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The ThreeFold Seer series of novels, by Quinn OC, is a Speculative Fiction LGBT in a Fantasy setting, with Magical Girls and Elemental Powers in a Constructed World, about the Coming-of-Age Story of the Spirited Trio of Sik'anzi, Ewin and Ediyozii. The trio are being hounded across the land, by the forces of the mad King Nandilee and his lieutenant, Ifsii, the Black-Eyed Witch.

This series provides examples of:


  • About the Author: The Preface of the first volume discusses how the book was made. As shown in its first sentence:
    'Come away dreamer, come away', something about that line from Shadowmarch by Tad Williams will always make me want to start a book with a strange metaphor.
  • Conlang: As noted in the appendix of the first volume:
    • Crescent Tongue:
      Common features of Crescent Tongue include the sound -l’- created by pressing the tongue flat against the hard palate and push air. Z which creates a silent -sh- like sound, and -tz- creates a -ch- sound. K’ is an eject or semi-click created creating a puff of instead of a hard -k- in the behind the hard palate.
    • Whale Speech:
      The language of the Whale Clans is known as “Tuçiq”, or “Whale Speech” with the name “Tuçiqin” meaning “Those who use the Whale Speech”. Whale Speech features several features found among the Shimmer Languages (Whale Speech and Ghost Cant). The primary being the “ç”, a sound produced like “sh” but done so by placing the tongue on the back of the hard palate. The next sound is “q” created by making a “k” sound with the back of the at the edge of the soft palate.
      Vowels for Whale Speech are short and limited. This creates a series of strong guttural sounds that emphasize the hard syllables of the language. At times it has been compared to the clicks of dolphins and whales in its rhythm and cadence.
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  • Fantasy World Map: As seen in the Amazon Kindle Preview, there's a world map in the beginning of the first volume.


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