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Ice Gift cover

"Ice Gift" is an illustrated short story Gifts of Wandering Ice (sci-fi webcomic) is loosely based upon.

In a postapocalyptic world, melting icebergs bring ancient things to the shores where the last people live. One of those gifts turns out to be a living man.

Unlike "Gifts of wandering ice" which is an epic story with dozens of characters and many intertwining plot lines, "Ice Gift" is a short, simple story with only four characters in it: Elie, Rikter, Aimek, and Kalare. Aimek is absent in "Gifts of wandering ice", Rikter has a different personality in the comic, Elie becomes a living ice gift (partly taking Aimek's role), and Kalare is a scientist, not just a wise old woman.

"Ice Gift" was written in 2003 and published as an illustrated novel in 2020.


Ice Gift

Gifts of wandering ice

Ice Gift contains examples of:

  • The Apprentice: Rikter becomes Aimek's apprentice to learn how to build ships.
  • Forgiveness: Aimek forgives the man that tried to murder him
  • Global Warming: The story is set in a world affected by it.
  • Just Friends: Elie friendzones Rikter. That doesn't end well.
  • Human Popsicle: Elie and Rikter find a man in a melting iceberg. He wakes up after defrosting.