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King Koopa Katastrophe Spoof and King Koopa Katastrophe Spoof 2 are two Super Mario Bros. fanfics written by Nintendomaximus, alias Froggo Fan 64. It is duology of parodic fanfic adaptations based on episodes of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

The general plot, as given in the introductions of both spoofs: Bowser Koopa has escaped from the Banishment Zone that, according to the cartoon's series bible, he had apparently been trapped in, and this time, he has enlisted the help of his seven eight bratty children, the Koopalings (and Bowser Jr.). As always, it is up to Mario (and Luigi) to keep the Mushroom Kingdom, and occasionally the real world, safe from Bowser's evil. But considering how much weird stuff happens in the cartoon being parodied here, coupled with Bowser never thinking his plans through, does Mario need to defeat him, or will he end up just defeating himself?


The fics' title comes from an early DVD release containing six episodes of the cartoon in question. King Koopa Katastrophe was the second single-disc DVD release of the Mario cartoons, and Maximus had previously done a parody fic depicting Hilarious Outtakes based on the first Mario cartoon DVD. He decided to do a similar fic based on the King Koopa Katastrophe DVD as a follow-up, but since no longer allowed "blooper fanfics", he decided to write a full-length spoof of all six episodes featured on the DVD. The first Spoof was written within the span of a year following Maximus picking up the DVD. But the following year, he found out there were two similar DVDs of the show, available only in Europe (this was before Shout! Factory released the whole series on DVD in the US), and thus Maximus was inspired to make a sequel. King Koopa Katastrophe Spoof 2, as he came to call it (for lack of a better name), had its first chapter published in May 2005 and ended in April 2008.


Currently, Maximus has no plans to do a third Spoof covering the remaining eight Adventures of SMB3 episodes not already parodied here.

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