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"I hope you guys had fun out there. And remember, anime is the tie that binds us. No matter who our friends are, or who our family is, we'll always have a medium that we will enjoy and that will never judge us."
Renee Vega, without a hint of sarcasm.

Mills College Anime Club is a Web Original novel written for National Novel Writing Month 2009 by Sir Psycho Sexy. It tells the story of several members of the anime club at Mills College, a fictional college in Millstown, USA. It's basically Cast Full of Gay meets Occidental Otaku, with some Rule of Funny thrown in for good measure.


Characters include:

It can be read here. A review by Something Awful can be found here.

Tropes in this novel include:

  • All Love Is Unrequited: a variant- mostly unrequited, but the love that is requited turns out to be dysfunctional and leads to the couple breaking up.
  • Anything That Moves Deconstructed: Randy is still a virgin because women think he's a pervert, and also because (gay) men usually dump him the instant they find out he's bisexual.
  • Author Appeal: The reason this novel exists: Cast Full of Gay, anime and manga fandom, Germans and linguistics. It's safe to say that unless you're a troper, you will not enjoy this novel.
  • Cast Full of Gay: It's like the BK Kids, but with different sexual orientations.
  • Camp Gay: The Mills College LGBT Club is full of flamboyant gay stereotypes who refuse to let Straight Gay Mike join the society because he looks and acts so manly he has to be heterosexual.
  • Character Filibuster: Every so often the story will stop dead in its tracks so that one character can lecture another - usually either the hopelessly clueless Straw Misogynist Gracie or a background character who exists solely to express an opinion the cast disagrees with - about sexuality, gender and the importance of tolerance.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl: As well as some Cosplay Otaku Guys. The most notable instance of this (besides Genki Con) is when Nina and Liese dress up as Yoko and Nia in order to attract customers to buy fund-raising chocolate.
  • Expy: Frank N. Dick, an extreme Flanderization of voice actor Vic Mignogna.
  • Fan Convention: GenkiCon. No, it's not a murderfest hosted by a psychotic man in a cat suit, despite how cool that premise would be.
  • Germanic Depressives: Played with with Nina (she does laugh, but she's usually pretty stern; and subverted with Liese (she's as cute, sweet and happy as they come).
    • The subversion is lampshaded (various characters note that Liese is German and a lesbian, though she acts like neither one).
  • Obsessed with Food: Everybody. The cast spend as much time agonising over their take-out orders as they do at the titular Anime Club, and several chapters are devoted to the characters' attempts to sell candy bars.
  • Otaku, Occidental Otaku: Everyone. Even nameless background characters turn out to know exactly who Yoko Ritona is.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Some of the situations in the novel are somewhat modified versions of things that have actually happened to the author at anime conventions and elsewhere in anime fandom.
  • Show Within a Show: The Shounen Magical Girl Tournament Arc program, Gravy Fighter Haruhi, and the Boys' Love series, Stop It, My Butt Hurts!!.
  • Shout-Out: TONS, including several to the creator's favorite anime, YuYu Hakusho; Monty Python; Little Britain ( Alistair's birth name), and a whole lot more.


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