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"It's the year 2199. The battle for the new century is beginning."
Helix Industries intro.

Helix Industries is a science fiction webcomic created by C.K. Walsh, also known as Meems. It has been updating since June 2007 and it stopped at 2009.

The story takes place about two hundred years in the future. Various catastrophes have resulted in civilisation being reduced to a handful of city-states, separated by barren wilderness. One of these cities, Anika, is owned and controlled by a corporation called Helix Industries.


The story centres around two women—Essence, who has strange powers, a mysterious tattoo and has just committed murder; and Erin, a daughter of a rebel leader who is serching for her missing father. Erin sets out to help Essence escape the city, but she may find that she's got more than she bargained for as Essence's past begins to come to light...

The site of the comic is down, with no replacement.


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