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MF217 in his natural habitat, showing his distinct love of plushes and goofing around with them.

"Y'all are crazy."
MF217 2017

Real name: Martin "Marty" W. Mollohan. Screen name: MF217, AKA MightyFan217 and previously known as Chronicle-King note , is a fanfiction author, artist, novice YouTuber and video game designer. He is the creator of the Massively Multiplayer Crossover known as Citadel of the Heart, although is mostly better known for his own original works content much of the time. Born on May 9th of 1994, he was diagnosed with Autism at a young age, and he began his (current) works beginning with 2014, but didn't begin working on them extensively until late 2015. He does have older works than the fics before Citadel Of The Heart, but he considers almost all of them worthless in comparison; not even the Early-Installment Weirdness of Truth and Ideals is safe from his views on this. However, despite that, he still believes there to be always room for improvement, even when it comes to his newer stuff; he even views his artwork as of late to be in need of much more improvement, especially in the anatomy department.

MF217 can be kind of an unorthodox individual to speak to directly; he used to be more social in this regard, as seen in the author's notes of earlier chapters of Truth and Ideals, but by the time he reached a larger amount of watchers and followers, he dropped these replies to his own reviewers entirely and began concentrating on solely getting the work he has to do done. Considering MF217 also has a very, very active gaming lifestyle, needless to say the chances of getting into direct communication with MF217 are rather grim; locked behind the overtly busy schedule MF217 has set up for himself. While he will sometimes try and communicate with select reviewers for his stories, he is rather cautious about approaching his readers ever since an incident with a reviewer in particular that led to him very hastily considering regretting DinoSquad RX. However, despite that, he is continuing to work on DinoSquad RX with it getting its remastered version earlier meant to be a Fix Fic for his own Alternate Universe fic.

His account can be found here, his DeviantArt here, his YouTube profile here, his AO3 profile here.

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    Tropes about MF217 as a person 
  • Admiring the Abomination: Despite his extensive fears he has tied to various types of animals, he finds himself utterly fascinated with animals such as bears and orcas, the former of which mostly in regards to their numerous interactions with mankind from the most harmless to the most dangerous. His favorite Later-Gen Evolution for an old Pokémon is Ursaluna, due to being based off of the Hokkaido Brown Bear, from which a terrifying encounter with one disturbed from hibernation took place over a century ago which fascinates him as to what that incident must've been like in the flesh.
  • At Least I Admit It: He doesn't exactly sugarcoat the blatant Ass Pull of his actions for what happens after Chapter 16 of Digimon Re: Tamers as being exactly what it means, Acceptable Breaks from Reality or otherwise even with the context of his Sanity Slippage.
  • Author Phobia:
    • Perhaps the one thing that has consistently caused fear within MF217's mind ever since 2018 and continuing to this very day at the night terrors he has been having regarding school in general. School has always been a downer subject for him to work with growing up as it was always the one thing about life he enjoyed the least, even with all of the good things that eventually came from it. Eventually MF217 tried going to college and ended up breaking down in the middle of class about a year into it, and ended up dropping out due to severe anxiety. As of 2018 onward, he has been having night terrors of being stuck in a boarding school in which he relives some of his real-life situations from various points in time of his experience with school, many of which horrify him in ways he cannot properly recall when he's awake. Eventually it all lead to him appreciating his freedom from both school and a regular job, to the point he's constantly in desire to make a living out of doing the things he actually does love doing, such as eventually trying to revive his Let's Play channel as an example.
    • As a competitive playing he has personally developed a dread of Tyranitar because of not only what he has seen the thing survive point blank in competitive or otherwise with attacks that should've flat out annihilated it had it been literally any other Pokemon, as he notes that Tyranitar's only flaw being low Speed and 7 weaknesses, but he's noted that those 7 weaknesses are something he's perfectly fine with because he knows all too well from having used Tyranitar himself during Gen IV and V that Tyranitar having an additional weakness with Fairy won't mean jack shit.
  • Bears Are Bad News: A common Author Phobia from MF217 is the idea of being lost in the middle of a forest within territory occupied by a bear. To make matters worse, beginning with The New '10s, the county he lives in within Ohio has reported numerous sightings of a black bear living there, which plays a major part in this Author Phobia of his.
  • Berserk Button: While he can handle brutal honesty fine, the opposite, hiding stuff from him, is a good way to piss him off.
  • Can't Take Criticism: Subverted; he admits had a borderline negative review of Truth and Ideals he mentions in this journal here came out during a year such as 2014, he would've more or less played this trope straight; MF217 makes it no secret that he hates his past self, and MF217 is much more willing to accept criticism so long as it's constructive and not an attempt at Flame Bait, or in a more neutral line, attempting to be constructive with their criticism but effectively giving him zero-context as to what he even did wrong.
  • Contrived Coincidence: One of the things he posts on his birthday due to him having a connection to the Dragon Ball fandom is the quote of King Piccolo stating that every May 9th will be Piccolo Day... when said day of the year also just so happens to be the exact day MF217 was born on in the year 1994.
  • Creator In-Joke: The number "1169" appears every once in a while in MF217's works, as a nod to the author's original home phone number before it was removed from the household.
  • Creator Backlash: He had dreams of eventually joining Channel Awesome in some manner of form, but not only did he never get the opportunity of getting a name big enough to be considered qualified, but he also immediately considered the entire website a Broken Pedestal once the controversy in April 2018 broke loose, especially with MF217 having to ask a friend of his to remove a cameo of Kerason from a tribute to the late Justin Carmical due to unfortunate revelations about Justin that MF217 wants no part in hearing discussed any further near him.
  • Creator Thumbprint: The Ultimorian Coat of Arms when it comes to specific original works designs of his. In terms of writing, Mons are a frequent subject in his works, and not just because most of the fics he created involve two such franchises; his entire Ultrarian life-forms and the Phase System appear to be designed with some aspect of Mons as a whole at large. Also to lesser degree, virtual reality and dinosaurs.
  • Creator's Pest: Chronicler, his OC meant to bridge the gap between the worlds he creates, is perhaps his most controversial character not simply because of the high likelihood of coming off as a Creator's Pet, but because this is a sentiment that MF217 himself agrees with due to the fact MF217 gets far too defensive over Chronicler than he would any other character in his own lineup by a mile. Not helping matters that Chronicler is deliberately designed to come across as a Gary Stu as a surface level comparison alone until you look at all of the layers that make him who he is underneath that.
  • Deconstructor Fleet: Something he doesn't actively try and do, but it's enough to where Citadel of the Heart got its own page under Deconstruction Fic because of the sheer number of Deconstructions applying all at once. Some have argued they're simply Darker and Edgier for certain entries, but the author is certain with himself that at least some of the entries are proper Deconstructions on the various material used in his fics.
  • Disowned Adaptation:
    • Every fanfic he's ever written prior to Truth and Ideals that is no longer on his FanFiction.Net profile is considered this nowadays.
    • DinoSquad RX is this to currently unknown degrees of hatred from the author from which he doesn't feel ready to share the full details about this case just yet. However, if two redesigns of Max are any indication, he's slowly getting over it with a planned reboot for the fic.
  • Dissonant Serenity: When he learned that, as of December 27th, 2019, that his current PC's harddrive flat out died on him and had to be completely replaced. With no chance of the files being able to be recovered from the old one, how does MF217 react? The only thing he's really pissed about is the fact Shadow Heat will be delayed and doesn't react much to anything else worth mentioning aside from the obvious.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Even though he's mostly known as Marty, his real name is Martin. However, he takes offense to various Shout Outs being made using the former; his nickname.
  • Exact Words: MF217 and Grandis both seem to abuse this trope whenever possible.
  • Eye Scream: In the latter half of 2018, MF217 eventually began experiencing excruciating eye pain in his left eye; ironically the same eye in which Mirror M has this issue in a more extreme example, as MF217 points out as being Harsher in Hindsight towards himself here.
  • Graceful Loser: When someone made a professional review on Truth and Ideals which amounted to giving the story a 5/10, MF217 responded with the fact he finally got the closest he could get to a negative review to any of his fics which actually offered constructive criticism, rather than just being showered with praise a majority of the time or being given flames as criticism.
