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YMMV / The Never Mythos

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  • Adorkable: Underneath her veil of ethereal mystery, Eliza is adorable as she reveals when more of her personality is seen, particularly in the end when she appears to Hansel. In her friendship with Hardestadt Delac of The Kindness of Devils, she's giggly, bubbly and playful while constantly joking with him.
  • Complete Monster: See here.
  • Iron Woobie: A lot of people in the Never Mythos endure a great deal of agonizing suffering that makes you want to give them tight hugs. What do some of them have in common? The unbelievable refusal to ever give in to despair, and the drive to keep going in spite of everything.
    • Eliza Cortly is one of the oldest Seers alive, who sees it as her purpose to find, save and educate other Seers. This is a constant struggle to stay ahead of the Consultant, who frequently massacres countless innocents and her students while Eliza is powerless to stop it. In addition, Eliza once had a woman she loved deeply named Aisling who was separated from her thanks to the Consultant, and in the 1600s, was apparently forced to marry a man she dislikes enormously who is entirely oblivious to her mental well being. The Englishman ends with her miserable and wishing that one day she can feel everything is worth it again, but she refuses to ever give in, break or stop doing the right thing.
    • Alessa Hopper endures more pain than a teenage girl should ever be forced to. Having lost her mother to a Serial Killer, Alessa sees her little sister and baby brother murdered horribly, is attacked by her insane father and eventually sees him reduced to broken despair, begging an Eldritch Abomination for a quick, merciful death. Despite this, Alessa refuses to allow herself to break the same way, remains strong and even helps defeat a sadist out to end reality, going into the unknown with her best friend Katrina. Despite her youth and all she's endured, Alessa has a core of unyielding iron.
    • Hansel Brighterson was manipulated by the Consultant and Draynak to serve as a Herald for the City, having spent years locked there, rotting to next to nothing and being threatened by all the horrors going on. Barely able to remember his own name and half mad, Hansel is just a normal human being in a world of monsters and superpowered Seers, but after recovering, he ends up in a close companionship with Eliza Cortly, who becomes like a sister to him and is last seen happily enjoying a Christmas with Eliza and her surrogate daughter Grete during And to All a Good Night.