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The Way of the Metagamer is a Stick-Figure Comic in a similar art style to The Order of the Stick.

Originally envisioned as a Dungeons & Dragons tutorial, in somewhat-humourous-webcomic form, the comic developed a plot involving attempts to prevent evil from beyond the universe from entering said universe through playing Dungeons & Dragons. This works as follows: playing Dungeons & Dragons strengthens a defensive barrier around the universe. Since it's popular among young nerds, it gets played a lot by said young nerds, helping to protect the universe. However, some evil, already within the universe, utilises spells from DnD to create DnD Fourth Edition, which weakens and destroys the barrier. In response, Gary Gygax creates the "Book of DnD", a magical artifact with the power to fight back against Fourth Edition. Unfortunately, the evil, discovering the Book, attempts to obtain it for unlimited power. Gary retaliates by sealing all the magical power within the Book, but ends up sealing the evil in with it. And the raw magical energy kills him. The plot got pretty complicated, huh?

Unfortunately for the future of the universe, the Book of DnD ends up being sold on eBay - purchased by a main character by the name of Bob. As soon as Bob reads the Book, he is transported inside it, to discover the Book contains a fully-running game of DnD. He then gets fed up with the comic, and decides to leave. However, he finds he can't, and soon meets his friend Fred and a resident named Jane. They go to a town, and then to a castle, where they meet, believe it or not, Trope-tan and defeat Captain Obvious. And with the help of Plot Holes, they get to the Satellite of Love where time travel happens and that's when it gets sort of complicated.

The Way of the Metagamer provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: Most of the characters have normal names - the heroes are named "Bob", "Fred", and "Jane". Then we throw in "Xavius" and "Trope-tan".
  • All in a Row: The party spends a ridiculous amount of time walking in single file.
  • All There in the Manual:
    • The Tower of Dread is only named as such in the table of contents.
    • Several characters are only named in the comic transcripts, never in the actual comic.
  • Alt Text: With an actual presenter reading it, who interacts with the Author Avatar and other characters repeatedly.
  • Schizo Tech: There are skyscrapers in the Medieval towns. With elevators.
  • Scoring Points: "Awesome Points" are occasionally handed out to both characters and readers. They don't do anything. Yet.