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Feel It Break is a RWBY fanfiction by author Mad Cinder.

The story explores the possibilities of the characters and their lives in the world of Remnant through several separate arcs.

First year arcs:

  • Cry For Help
  • Death Magnetic
  • Graduation
  • Curse Of The March Hare
  • Eagles
Second year arcs:
  • Star-Crossed
  • Death Magnetic 2

Feel It Break contains the following tropes:

  • Anyone Can Die: And everyone does. Repeatedly. That's why the separate arcs are separate.
    • In Death Magnetic, Pyrrha kills all of team RWBY except Weiss. She does get Weiss' nurse, though.
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    • And then in Curse Of The March Hare, where even more people die. Though this time Ruby and Blake survive with Weiss.
    • Graduation only has one death.
    • And in Eagles, everyone except Summer dies.
  • Break the Cutie: The entire story revolves around this trope, seeing how the main characters of the series are all rather adorable. Ruby and Nora are often at the center of this.
  • I Call It "Vera": As is common in the canon, OCs tend to have names for their weapons. One such weapon is Corridors Of Power, a seemingly useless giant metal tube.
  • Leave No Witnesses: The standing rule in both Death Magnetic arcs, Pyrrha in the first and Weiss in the second, though the former isn't nearly as good at it as the latter.
  • Precision F-Strike: A few, each in a separate arc.
    • In Graduation, when Blake learned that Yang had been borrowing her underwear, even though this information was false and only meant to distract her.
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    • And in Curse Of The March Hare when Adam and Yang face off.
    Adam: She won't be getting up again.
    Yang: You want to bet, motherfucker!?
  • Shoe Slap: In Death Magnetic, Pyrrha throws a shoe in a life and death struggle against Blake, and it was even Blake's shoe.
  • Suicide Attack: In Curse Of The March Hare there are several of these. In response, Ozpin calls an emergency student assembly, and a bomb goes off in the middle of the crowd.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: In the Curse Of The March Hare arc, Yatsuhashi blocks the path down to the docks, giving the others time to escape.

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