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"In times of darkness... an angle of light shall descend... to bring peace to cyberspace!"

A war somewhere in Metaspace is raging. The Defiance forces in the domain (dimension in a dimensional cluster) outnumber the Enforcers' defences and outgun them with sheer firepower. You are an Arc Angle from the Enforcer Anti-Virus units, an entity whose ability is to turn its enemy's shots against them. With this capability, the tides of battle may soon be turned in the Enforcers' favour.

Arc Angle is a group project game by Ironcommando and his two friends, as a side story to Metaspace. It's a Shoot 'em Up where enemies shoot ludicrous amounts of bullets. However, this is one instance where it's a good thing to have loads of bullets.

Your ship has an "angle" in front of it which damages enemy bullets that fall in between, and turns the enemy bullets into holy bullets when it destroys them. Holy bullets will then home in on the enemy that spawned them, damaging the enemy. All is not easy, though—different enemies will require different tactics to destroy.


Videos of the game in progress can be found here and here.

Official Game Trailer here.

The game itself is found here.

This upcoming game displays the following tropes:

  • 2½D: Your attacks can home in on background enemies, and there are enemies that can attack you from the background as well. There is also a sense of 3-dimensional layering.
  • Action Bomb:
    • The Security Mines in Apathy. Touching them or destroying them will cause them to explode. They can also attack, but only if you "look" at them for too long with a strong weapon.
    • Crystalls in Lucre and Hunger will explode into shards of shots when destroyed.
  • All Your Powers Combined: The final boss Xero-Fin has the abilities of the previous seven bosses (Flunkies, ability to change all shots into white ones, homing tendrils, gravity wells, a destructive laser cannon, and a deadly version of the angle weapon that auto-kills you if you stay in it.)
  • Always Accurate Attack:
    • Your reverser field. Any enemy shot that get in-between those two lines will take damage and converted once they are defeated.
    • Crabburn's P.R.A.W.N., should you fail to destroy it before it hits the ground.
  • Another Dimension: Which is filled with dimensional clusters (each dimension in a cluster is called a "Domain")
  • Anti-Frustration Feature:
    • Whenenver you get killed, all bullets on the screen disappear.
    • If credits are spawned offscreen, they will move towards you instead of disappearing. Only if the credits moved from onscreen to offscreen will they disappear.
  • Asteroids Monster: Cellivates, which are based off amoebas.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Crabburn, who is larger than a small city.
  • Attack Reflector: The main gimmick of the game. Your only method of offense is to convert enemy shots by catching them between your angle.
  • Bandit Mook: Robbirds in "Lucre" steal away your upgrade credits should they come into physical contact with you. The bandits have a long-range version where they siphon credits from you via a grappling hook-like device if they are not destroyed in time. Highwayman has a money-siphoning grappling hook, and Aurum has money-stealing webs. Fortunately, any money stolen will be recovered if you manage to destroy the enemy before they run away.
  • Bat Out of Hell: Cybats, fought in the second part of Lucre. Nor only do they swarm around you, they can sometimes shoot huge balls of dark energy! Fortunately, they hate being shone at.
  • Beat Still, My Heart: Bio-Cardiac, which looks like a large digital heart-thing.
  • BFG: The Bounty Hunter enemies in Lucre summon Instant Armour that form a large revolver onto them.
  • BFS: Raiders in Lucre wield two. Their sword cannot be countered, but their Sword Beam can. Touching their blades at any time results in instant death.
  • Big Bad: Fallen Angle, The Rival to the hero who joined the terrorist organization Defiance out of jealousy of the hero, but also because he discovered Xero-Fin, the supposed Big Good, actually plotted with the terrorist programs to attack cyberspace so that he could get fame and recognition by having Arc Angle stop it.
  • Bittersweet Ending: After beating both the Defiance and his own unit, Arc Angle has to leave his "home domain" behind as he is being hunted down for insubordination.
  • Black-and-Grey Morality: Neither the Defiance nor the Enforcers are very nice. In fact, both of them are the antagonists in Metaspace.
  • Blob Monster: Cellivates in Seduction. If left alone, they will split into two smaller ones, and can attach themselves onto you to slow you down, drain your energy, and grow bigger. However, they're the easiest way to get rid of any Parasight Spores on you.
  • Boss Fight
    • Battleship Raid: The Highwayman and Crabburn.
    • Background Boss: The Sleeping Spire, Highwayman, Crabburn, and Xero-Fin, in his final phase. Especially Crabburn.
    • Degraded Boss: The System of Slumber re-appears in the boss fight against the Sleping Spire, but you only fight two of them periodically (and you cannot defeat them as you reflect their attacks back to the Sleeping Spire).
    • Duel Boss: Fallen Angle.
    • Final-Exam Boss: The Sleeping Spire is a borderline case, you have to face off against all the enemies you fought during the level. Including the Mini-Boss. Hope you know how to deal with each one...
      • Xero-Fin has the abilities of all the previous bosses.
    • Flunky Boss: The Sleeping Spire isn't even bothered to attack, but it does have defence systems that will appear to attack you. Reverse their shots back to it to damage it.
    • Puzzle Boss: Void Warp cannot be damaged directly, you have to destroy the six generators that "feed" it.
    • Rush Boss: Fallen Angle. His attacks come fast and are devastating, but he does not have much health for bosses of their level.
    • Mirror Boss: Fallen Angle, who has an area beam like your character. Instead of reversing shots, it makes homing orbs appear all around you if you get caught in the beam.
    • Sequential Boss: The Highwayman's outer armaments need to be dispatched first, after which they will drop off and expose the main generator.
      • Aurum starts off swinging from the ceiling via a web, when its health gets low it drops onto the floor, merges its legs together, and becomes a Spider Tank.
      • Crabburn has you destroying its barnacle cannons, then its outer armaments, and then its eyes. Once all those are down, it opens up its weak point as a last resort weapon, which you strike For Massive Damage.
    • Stationary Boss: The Sleeping Spire, Bio-Cardiac, and Shoop Da Whoop.
    • Tennis Boss: Technically all of them, as your only means of offense is to turn enemy shots against their attackers.
    • Wolfpack Boss: The System of Slumber attack in a trio, while the Null Squad is a circle of ten turrets around a main core.
  • Boss-Only Level: "Spite" solely consists of the battle with Fallen Angle.
  • Bullet Hell: Though it's a lot more lenient than others, as you are able to destroy incoming enemy fire. But not all enemy shots can be destroyed...
  • Breath Weapon: Crabburn and Shoop Da Whoop.
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": Cars in Metaspace are known as Roaders (car-like) and Drives (animal-like with "legs").
  • Chasing Your Tail: Jaws in Hunger. A drone that drops food pellets will attach onto your character, and the Jaws will start chasing after the food in an attempt to eat them (and you).
    • Void Warp also does this once two adjacent generators have been destroyed.
  • Chest Burster: Parasight Spores, which latch onto you, drain your energy, and then explode into a Parasight if left long enough, destroying you.
  • Cold Sniper: The Sniper enemies in Lucre, who are paid by the Defiance to shoot you down. Start moving when their crosshairs tighten unless you want to get shot.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Enemy shot HP is determined by their colour. Your ship's firepower is also determined by the colour of its "angular lines". In order of strength: Grey, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White/Black.
    • As for the enemies themselves, the colours they are comprised of indicate what colour of shots they will fire.
  • Collision Damage: Averted with most of the enemies, although going too close to them is a good way to get shot in the face.
    • Played straight in the cyber-organic level "Seduction", where many of the enemies try their best to "touch" you.
    • Also played straight in the "Hunger" level, where some enemies will eat Arc Angle (or suck him into a black hole) if they touch him.
    • Sorta played straight in "Lucre", the thieves don't damage you if you touch them but they will steal your money!
  • Combat Tentacles: Bio-Cardiac uses homing tentacle-like energy projections as an attack. Given that it was supposed to represent the sin of Lust, they may have another purpose...
    • Many of the enemies in "Seduction" will use this on you. These just kill you outright.
  • Competitive Balance: The stronger your attack, the smaller the angle it covers. (Note that each attack level is twice as powerful as the previous.) This makes a strong weapon good against the concentrated slow-moving strong shots, but less useful against the widely-spread out fast weak ones.
  • Cool Bike: KillCycles in Fury are motorbikes that chuck deadly firebombs from the background at you.
  • Cool Car: Roaders in "Fury" are car-like entities. Drives which appear in "Lucre" and "Fury" are crosses between car and motorbikes.
  • Cool Train: The Highwayman Mini-Boss of "Lucre".
  • Corrupt Cop: The Police Drives in "Lucre" are corrupted police cars whose greed overwhelms their sense of justice.
    "No! The city's greed has corrupted our police! They're no longer our allies anymore!"
  • Counter-Attack: You main (and only) method of defeating your enemies. See Attack Reflector.
  • Crapsack World: The Defiance are causing terror all over the place. Even the Enforcers are major bastards too.
  • Crosshair Aware: Used by enemies that attack from the background. Get out of the crosshair or get blasted.
  • Cue the Sun: A villainous variant here. It occurs when Xero-Fin uses his Limit Break at low health.
  • Cyberspace
  • Death by Materialism: The minecart enemies in the second half of "Lucre" shoots bullets that look like flipped money icons. Do NOT touch those.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: You don't lose any power-ups when you die (as you have none to begin with). The Revenge powerup makes it even more like this- it turns all enemy shots into holy bullets when you die, and leveling it up again causes it to fill your super bar as well.
  • Destructible Projectiles: Almost everything an enemy shoots at you can be reversed. There are some which are not, these are the ones you have to be extra cautious for.
  • Donut Mess with a Cop: The corrupt cop cars shoot laser rings from the background as one of their attacks. Wouldn't be much of this trope if not for the fact that said attack is called "Donut Beam".
  • Doomed Hometown: Averted. "Fury" has your character's home city and main HQ almost destroyed by Crabburn.
  • Elemental Absorption: Crystalls absorb light from your angle that is oppposite of their colour (Sapphire Crystalls absorb anything with red light, Ruby Crystalls absorb anything with blue or green). If they absorb enough energy, they will instantly aim and fire their Wave-Motion Gun, killing you very quickly.
  • Energy Beings: Your character, as well as the enemies.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Squares, circles, polygons, etc.
  • Evil Counterpart: Fallen Angle to Arc Angle. He is jealous of Arc Angle, and joins the Defiance out of spite.
  • Eye Beams: Used by Parasights and Crabburn. The latter's are more like eye-flamethrowers.
  • Fallen Hero: The Fallen Angle.
  • Feathered Fiend: Robbirds in Lucre, which are hawks that swoop down and steal your money!
  • Feather Flechettes: The Robbirds' main form of attack.
  • Flash of Pain: Enemies "flicker" in transparency when damaged.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Crabburn's P.R.A.W.N. (Plasma-Radiated Atomizing War Nuke).
  • Gaiden Game: To Metaspace.
  • Gemstone Assault: Aurum shoots jewels at you.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: Crabburn, the first Mini-Boss of Fury. It's of the Fire element instead of Water, and it attacks with eye flamethrowers as well as plasma heat bubbles. And it's the largest enemy in the entire game- to the point where you have to fly a few miles away from the city just for its body to fit on screen!
  • Giant Eye of Doom / Oculothorax: Parasights in Seduction... that use Eye Beams and Combat Tentacles on you.
  • Giant Mook: Each stage has at least one.
    • Apathy has the Mega-turret systems, consisting of one big turret and four smaller ones.
    • Lucre has the bounty hunters (when they put on their Instant Armor), and the corrupted police Drives.
    • Seduction has the Parasight Queen, a large eyeball that summon Parasights and Parasight spores, while also attacking you.
  • Giant Spider Tank: Aurum. It shoots out "gold" and "jewels", which also makes it a literal Money Spider.
  • The Goomba: Guardrons in Apathy are the first enemies you face. They are weak, but they too have a dangerous attack if they are left alive for too long.
  • Greed: Aurum, a spider-like being that ambushes entities that fall into its dimensional portals, kills them, and hoards their gold and valuables.
    • The enemies in the first half of "Lucre" also exhibit it. You fight bandits, money-driven bounty hunters, corrupt police cars, thieving birds, and a thief train. All of which are after your credits!
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: Apathy has many enemies that don't do anything until you trip their sensors (Security Mines- trapping them in your angle, Guardrangles- getting too near)- you can sneak past most of them in a Pacifist Run. Makes sense as the level is based off the sin of Sloth.
    • Of particular note are Guadrangles, they will attack you only if you stand in their range for too long- if you move back out before they attack, they'll become idle again.
    • Another bad offender is the Mega Turret systems, many of them appear in the background, but only a few will come out to attack you. The rest are too lazy to attack. It's a good thing for you too, as they are the level's resident "large enemy".
  • Helpful Mook: Cellivates. While they will nomally attempt to shoot you or engulf you to drain your energy, their favourite prey is Parasight Spores, which they will happily get rid of should you have one latched onto you. They also won't shoot you if you're infected with a spore.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: Your hitbox is a few pixels wide. This will save your bacon against the huge bullet storms, but even then, homing missiles can still get you.
