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Shlapintogan: "Ugh... why?"
goodtimesfreegrog: "Because YouTube."
RP Mischief Fire, on why stuff like this exists

What happens when you take tropers, with all their pent up anger, and combine them with retsupurae, and then extend that scope to all horrible works? You get Grumpy Tropers. Mainly featuring retsupuraes of awful, awful Let's Plays, Grumpy Tropers is a troper work that features various tropers in their attempts to riff on every work that so much as looks at them wrong. Whether or not they actually do a good job at it is up to you.


Grumpy Tropers is now closed for good, since the regulars lost the drive to continue the project. The tropes will remain.

Who were the Regulars?

  • Shlapintogan was half of the reason Grumpy Tropers ever existed. It all started with his searing hatred for all the low quality Mischief Makers Let's Plays on Youtube. His was the calmer, deeper voice in the videos. He is also a decently accomplished Let's Player who can be found on Youtube.
  • goodtimesfreegrog was the other half. After getting tired of seeing Shlap bitch in Troper Updates seeing how much Shlap hated these videos, he suggested they try their hands at retsupurae'ing them. It all went from there. His was the (usually) more angry voice in the videos. Grog used to stream for the popular video game livestream channel "VidyaVidya".
  • Miijhal jumped in occasionally for some riffing, though not as frequently as Grog or Shlapintogan. She tended to be clever and sarcastic with her mocking as opposed to the more direct approach the boys took.

So it's not like they didn't know what they were talking about.

The videos they've done:

As the project is closed, the descriptions of the videos will remain here for future reference (do help out with filling this in):

  • RP Mischief FIRE: The original. In it, Shlap and Grog RP a Mischief Makers LP. At first, the issues with the recording methods and the poor cropping of the video rile them up, but the poor playing really sets them off.
  • RP Paper Proloag: This time, Shlap and Grog take on a Camcorder LP of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which was done on a hacked Nintendo Wii. The poor camcorder quality is only worsened by the maker of the LP reading the text out loud, among other things.
  • Crocodile Dundee plays Metal Gear Solid: A Let's Player who decides to speak with a ridiculous Australian accent does an LP of Metal Gear Solid. Besides the issue of a camcorder being used, the accent only serves to irritate Grog and Shlap endlessly.
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  • Wet's pway Spywo siwentwy: A Let's Play of Spyro the Dragon done on a camcorder and pointed at an antique TV set may seem fairly standard at this point, but the audio mysteriously cutting out several seconds into the video allows Shlap and Grog to really open up on this LP.
  • Let's vomit profusely: Shlap and Miijhal RP an LP of a Dragon Quest game for the DS done on a camcorder with a bunch of guys barely talking about it at all. A very disjointing experience for the senses.
  • Retsuwatch Chargeman Ken: Shlap and Miij watch an episode of Chargeman Ken! in awe of its craziness.
  • I like DBZ and it is good for me: Shlap and Miij watch an LP of a "Create-A-Saiyan" Flash game done by a big fan of the series. Cracks about DBZ, the Let's Player's possible Homophobia and other things ensue among the creepiness of the video.
  • Hurf: Shlap, Miij and Grog all watch a camcorder LP of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball done by another creepy guy. A very awkward experience for all involved, as scan lines, swimwear shopping, odd background noises, volleyball and card games get involved.
  • Gamspurts: Normally, Shlap and Grog wouldn't have done a video on something made by a kid (Shlap likens it to "a Hell's Angel beating up on a toddler"), but this video, where two kids use a camcorder to review the box for the European version of Rayman Arena, is an exception. Among the annoyances are Raspberry noises (among other "sound effects") and awful microphone and camera quality.
  • I can't shake shake this hate hate: Shlap and Ponicalica delve into the aforementioned Mischief Makers LP again. More incompetance and fire ensues.
  • An argument for prohibition: In English Ivy's debut, she, Shlap and Miij take on a Let's Play made by a drunken, angry Let's Player who has issues with "killing" video game sprites in The Lucky Dime Caper, Indie Games and minor things. Many comments about his drunken incompetence are had, and two long pauses in action occur.
  • More like nightmares: Shlap, Miij and English Ivy crack into a horridly-made animated work by the name of Illusions Dreams. The bad art, awful microphone quality and ridiculous writing inspire terror in the Tropers.
  • viteo keims: Shlap and Grog pretend to be awed by who they claim is The Angry Video Game Nerd when it is, in fact, a guy speaking heavily accented English while attempting to review Resonance of Fate. This video contained one of the few recorded instances of goodtimesfreegrog speaking English in his native Finnish accent.
  • Oh no: Made when Shlap's microphone gave out, English Ivy has to experience horror as a Sonic the Hedgehog Let's Player, who had gas from Taco Bell food, describes how to make a Dr. Robotnik in the bathtub. It's best that you don't ask what that is, but note that it does not involve the aforementioned gas.
  • The most frightening thing in the world: In Longfellow's debut, he and English Ivy tear into a Let's Play of Mario Kart made by two Let's Players, one in particular who enrages Longfellow.
  • Kwhyzo Mario: Shlap, Longfellow and English Ivy take on a dime-a-dozen Let's Play of Kaizo Mario World where the maker in question doesn't make much progress for 10 minutes.
  • Let's forget about playing Phantasy Star Portable: ...because Phantasy Star really doesn't get played in the video. Shlap, Miij and English Ivy watch a guy make enraging remarks while "conversing" with video game characters.