  • Head Pet:
    • Just look at his different photographs of himself; he's almost always having a random plush of some kind roosting on his head. The first image had a rabbit plush, and the second pic had a Mega Lucario plush. Now, as of writing in December of 2020? Necrozma is now sitting on his head, with the aforementioned Mega Lucario being featured alongside Solgaleo and Lunala still.
    • He seems to love putting cute rabbits on people's head to emphasize a cute moment with a character. Often times he substitute the rabbit with virtually any Baby or In-Training Level Digimon, various unevolved regional Bird Pokémon, and often having Pichu hide under people's hats in contrast to Pikachu's more iconic Parrot Pet Position. Grandis, meanwhile, has occasionally hid ferrets in plain sight as a Live Mink Coat disguise.
  • Hikikomori: A fact of life he himself has demonstrated, and shares with his older brother, that ultimately leads him to being unable to do many of the great things he notes "normal people" as being able to do, whereas MF217 is held back immensely by his overall No Social Skills, how others react to his Autism, the fact he's been exploited in the past and discouraged him further from getting out more, and the gradual disconnection he has with his relatives once they become older and borderline impossible to recognize and socialize with anymore. About the only other people he has to socialize with on a regular basis are those who he knows online, or those who consist of his brother or his parents.
  • I Hate Past Me: A very common Running Gag with MF217's various forms of Self-Deprecation, and especially prevalent with Grandis' character design involving a red, plaid jacket which MF217 actually did used to own, but no longer does. Note when that years ago, MF217 admits that had a negative review been released during anywhere from 2014 or earlier, he would've been unable to take the criticism rather than listen to reason and logic like he does with this journal here in which he more or less understands the perfectly valid criticism of Truth and Ideals. To summarize it up nicely, if you think MF217 behaves poorly in any way, you would be further surprised with how he behaved even worse just a few years prior at the minimum.
  • I Have Many Names: Something that was heavily predominant with MF217 to the point he's currently locked himself into using no less than four different usernames from it; MF217 is his main name, MightyFan217 is for some sites he could not successfully have it changed to the former with, Shiramu-Kuromu is the name he uses on Wikia based wikis and also certain other wiki types. It got so out of hand that his most reoccurring name, which ended up being shortened to "Mighty", more or less became standard issue to refer to him by default to the point it had became a personal synonym to refer to him as Mighty even if you know of his real name of Martin or "Marty". Hell, Grandis' name alone is the result of having one of MF217's former usernames permanently attached to the character as a result of his Author Avatar nature, and then part of the reason to make Chronicler Grandis' son is due to MF217's main on Mabinogi, from whom Chronicler gets his original influences from, is named "Chronicler7", which was a nod to his at the time DA and even This Very Wiki name "Chronicle-King". Most of MF217's other usernames don't even get mentioned anymore nor will they be listed here since one would be here all day just baffled as to how many usernames MF217 accumulated over the years.
  • Insistent Terminology:
    • He always has a tendency of referring to Rexie as "The Queen" instead of the former name, considering the author considers the Queen to be a Memetic Badass due to her long lived age and the fact she has survived so many things that would've flat out killed her normally.
    • The explanation for his Berserk Button regarding Back to the Future and Madagascar when people reference those films when referring to MF217's real name as opposed to Lethal Weapon. Despite being called Marty both by himself and by numerous others, the spelling Marty is actually a case of Only Known by Their Nickname; his birth name is actually Martin, from which his name is derived from Martin Riggs of Lethal Weapon as a direct result.
  • Irony: He actually hates Sword Art Online, and yet Sword Art Online: Special Edition is the one fic he cares about the most in regards to the Fix Fic fics in his Series Fic. Despite the fact Chronicler stars in it, Chronicler's inclusion has nothing to do with this fact; it's the author's own fondness and passion for MMOs as to why he goes through such lengths to provide many examples of things that exist in MMOs, no matter how obscure these tidbits may seem, into public knowledge through his work on Sword Art Online: Special Edition.