  • Homing Projectile: Holy Bullets shots will home in on the Mook that spawned it. Many Mooks will spam these on you too.
  • Hypocrite: Your leader Xero-fin is one- he says that he had you destroy the previous bosses for the "sins" they commit. Your Arc Angle points out that he's committing the worst one of all-pride.
  • I Fought the Law and the Law Won: Happens to pretty much all the bandits, raiders and bounty hunters in Lucre. Subverted when you face off against the corrupt police car things.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Aurum's shots are essentially Hard Light versions of gold and jewels.
  • Instant Armor: The Bounty Hunter enemies summon one that forms a large revolver.
  • "Instant Death" Radius: The enemies in "Hunger" have them. Either because they're void vortexes that will instantly suck you in, tesla-coil like enemies that auto-zap you, or giant mouths that just eat you. The good news is that their radius is visible.
  • It's Quiet… Too Quiet: The starting part of "Lucre" has your fly down a seemingly-abandoned city... until you see an entire swarm of bandits rise out of the background and foreground!
  • Just Eat Him: The enemies in "Hunger" follow this trope- they chew on your character a few times if they get him, instead of swallowing him. Unfortunately, since you only take one hit to die, it doesn't really matter.
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: Red is one of the strongest colours in the game, second only to white/black.
  • Lazy Bum: The Sleeping Spire.
    • Many of the guards in Apathy do nothing instead of attacking Arc Angle.
  • Light 'em Up/Holy Hand Grenade: Your attack converts enemy fire into homing holy shots.
  • Light Is Not Good: The corrupted Police Drives (police car things) in Lucre are holy-elemental, but thankfully they do not absorb holy bullets due to the amount of corruption present in them.
    • The final boss is your superior. It turns out that he worked with the Defiance and was behind all the terrorist attacks!
  • Limit Break: Some mooks can pull this off randomly.
    • Bandits in Lucre normally chase after you while shooting you with shots, but there's a chance they will stop and spray the area with a spread of hard-to-destroy shots before chasing you again.
    • Even the bats that attack in a Zerg Rush can pull this one too. If you see one of them sucking in a lot of circles, prepare to dodge the HUGE incoming shot.
  • Loads and Loads of Loading: The loading for a level is kind of long.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: The game tells you that it's sometimes better to avoid powerful shots instead of trying to destroy them. Cases in point are the yellow/orange/red shots that you see in the first stage.
  • Meaningful Name: Your character, the Arc Angle. It's an arc with two lasers that form an angle!
    • Your leader Xero-Fin is named after Seraphim.
    • A Highwayman is a horse-riding bandit, The Highwayman takes it one step further by being a bandit train.
    • The final stage is called "Self" because it represents the sin of Pride via self-indulgence, and also because Arc Angle finds out more about himself in this level.
  • Mercy Invincibility: Every time you respawn, you get a few seconds worth of it.
  • Military Mashup Machine: The Highwayman is a cross between a train, a handcar and a pirate ship.
  • Mini-Boss: Each stage has at least one of them.
    • Apathy has the System of Slumber, three bomber-things that attack from the background.
    • Lucre has the Highwayman, a train/handcar/pirate ship that attacks you from the background.
    • Seduction has Bio-Cardiac. You fight his tentacles, and then he runs away.
    • Hunger has Shoop Da Whoop, a giant mouth with eyes that fires its lazor from its mouth and tries to suck in the player when it charges, and Null Squad, a deadly array of turrets in a circle (which encloses the player like a mouth if left alive for too long).
    • Fury has the Wreckcar, a car-thing with a large wrecking ball.
  • Money Spider: Enemies drop Credits when they die. This is because the energy data they are comprised of explodes into small fragments, which also includes the credits they carry.
    • Lucre's boss Aurum takes this literally, by being a Giant Spider made of money!
  • Monumental Damage: The logical conclusion when you fight the Sleeping Spire.
  • More Criminals Than Targets: Avarice City in Lucre, to the point where the bandits are known to steal from each other. Hell, even the birds there are criminals!
  • Multi-Mook Melee: The fight against Sleeping Spire has you fight all the Mooks in the level, except that reversed shots will target the boss instead of the Mooks.
  • Not Completely Useless: The grey power-level does piss-weak damage, although it has very large range (and hence one of the best ways to collect credits). It's also the only weapon that will not trigger certain dangerous enemies to attack (e.g. Security Mines) and can deal with some Zerg Rush enemies (Cybats, Wormicides) easily.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: Arc Angle is deleted in one hit. Good thing his hitbox is incredibly small...