Grumpy Tropers provides examples of the following:

  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Implied with MrCDean since he was playing Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, of all things.
  • Angrish
    goodtimesfreegrog (after seeing Glitchthe3rd fall into fire for a good thirty seconds): What di— whidju— DID YOU JUST FALL INTO THE FIRE THREE TIMES?
  • Arch-Enemy: Glitchthe3rd for Shlapintogan.
  • Berserk Button: For Shlapintogan, it's taking five minutes to finish Clanball Land. Camcorder LPs also tend to strike a nerve for everyone involved.
    • Taking at least four minutes to finish a simple conversation in Phantasy Star Portable also sets off Shlapintogan.
  • Blinded By The Horrible Let's Play: In "RP Paper Proloag", both grog and Shlapintogan get blinded by the intense brightness of pretty much anything that happens on screen.
  • Brick Joke
    Shlapintogan (Towards the beginning of Clanball Land): You almost got all four red gems guy, I give you a D. See me after class... See, I'm already cringing when I say I give him a D.
    five minutes later, at the end of Clanball Land
    Shlapintogan: D. Try Harder. You took five minutes and forty five seconds to finish the easiest level in the game.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: Played at in "Wet's Pway Spywo Siwentwy" where grog mentions a female co-commentator, and then Shlapintogan mentions he might have been friendzoned. Due to the timing of this line, it brings up the implication that wiimotechance's sister had to friendzone him.
  • Captain Ersatz: 1985Griever for Sir Ron Lionheart and ElectricalBeast. He doesn't do a very good job at it.
  • Catchphrase: "Why?" "Because YouTube."
  • Continuity Nod: "Well, at least they don't have Three Days Grace blaring."
  • Fate Worse than Death: In "Let's Vomit Profusely", Miijhal mentions that years after we are all gone, when her corpse is finally exhumed for archeological study, she will still be screaming about how horrible the LP was. Shlapintogan also notes that the video is what a [[{Film/{Scanners}} scanner]] uses to set people on fire.
  • From Bad TO Worse: In "Let's Vomit Profusely", the video is already a camcorder LP with two obnoxious guys barely talking about the game. Then Three Days Grace kicks in...
  • Mascot: Lampy, the angry lampshade. It only appears as Grumpy Tropers' icon, though.
  • Manchild: Miijhal's interpretation of marioking55.
  • MST
  • Rant-Inducing Slight: All over the place in "RP Mischief FIRE". Slights include going out of the way to get all the blue gems, falling into fire multiple times, talking about worshipping Let's Players, and most of all taking five and a half minutes to finish Clanball Land.
    goodtimesfreegrog: And we're just going to have to resort to talking about technical BS because this guy is not saying —
    Shlapintogan: No no. I have something.
    goodtimesfreegrog: Oh. He finished a level!
    The grade screen for Clanball Land shows up
    Shlapintogan: D. TRY HARDER. You took five minutes and forty five seconds to finish the easiest level in the game.
    goodtimesfreegrog: See, that's not just us. Even the game thinks you suck at it.
  • Relax-o-Vision: Played with in "This is probably for the best". Apparently, watching a car hurdle off a ledge is more relaxing than horrible Dead Space 2 Let's Plays.
  • Running Gag: Unregistered Hypercam 2 for starters, there's also "We can't say at least they didn't [horrible mistake that makes the video awful] because they're recording it with a camcorder, and that's worse", as well as YEAAAAH in "I like DBZ and it is good for me".
    • It is mentioned in "I like DBZ and it is good for me" that marioking55 has a video on his account that does, in fact, have unregistered Hypercam 2, leading Shlapintogan and Miijhal to note that someone finally fell into that pit.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: Shlapintogan plays the straight man, whereas goodtimesfreegrog plays the wise guy, though both tend to blur the lines pretty frequently.


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