  • Level Grinding: Whether it be experience, item drops, or in-game currency, this is something he can't see himself doing enough of at times. He's learned all of the patience with the craft of doing so to the point he would have to be Not Himself for him to display no interest in doing this repeatedly. In Mabinogi, he has a routine in which he spends almost a solid hour hunting mobs called Burgundy Bears and taking 2 hour breaks in-between, so that he can farm them for drops that'll allow him to complete Hunting Quests dedicated to this mob and earn quite a substantial amount of gold in the span of a full week of effort. It's not that the 2 hour breaks don't have another purpose; Mabinogi has an Anti-Grinding measure which causes field mobs to stop dropping items after about an hour with 100+ mobs killed in a row in a single zone. To reset it entirely back to normal drop rates, one has to wait in a different zone doing next to nothing or logged out for exactly 2 hours.
  • Massively Multiplayer Crossover: How Citadel Of The Heart became this in Later-Installment Weirdness.
  • The Mentally Disturbed: Depending on how one interprets his actions he can display this as either merely a character flaw, or he can be legitimately mentally troubled, most frequently being both at the exact same time. It actually applies to some of his Original Characters and alternate interpretations of some canon characters at times to depict them in a situation similar to himself when it comes to mental disabilities.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: His stance as to why he considers Pokémon Sword and Shield to be the single best entries in the entire Pokémon core-series even in spite of the removal of a lot of older mons? The Nature Mints, which are something he feels remedies what had been a Scrappy Mechanic regarding the Natures for the past five generations since their initial introduction to the franchise. Considering fellow Luck-Based Mission that was Hidden Power, trying to acquire the right Nature and the right Hidden Power had killed off MF217's past joy with catching Legendary Pokémon, rendering each victorious catch of one nothing more than hollow if they didn't have either the suitable Nature or Hidden Power type. With the Nature Mints being a thing as of Gen VIII, and Hidden Power entirely gone for the time being, needless to say, MF217 has been enjoying Sword and Shield more so than any generation combined Post-Gen II because of the fact two of what his personal Scrappy Mechanics were in the entire franchise were now no longer something he had to worry about as though it meant life or death.
  • Named After Somebody Famous:
  • Nightmare Fetishist: As 2019 passes by, MF217 has developed such a fondness for the ANMCs from Parasite Eve 2 that he specifically labels two of them in particular to be his personal choice for a Signature Scene; the Desert the Blizzard Chasers, and the one of a kind Burner, which he, as well as a few of his friends, have fittingly nicknamed the "Elephant Man".note 
  • Play Every Day:
    • He admits that this is the reason why he can't get into Animal Crossing; he plays a lot of other games with this type of mechanic heavily built around it, including, but not limited to, numerous entries in the mainline Pokémon games, being persistant with keeping a 100% attendance check on MMOs and mobile games such as Mabinogi and RAID: Shadow Legends respectively, has a strict ruleset regarding various things he has to maintain on his Nintendo 3DS games, most important of which is feeding and providing water to the dogs he cares for on Nintendogs + Cats, fully washing each of them every 3 days, and doing the competitions whenever he is close to going below a certain threshold of cash to keep his inventory in check. He also maintains the aquarium he has in Insaniquarium on Steam, which he makes sure to feed every single fish he has at least 3 times a day, and also earn as much shells from them as possible to accumulate enough to purchase a major upgrade for his aquarium's features. It's stuff like these that make it near impossible for MF217 to stay away from home for very long. He's been inconsistent about this with Neopets, oddly enough, as he was heavily active for the past 3 years as of writing in 2022... except he had already developed a sort of love-hate relationship with the website ever since Elementary School, but it wasn't until later on in his life he committed to playing daily.
    • In general, any sort of Virtual Pet game of any variety typically has a tendency of ultimately getting MF217's attention, especially if a variety of factors ultimately exist in this given form of game that ultimately make it personally appeal to him to the point he can and will commit himself to playing this given game on a daily basis at all costs. He had fairly recently got himself gifted a game called Aquarium Designer on Steam, and has on his wishlist another aquarium building game called Fishkeeper. If he had the hardware to do so, he would've flat out only sought out the latter of the two, but as Aquarium Designer had vastly smaller spec requirements, he got that game instead.
  • Rapid-Fire Typing: Everyone who has witnessed him a voice conversation or seen him in-person as he types will be able to identify him for two things; both how fast he types in general, and how hard he presses on the keys whenever he types, much the annoyance of those he's talking to online some of the times. According to a test performed on June 25th, 2019, he scored a 59 WPM with 95% accuracy.
  • Reclusive Artist: Oddly enough despite how he tends to generally use his real name and show his face a lot in photographs and even some of his videos on his YouTube channel, it usually seems that MF217 doesn't tend to get into contact with numerous other big or small names for fanfiction within either, AO3, and even This Very Wiki. Much of this even reflects into his real-life identity in which he doesn't exactly hide the fact he's a Basement-Dweller shut-in with No Social Skills; he flat out admits it himself as he had typed it up right here even!
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: At one point in time in Middle School, he once Playing Sick to get out of school for a day or so. Turns out, when he was taken to the hospital to be examined, it turned out he had pneumonia, meaning he really was sick that day.
  • The Quiet One: Unless he's with company in any of his videos on YouTube, he's an uncannily quiet individual, and yet despite what you'd think otherwise, he claims he's better as voice calls when in reality he's actually significantly more proficient at texting.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Grandis and the MF217 both have a tendency to be oddly poetic for some of their dialogue despite the fact both switch back so very frequently between Sir Swears-a-Lot or simply not swearing at all.
  • To Make a Long Story Short: Why he prefers voice calls is simple; his texting, while a significant improvement in talkativeness compared to him actually using said voice, is prone to going on incredibly long winded rambling when he elaborates on the depths of his mind's madness regarding his ideas he has for just about everything. Often times, MF217 has to flat out interrupt himself and give a short handed explanation immediately following up a very lengthy ramble, just to get the point across quicker.
  • Un-person: He deleted all of his World of Warcraft videos on his YouTube channel after Blizzard had chosen to favor money over human rights by banning a Hearthstone champion who supported the Hong Kong protests. Needless to say, MF217 also deleted his account even in spite of having spent a small fortune on it over the years he had used it prior to 2019. He eventually went back to WoW, due to a friend he met in summer of 2020 begging him to come back to the game in hopes of having someone he personally knew to play with as opposed to random strangers, but otherwise MF217 has kept silent about it everywhere else other than this page.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: He seems to invoke this trope based solely off of former friendships with people who were legitimately bad apples rather than how MF217 purposefully paints himself as one of these as well. While it is advised to be cautious with approaching him, he gives this warning because he can legitimately not tell how to behave around specific types of people he's unfamiliar with. Going off of his personal track record, he's often adjusted to society very difficultly over the years, and had to deal with friendships, broken altogether or brand new ones being forged, and no matter whether it's positive or negative influence, it regardless keeps him distracted from his own personal free time which he either uses for writing, drawing, gaming, or watching shows or movies, but most importantly listening to music.
  • Write What You Know: His depiction of the titular SAO from Sword Art Online: Special Edition is based off of various different MMOs he's played in the past and sometimes still plays to this day. EverQuest comes to mind with the various races available to play as, the combat and different capital cities has some shades of Tera and RuneScape respectively, with the MaterialEye being described in ways that sounds like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword levels of motion controls causing an unforeseen Game-Breaker with the old combat system, which perpetually turns the combat system in later patches into that of Mabinogi. In addition, the description of Nova City highly resembles various aspects of Stormwind from WoW, such as the rustic old town portion of it in contrast to the more modern looking setting of the remainder of the city. The horse taming, as well as taming of any sufficiently large creatures as mounts in general, brings to mind MMOs such as Riders Of Icarus and Dragon's Prophet, with Stormcloud's rarity as a prized mount in SAO being because in the latter game, six limbed dragons much like Stormcloud are the rarest of them all.
  • Writer's Block: Why he hastily launched Starlight Ablaze without any prior warning; to break him out of this, as so that he could write a Pokémon fanfic that's in the same continuity as Truth and Ideals without yet having to get into writing the planned sequel adapting Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants:
    • To be fair, MF217 doesn't always write like this, but it's mostly for any fic that doesn't have a long thought out ending in advance that shows this the most. The guiltiest of this would have to be Sword Art Online: Special Edition and Digimon Re: Adventure, to which allboth of those fics ended up with MF217 suffering from Writer's Block big time because of this. Oddly enough, despite how Truth and Ideals seemed to play this trope straight, its ending was planned out at least no more than two years before the epilogue was posted.
    • Invoked in Digimon Re: Tamers Chapters 8-10, as well as the end of Chapter 7 and the beginning of Chapter 11, as to demonstrate just how big the Reality Warper effects of Enigmariamon are, as Chapters 11 begins the arc in which Jeri and Impmon both begin to piece together that someone or something is deliberately trying to throw them off course as much as possible via invoking a Random Events Plot as a distraction.
  • You Remind Me of X: Why he eventually came back to World of Warcraft as of 2020. He had made a new friend during the summer of 2020 who reminded him so much of himself back when he was still a newcomer to MMOs that was desperately looking for someone personal they knew to play together with. After getting to know him more over the next few weeks since the revelation they both share history on WoW, MF217 created a new account and acquired a subscription by the end of August of 2020. It wasn't just the fact this new friend reminded him of himself; it was a case of MF217 reminding himself of his Jerkass former friends who put him through hell when he was in this very situation, considering how utterly adamant MF217 was upon meeting him about never going back to WoW until he changed his stance upon the realization of the latter.

    Tropes about MF217's works 
  • Adaptational Badass:
    • Agumon -Bond of Courage- is upgraded to Physical God levels of strength, evolving from what effectively amounts to Agumon's undying courage exploding with such a massive force it completely destroys everything for thousands of miles away and beyond in seconds flat, before Agumon just burns his way through the fabric of time and space to just walk into the lair of The Master as his intense, impossible to calculate body heat ignites everything in his way.
  • Adaptation Deviation: Tends to be used alongside Alternate Universe a lot. The most common of which tends to be Adaptation Personality Change, which in any way or form, canon characters from other works can have their entire characterizations altered solely because due to the Alternate Universe nature of his fics, and the fact the canon verses exist as separate universes entirely, there's no defined rule that he needs to stay Truer to the Text 100% of the time unless he ultimately feels doing so to be the best desirable option. Often times this happens solely because the author takes a What Could Have Been element of a work and reintroduces it into his own fic's context, so the changes in question are necessary at minimum.
  • Affectionate Parody: Even his more serious plots have some rather intentionally silly moments to them, special mention goes to Mirror M's entire debut arc in terms of how it's a deliberate Timey-Wimey Ball Mind Screw with how it works and yet somehow functions.
  • Animesque: What hinders his Art Evolution at times; whenever he draws realistic artwork such as the below mentioned T. rex, he shows his improvement far more easily than with his default Animesque style as is the norm for his artwork. It can be kind of considered a Creator Thumbprint for MF217 that his artwork has a very defined Animesque style to it.
  • Art Evolution:
    • Using a human OC for Digimon as an example, check out Kashou as she looks when drawn in August 5th, 2015, and then again in May 3rd, 2018. While the latter hasn't been shaded yet, the improvements are clear in the fact the latter has a greatly improved grasp of anatomy and proportion than the first drawing of this OC.
    • Keeping in tradition with the author's tendency to draw bestial designs very well, a featherless T. rex in the form of the Queen from Jurassic World as seen here in June 11th, 2015, compared to a drawing sketch that he had made on April 11th, 2018 which features a much more realistic take on Tyrannosaurus minus the feathering, and thus having the correct anatomy and proportions that could technically also been seen from the Queen had it not been for her shrink wrapped nature.
      • On July 22nd, 2019, MF217 had spent the whole day and the prior one working on a second redesign for the character Max from Dino Squad, specifically his Tyrannosaurus form, by using the prior traditional sketch of accurate Tyrannosaurus anatomy as a base. With some assistance, he managed to complete the picture of Max as linked above, and this marks the second time the overall animal has been drawn in a realistic style, but also the first time he drew an anatomically accurate design of a non-humanoid design using the traditional MS Paint and mouse method he's (in)famous for.
