center of the Earth turned Up to Eleven with a dash of Artemis Fowl thrown in.
  • Big Applesauce: The story starts in New York City.
  • Blessed with Suck: Okay, Arcadia's nice. But there's always the chance you'll go there and get transformed into a gremlin or some hideous mythological monstrosity and never so much as glimpse the world above again. However...
  • Cursed with Awesome: There's plenty of other, awesome things you can become. For instance, oh, dragons. Then there's the gorgeous elves and faeries, satyrs, centaurs, etc. Losing your humanity isn't all that bad.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Demons in general are stated, according to Ash, to be not so much evil but instead just selfish and out for themselves. They will certainly take your soul if offered, but most aren't out to end the world.
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  • The Fair Folk: Elves and faeries can swing from being sweet and kindly to wicked and alien.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Arcadia breaths this trope. There's Camelot, Yggdrasil, Oberon, Phoenixes, Bahamut, Magic...if it stems from mythology or common fantasy fables, it exists somewhere in Arcadia!
  • Fisher Kingdom: Arcadia is type 2. If you're a human from the surface who had discovered Arcadia, you won't be staying a "true" human for very long. Even the act of getting the Arcadian Brand on you semi-robs you of your humanity, as the brand gives you access to magic.
  • The Hero's Birthday: It was Felix's birthday when the RP started.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: The main method in which Arcadia is kept secret from the surface is usually through mind-wiping spells.
  • Magic Pants: Shapeshifters can learn to "bind" their clothes to them, allowing their clothes to disappear and reappear between forms.
  • Magically Binding Contract: The Secret-Keeper's Oath, which brands you with a large "A" somewhere on your body, usually the forearm, and lets other secret-keepers know that you're safe from the aforementioned Laser-Guided Amnesia.
  • Masquerade
  • Metamorphosis: The kids' change into dragons is complete and irreversible, and while they can assume a human shape, maintaining it is not easy and cases of extreme stress or emotion can force them back into their draconic form.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: They rule Arcadia and if humans drink their blood, they turn into dragons themselves!
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: We got the popular kid at school and his girlfriend, an autistic kid, a brainy kid, and a strange girl on one end. And a half-turned demon, a phoenix child, fairy princess, and smug sorcerer on the other end.
  • Scenery Porn: Ren can get very detailed with the definitions of the vistas.
  • Supernatural Angst: All of the dragon kids, at some point, had to really come to terms with becoming Dragons and leaving their old lives behind, along with some people just dealing with having to live in Arcadia. Depending on the Writer, some of the members of the RP pulled this off fantastically, not-so-fantastically, or not at all. We won't name names.

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