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Dark Carnival is an original work created by Madcinder on FictionPress. It is a fantasy story set in Las Vegas during the 1990's. It follows several characters, including a disgruntled magician, a psychotic saw-killer, and a tiger-girl. It can be found right here

Dark Carnival contains examples of:

  • Cat Girl: Starting from chapter 3. Rix is turned into a Tiger Girl during a magic trick gone wrong.

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  • Cannot Tell a Lie: One character, whose name has not yet been revealed, claims this. Whether or not she is lying...

  • Groin Attack: John Smith threatens this in the first chapter.
    John: Get your demented face away from me or I'll make your testicles disappear with the wave of my foot.

  • Multiple Narrative Modes: Changes every chapter, so far between John, Madine, Rix, Nara, and some Third Person chapters. The First Person chapters all start by giving the POV character, as well as the time and date.

  • When It All Began: The morning of June 30, 1991.

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