    • Human anatomy practice yet again plays a role in the comparison between a cover artwork made for Truth and Ideals back in 2015 seen here, as opposed to the cover artwork for Starlight Ablaze as best demonstrated here drawn in 2018.
    • The reveal of Garuda's design for Reflection Code seen here shows a significantly large leap in improvement with anatomy than the Tyrannosaurus and the Starlight Ablaze humans above have shown, due to the fact Garuda is a design that, while an obvious homage to 2D Grievous, is a fictional lifeform and thus doesn't have any real world basis, aside from whatever elements were borrowed from cassowaries from which Garuda's design also heavily references.
    • Mirror M's redesign received a polish on October 7th of 2019, in which Mirror M Phase 1 is drawn with more accurate anatomy for what Mirror M is meant to be in the lore, including details such as the proper musculature, the shape of his legs, and mammalian toes to his feet, and a more accurately shaped head considering his sarcastic fringehead-esque jaws. The hands were admittedly half-assed on purpose, since as of writing the author doesn't know what type of primate-esque hands he wants to use for the design.
    • Let's Play example with his 100% Completion run of Banjo-Kazooie, as of Episode 6 " Mad Monster Mansion". This was the first episode of the Let's Play filmed in the 2021 brand new Version 3.0+ of Project 64, and it shows because a slew of graphical glitches that plagued the previous episodes were either severely reduced in number or now were fixed altogether and look exactly like they should on an actual Nintendo 64. For a specific example, the pause menu's background was supposed to be of the exact moment of the game you were playing in while it was paused, but for the first 5 episodes looked like a glitchy array of garbled colors. Even within Episode 6 proper about mid-way through the episode, MF217 and his friends notice that the pause menu now looks exactly like it's supposed to in the actual game.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Tends to love using this trope a lot, especially when combined with Hard Light.
  • Ascended Fridge Horror: Any noteworthy cases of Fridge Horror from the original material waiting to be Invoked and brought forth? From their nightmares to yours, tropers!
  • Author Appeal:
    • Expect many aversions of what would've been a case of Status Quo Is God in any fic he writes with the source material being Strictly Formula tendencies.
    • At least once per fic he loves to throw in a reference to Ed, Edd n Eddy, even to the point of designing Grandis as a visual Expy of Eddy's Brother to ensure this happens.
  • Author Avatar: Grandis, one of the Big three in regards to the Ultimorian Deities, is flat out confirmed to be this as a Deconstructed Character Archetype of Parody Sues.
    "I literally stop hiding the fact Grandis is basically a more ideal version of myself every once in a while. I tend to keep other things secret about him almost completely, though."
  • Based on a Dream:
    • Flare's debut in Truth and Ideals is based off of a surreal dream MF217 that started off as an episode of the anime with Ash involved as usual, and a Crazy Jealous Guy fighting Ash over the affection of Serena and Ash, being Ash, only thinking of the battle itself. Greninja is used in place of Samurott, with Ash-Greninja taking Warlord-Samurott's place as to be expected. The other trainer sends out, in order of appearance, Hoopa Unbound, Mega Latios, and WarGreymon inexplicably being the last mon he sends out before Greninja turned Ash-Greninja mows down all three in succession, with Ash taking part in the fight with WarGreymon using Battle Bond's Synchronization to use the same strength as Ash-Greninja to join in and effectively double Ash-Greninja's power. Replace Serena with Misty and replace the generic rival with Hilbert and you've got the chapter Flare debuts in summarized just about right.
    • In an embarrassing admission he had to tell his girlfriend about to her amusement, the prologue scene of Digimon Re: Tamers has Jeri having a nightmare about "Takato" chloroforming her is actually based on a dream in which MF217 is in Jeri's position with his girlfriend in Takato's position.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Something he either actively has to restrain himself from doing too much in his fics or often uses as a punchline at times in his works. Considering his most known fics are from the Digimon and Pokémon franchises, where this trope is commonly Played Straight, MF217 wants to make sure he doesn't wind up being super repetitive with his fight scenes in fics based off either franchise, especially since he can't exactly view perpetual Calling Your Attacks as anything but Narm Charm or just flat out Narm in a meta-sense. Attempting to play it seriously in his eyes he believes only works when it comes to writing fics for franchises who can get away with it due to a major Grandfather Clause in effect, such as Dragon Ball.