  • Only in It for the Money: The bounty hunters and snipers in "Lucre" are trying to kill you solely because of the ludicrous credit reward that the Defiance placed on your head.
  • Personal Space Invader: Cellivates and Parasights in Seduction. Ironically enough, having a Cellivate attach onto you destroys any Parasights infesting you, as the Parasight sticks to them.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Arc Angle is slightly smaller than half a human, yet he's a One-Man Army.
  • Playing with Fire: Most of the enemies and the boss of "Fury" are city-burning Defiance terrorists.
  • Power of the Void: Void Warp, which is a warp hole to a dimension of... nothingness. You take it down by destroying the devices that "feed" it.
  • Power-Up Magnet: Your "angle" is able to attract credits towards you. Your character also has a collection radius that will ensure collection of credits that enter it. You can enlarge your collection radius via upgrades.
  • Professional Killer: Lucre has Cold Snipers and Bounty Hunters, who are paid ludicrous sums of credits to kill you.
  • Pun-Based Title: The game's name is a play on "arch angel".
  • Punny Name:
    • The Robbird enemy, which is a robber bird.
    • Cellivates are cell-like enemies found in the lust-themed stage. Their name is pronounced as "salivate", which is what a lustful person does.
    • Parasights are eyeball parasites.
  • Pyromaniac: Most of the enemies in Fury.
  • Rainbow Motif: Part of the colour strength spectrum, from violet being the weakest to red being the strongest.
  • The Rival: Fallen Angle, who defected over to the Defiance side because he was jealous of your high rank amongst your unit.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Invoked by the title. (Arc Angle instead of Arch Angel).
  • Segmented Serpent: Wormicides in Seduction, Warp Worms in Hunger.
  • Set a Mook to Kill a Mook: The organic enemies in Seduction will attack and eat their preferred prey before attacking you. Wormicides will attack and eat Cellivates, Raptorflies will grab and kill Wormicides, Parasight spores will infest and kill Raptorflies, and those spores are absorbed by Cellivates.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Each of the levels are themed after each of them.
    • Apathy: Themed after the Sin of Sloth. A (supposedly) high-security area where the guards have developed their leader's slacking habits. As such, the security is pretty lax in the area. Enemy trait: Security enemies cannot be bothered to attack until you trigger them.
    • Lucre: Themed after the Sin of Greed. A city that runs on corruption and vice, where even the thieves steal from each other. The source of this greed can be traced to the nearby "crystal mine", where a powerful being leads the hordes of bandits. Enemy Trait: Enemies drop lots of money, but they can steal your money.
      • Boss- Aurum: It shoots out hard-to-destroy golden bullets along with "jewels" of varying colour. Capable of converting weaker shots into golden ones. And like many of the enemies in the level, it can steal your money!!! Yellow-coloured.
    • Seduction: Themed after the Sin of Lust. A cyber replication of a bio-organic area. Entities in this area have organic instincts, which include the need for pleasure. A giant heart-like being enhances the growth and reproduction of the entities here. Enemy Trait: Enemies attack you with tentacles, or attempt to get "attached" to you.
      • Boss- Bio-Cardiac: Fires out a massive amount of pink, and purple blood cells that home in like sex-depraved maniacs, as well as trying to "touch" you with its Combat Tentacles. Also, many of its bullet patterns look very suggestive. Pink-and-blue coloured.
    • Hunger: Themed after the Sin of Gluttony. A domain that has been mostly devoured by entities with The Power of the Void, and is nothing much but rather empty-looking space. The source of this can be traced to a warp hole that leads to a void dimension. Enemy Trait: Enemies "eat" you if you get too close, they can also eat bullets.
      • Boss- Void Warp: Eats up weak enemy shots and spews out much stronger ones. Also has a move where it tries to suck you in. Orange-coloured (the devices, not the warp).
    • Fury: Themed after the Sin of Wrath. The Enforcer capital city of the domain is under attack by violence-loving terrorists intent on burning the city down. Destroy them and their leader before it is too late. Enemy Trait: Enemies attack with destructive fire-based moves.
      • Boss- Crabburn: Attacks the player with very destructive moves, such as warheads, Wave Motion Guns and incendiary missiles. Red-coloured.
    • Spite: Themed after the Sin of Envy.
    • Self: Themed after the Sin of Pride.
  • Shout-Out: The "angle" weapon was inspired by Thunder Force V's Free Range weapon.
    • One of Aurum's phases attacks in a manner similar to Morph Moth's coccon form.
