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An ongoing Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic chronicle detailing the life of Svetlana Ivanova Avtailkin, also known as the Confederation of Demonic Islands from birth to her continuing adventures through life. It is also an alternate history of sorts starting when the story reaches 1997, everything before that is historically accurate to a degree, though minor events are altered slightly but still on the timeline.


Alone on a distant island in the Kuril archipelago, a new nation has come into the world. After finding her cloaked in a bearskin, her people call her Kim-un Kamui, believing she is an incarnation of the god of bears. Unknowing of the outside world, she finds peace among her people, the Ainu. However when Japan arrives on her shores in the 1800s it signals the end of her youth and the decline of her people. Stripped of everything that defined her she begins her life of servitude, tossed about between the two nations she borders and caught on the wrong side of three of the worst conflicts in history. Amnesiac and terrified she's sold off to France as part of a trade agreement with Russia, where her luck changes at long last. After regaining her independence she finds her home is ruled by a despot, with revolution brewing will her altruism win out, or will she play the villain she always dreaded the world saw her as? Any more beyond that becomes spoilers for the rest of the main series.


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