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Literature / The Never Mythos

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The Never Mythos is a shared Cosmic Horror Story universe of online fiction created by Scraggle. It is part of The Neverkind Saga.

It currently consists of the following works:

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    Full-Length Stories and Series 
    Short Stories 
     The Lonely Dreams Cycle (Crossover with The Kindness of Devils) 

Tropes common to the entire series include:

  • Big Bad: Lucia the Shadow's Consultant, a depraved being who seeks to wipe out all life and personally ruin Eliza Cortly's immortal existence for repeatedly thwarting her.
  • Cosmic Horror Story: Part and parcel of the entire shared universe, with constant themes of cosmic irrelevance, strange, unknowable entities with incomprehensible true forms and motives, and horror not limited to one world. While The City of Never strays more to a deconstruction by the end, the short stories tend to play it entirely straight.
  • Downer Ending:
    • The Red Monarch ends with the protagonist unearthing too much for his own good and being taken by the mutated animators of Vladik Cardinous, with the rest of the world heavily implied to follow.
    • My Old Friend Gideon ends with the protagonist presumably devoured by Gideon's "sister."
    • Valentine, at the least, provides a "Ray of Hope" Ending to offset the bleak conclusion: Anita and Doug are fully taken by Helen and the Padre, and Helen is completely untouched and free to conduct her horrific festival again, but Henri at least gets out of dodge with intent to come back and finish the job.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: Generally tends to the middle to cynical. The City of Never observes and deconstructs both sides of the scale, and other stories either usually tend toward the abominations not being able to defeated or at the very least taking a heavy price to do so, even the crossovers with the comparatively more idealistic The Kindness of Devils.