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Literature / The Doctors of the Cat Family

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The doctors of the Cat family is a short story about four generations in a dysfunctional family of cats. The narration style is a bit weird.

It can be found here:

This whatever-it-is provides examples of:

  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick:
    In the marketplace, Lewis meets Kit Marican
    She was short, but she could jump high
    Her eyes were the color of newly sprouted leaves
    And he could see she could run fast, for she was being chased by mafia goons
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  • Happily Failed Suicide: Lewis tries to throw himself from the highest tree around after he realizes that he's been a bad father to Thomas. After that fails to kill him, he stops being a Stepford Smiler.
  • Malicious Slander: People spread rumors about Jonathan Cat because they were jealous of his wealth.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Vilified: Not only is the government evil when the revolution breaks out, the leader of the revolution is okay with Thomas healing their captured enemies.
  • Rule of Three: It's first explained how Lewis' brother and sister dealt with knowing they couldn't please their father (partly by having Lewis cheer them up), and then how Lewis dealt with it. Also, at the end Lewis and Thomas are noted for their big hearts and Meredith for her strange sense of priorities.
  • Species Surname: The Cat family. There are also cats with different surnames (Kit Marican, Hector Kithro), and the one hare character has the surname 'Clearwater'.
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  • Stepford Smiler: Lewis is said to have "painted a false smile upon his face" in response to his father's disapproval.
  • Why Couldn't You Be Different?: Jonathan Cat isn't pleased with any of his children except for Janet. Lewis isn't too happy about Thomas joining the revolution either. He eventually gets over it.


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