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Everyone, throughout the universe, is born with a guiding star. A person's guiding star was there before that person was born, and it will keep guarding, in all likelihood, long after that person's death, when someone new is born to that star. Every being in the universe is tied to their star by a mystical force, present in each living being as their Star Heart, a link empowers and shapes their very soul.

There are a few stars, known as Power Stars, that burn brighter in certain people. These stars give them incredible powers. Some use their powers for good, others evil. In order to combat those who abuse their stellar magic, an organization of people with special powers, known as the Stellar Rangers, was formed, and keeps the peace across the Universe as best it can from those who would attack the Star Hearts of its inhabitants.

Written by GraciousVictory, SRDS can be found on Archive of Our Own, here.

June Hespia is Stellar Ranger Dark Star, a new recruit to the organization dedicated to protecting the universe. However, being born under the Nemesis star makes her a Person of Mass Destruction, housing the power of the strongest and more volatile star in existence.

But on the plus side, she gets to be a Magical Girl with a cute girlfriend.


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