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Fan Fic / The One Wishof Suzumiya

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"It's official, he's a douche."
Kyon's thoughts on Haruki.

The One Wish of Suzumiya is a shipping fic, though undetermined with which pair the story will actually go for. It mainly involves our crazy club the SOS-dan and their Genderbended Counterparts.

As of right now the story is still ongoing and has no determined end point. The story begins with Kyon living through another day with Haruhi, set somewhere past the Endless Eight, and her asking what would it be like to meet a person exactly like her but a guy. Enter Kyonko and her gang.


Both "Kyons" hit it off immediately, and become a couple particularly quickly, but is overshadowed by the fact that Haruhi and Haruki are also a couple. Thus starts a new journey for Kyon as he handles both Haruhi and Haruki, with the added fact of relationship in the works.

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