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Theatre / Tikboy: The Awakening of Boy Dragon

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"But it was not the Akyat Bahay gang who killed your beloved" - makes sign of the cross - "Jennifer. It was me! Ka. Roger!"

Tikboy: The Awakening of Boy Dragon was a play written for the Southridge Plautus Awards by troper Kwanzor Delgato as a satire of the over-the-top and heavily glamorized nature of Filipino action movies. Set in a fictional dirt-poor town in the Philippines, the play relied heavily on cliches, slapstick humor, illogical fight sequences, and larger-than-life characters to bring this message home. However, in the end, it turned out to be less satirical than the action movies themselves.


While it failed to win any major awards, it was one of the most popular of the eleven plays shown that season... due mostly to the slapstick.

Plot Summary

Act I:

The Mayor has been murdered, and the entire area is in a state of confusion and fear. The security videotapes reveal that the attack was carried out by two masked assailants with a garbage can. Kagawad Roger orders Barangay Captain Tikboy de Leon to personally investigate the crime, who drafts his friends Yengot San Cruzan and Andok. A plot by the evil Akyat-Bahay Gang to move into town and make it a part of their territory is revealed. A past grievance of Andok's against the Akyat-Bahay Gang resurfaces - namely, that they murdered his beloved Jennifer. Meanwhile, Ka. Roger has decided to throw a mourning fiesta for the beloved Mayor, at which he announces his plan to take the Mayorship until the time of chaos is over. Tikboy, who trusts Ka. Roger implicitly, gives him his support. During the course of the fiesta, Ka. Roger's crony Tokwa drops a crumpled paper bag, which has had two holes as though for eyes poked in it. Andok discovers this mask and gives it to Tikboy, who pockets it for future scrutiny.


Act II:

The investigation proceeds, and during its course, Tikboy is assaulted by a masked Akyat-Bahay assassin named Boy Chicharon. He prevails, and discovers that the mask Boy Chicharon was wearing is in fact identical to the one that Tokwa dropped at the mourning fiesta, and that he and his confederate Bob Uy could very possibly be linked to the Mayor's murder. He then leaps to the logical conclusion that Tokwa and Bob Uy are members of the Akyat-Bahay Gang, and that Ka. Roger is their next target. While he is off investigating, Tokwa and Bob Uy attempt to assassinate him, but mistakenly strike his Tikboy's friend Yengot instead. Tikboy arrives on the scene in time to defeat Tokwa and Bob Uy, but not in time to save Yengot. He then goes to Ka. Roger with the evidence of an Akyat-Bahay plot, only to find himself beaten and thrown into jail with Andok, for the murders of Yengot San Cruzan and the Mayor.


Act III:

Ka. Roger uses his newfound power and authority to secure his hold over the townspeople and enrich himself. Meanwhile, Tikboy and Andok have broken out of jail thanks to the loyalty of the townsfolk and are hell-bent on revenge. Disposing of Tokwa and Bob Uy quickly, Tikboy and Andok confront Ka. Roger in the Mayor's office. Ka. Roger reveals that not only was he behind the murders of Yengot and the Mayor, he was also directly responsible for the death of Andok's beloved Jennifer. He then attempts to shoot both Tikboy and Andok. However, the pair prevail and peace is restored. Tikboy is vindicated and reinstated as Barangay Captain, and Andok opens a Chicken Restaurant.

This play provides examples of: