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A set of fanfiction written by Luke Danger, set in the aftermath of Kim Possible's grand finale Graduation. Classified by the author as a Deconstruction Fic mixed with Continuation Fic, it takes a look at how advanced technology and magic would begin to affect the world and aims to deconstruct the KP 'verse.

The first (incomplete) installment, ''Deconstructive Legacy'', takes place aproximately three months after the grand finale with Ron heading to Yamanouchi to gain better control of his powers while Kim enters a series of (mis)adventures in the world, working closely with Global Justice and Power Busters Division as well as her usual freelance work. Gemini and Dementor tend to be the villains of the day, while Drakken and Shego take a secondary protagonist role in the story.


A (complete) prequel, ''Number Two'', takes place only one month after Graduation and focuses on Agent Will Du of Global Justice as he contends with his questionable position as GJ's "number one agent" as he is assigned to protect and later rescue Wally from Gemini and his Worldwide Evil Empire (WEE) and Gemini's unknown ally.

These fanfics provide examples of:

  • Blood Sport: The Henchlympics are a more humane version of this, pitting villainous henchmen against one another in nonlethal bouts.
  • Boom Stick: Gemini's agents use them as a weapon of choice.
  • Energy Ball: Most magic users seem to have this as a standard method of attack.
  • Meaningful Name: Magical artifacts tend to have these in relation to their function.
  • Mildly Military: Specters, GJ operatives inspired by Kim's looser style of fighting villains, seem to be this.


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