    • Checking the "do you have arachnophobia?" box under the options section will allow you to skip the fight against Aurum, as it appears dead on the floor with the text "Sorry, I'm dead." when you encounter it.
    • NullSquad, the second Mini-Boss of "Hunger" is very similar to the "turret circle" from the first level of R-Type.
    • The Mini-Boss of the "Hunger" stage is a vector-graphic Shoop Da Whoop... When it charges his lazor, it also tries to suck you into its mouth!
    • The Bounty Hunter enemies in Lucre can summon an Instant Armor that resembles a handgun, not unlike Seven Force's Blaster Force. It's also a golden handgun made of multiple parts.
    • The Crystall enemies come in two variants: Ruby, and Sapphire.
    • The Raptor Fly enemies attack the Wormicides in a fashion similar to the bugs in Galaga.
    • Spawners in Seduction are an organic take on the Mook Maker enemies from Gradius.
    • Jaws in Hunger follow and eat a trail of "food" pellets that a drone drops, similar to Pac-Man. Unfortunately, the drone is directly attached onto you!
      • Also, the drone may drop a large pellet, which temporarily makes the Jaws larger and slower, and then it will head directly for you!
    • In the final stage, you fight against your own unit, and the Final Boss is your superior, similar to Einhänder.
  • Skippable Boss: Aurum can be skipped if you checked the "Do you have arachnophobia?" option under the options menu. However, it's better not to do so, as it is a literal Money Spider that drops a lot of credits.
  • Smart Bomb: Holding down the left and right mouse button for a few seconds will allow you to use one, in which case your "angle" widens up to cover the whole screen while instantly destroying all enemy shots. It also makes you invulnerable to damage for a short period.
  • Smashing Survival:
    • Getting engulfed by a Cellivate will require you to mash the buttons to get them off more quickly.
    • Getting infected by a Parasight Spore will require you to mash the buttons to shake it loose before a Parasight explodes out of you, killing you. Or, just get engulfed by a Cellivate- their favourite meal is Parasight Spores.
  • Spawn Broodling: Parasight Queens send out Parasights spores that attach onto you and kill you by exploding into a Parasight when they grow big enough.
  • Spread Shot: It's easier to list the instances where this doesn't happen.
  • Stealth Pun: Aurum is a spider-like being made of a gold-like Hard Light. It also throws said gold-like substance at you. In other words, it's a literal Money Spider.
  • Theme Naming: The levels (Apathy, Lucre, Seduction, Hunger, Fury, Spite and Self) are named after aspects of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Threatening Shark: Jaws in Hunger, an unholy combination between a shark, a robot, and... Pac-Man.
  • Unrealistic Black Hole: The Void Warp, which is more of a miniature warp hole to a void dimension rather than a black hole.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Your Arc Angle is this in the Enforcers' plan. When he finds out, he isn't pleased...
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Aurum, who regularly shoots out yellow shots (near-impossible to destroy even with your current strongest weapon), and can turn all shots on the screen yellow. And he's only the second boss.
  • "Wanted!" Poster: Giant ones are present in Lucre, on the city buildings. They have a picture of the Arc Angle on it, as well as a staggering bounty of $100000000000. Every time you see one of these, you will be attacked by a Bounty Hunter.
  • Warm-Up Boss: The Sleeping Spire. It doesn't attack, and its flunkies' shot patterns are relatively easy to counter.
    • The System Of Slumber is also like this, even though it's a three-against-one, their attacks are preceded by crosshairs that tell you where they are about to attack. Plus, you can beat them with one well-timed Smart Bomb.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Used by some of the enemies, such as Crystalls. And Crabburn.
  • Weakened by the Light: Some enemies are harmed by the light.
    • The Raptor Hawks in Fury will lose their stealth ability for a short while when shone at, allowing your shots to home in on them.
  • Weak Turret Gun: A lot of them appear in the first stage, Apathy.
  • Wrap Around: The middle of the System of Slumber trio has this.
  • Wretched Hive: The first half of "Lucre" takes you through a city filled with thieves, head hunters, corrupt police, and a train that runs on money and greed. Beware the bandits- they can steal away your credits needed for upgrades!
  • You Can't Go Home Again: In the ending, Arc Angle has to leave his home domain behind, as he is being tracked down by the Enforcers for insubordination.
  • Zerg Rush:
    • Lucre has the Cybat enemies which you fight in the mine area.
    • Seduction has two- Wormicides and juvenile Raptorflies, the latter of which really swarm the screen.


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