  • Character Development:
    • What he especially loves the most when it comes to writing his fics; he views stories as incomplete if certain people try and say characters overshadow the plot when in reality, according to MF217's logic, "No characters = no plot".
    • One of his past vices with writing was the fact he tended to kill off would be major villains before their character depth was elaborated on to get the desired reaction MF217 had in mind from his readers, which has so far lead to how the individual Darkdramon in Diary of an Analog having a major case of Joker Immunity as a plot point, from which it eventually gets revoked by the time his character development and elaboration is complete enough to warrant finally killing off the bastard for real.
  • Continuity Porn: Loves to make use of continuity Call Backs among other things.
  • Darker and Edgier: No matter what MF217 does in regards to any of his fics compared to each other, but towards the canon source material his fics are always this trope no matter what.
  • Decon-Recon Switch: MF217 prefers to be much more idealistic and colorful with his works, but often times does dose his works into reality and more cynical viewpoints if he ultimately feels it'll make for a nice addition to the story.
  • Dimensional Traveler: A trope he especially uses in his Pokémon works as of late because of Solgaleo and Lunala. He also uses it in almost every other work of his because of how his Ultimorian Deities pantheon functions on a basal level.
  • Divine Conflict: The Master VS Agumon -Bond of Courage- in Semperburnum Fortitudo.
  • Fan Art:
  • Fix Fic:
    • The original purpose of Truth and Ideals, before it ended up just becoming yet another story in Citadel Of The Heart. Over time, Digimon Re: Adventure eventually turned out to exist for pretty much almost the exact same reasons as Truth and Ideals, but at the time the story was first posted, Digimon Adventure tri., which ultimately leads to certain writing choices that ended up becoming finalized before key reveals were made about the canon tri. series. Diary of an Analog is his own personal rendition of how he'd tell the story of Digimon Adventure 02 via using a crapload of Later-Installment Weirdness.
    • Not intentionally made as such, but Semperburnum Fortitudo was written based on a prompt of another fic known as Not My Problem, detailing how the Darkest Hour at the end of that fic and the one implied from canon in which Takuma chooses to stay in the real world instead of going back to the Kemonogami World. In this case, the Kenzoku and the fog are nearly claiming Agumon, but his undying sense of courage prevents them from claiming him, in which Agumon ignites the entire horizon and Warp Evolves into Agumon -Bond of Courage-, in which he singlehandedly curb-stomps The Master a new one and even enrages him enough to drop The Master form in exchange for a futile attempt to use his Fanglongmon Ruin Mode form. The ensuing explosion Agumon unleashes with Gaia Brave, effectively causing a Cosmic Retcon at the climax via recreating the Big Bang itself.
  • Hidden Depths: Despite the overly unrealistic art style which MF217 uses, he actually can draw things realistically, he just prefers not to since he has difficulty imagining his own designs in a realistic style. He has voiced his thoughts many, many times in the past that he's not exactly a big fan of looking too much like everyone else in terms of general style.
  • Kaiju: Some of his monster designs have a very Kaiju-esque feel to them, especially prevalent with Mirror M Phase 2.
  • Later-Installment Weirdness: Happens virtually all of the time in his Pokémon and Digimon fics, due to most of them being based on older generations than whatever the current generation was when each story began. Elements and plot points from later media considered near universal franchise-wide at that point in time often tend to creep up rather quickly in either franchise's fics made by MF217.
  • Lemony Narrator: Via Grandis' internal monologuing.
  • The Multiverse: Yet again how the Ultimorian Deities function on a basal level, implemented into the very concept of Citadel Of The Heart.
  • No One Should Survive That!:
    • In Click Clock Wood, MF217 mistimes a jump when dealing with an enemy and gets hit, sent knocked off a small ledge and down a slippery slope... except MF217's fierce adamant refusal to die causes him to perform an absolutely baffling display of impossible odds of getting back up onto safe ground and resuming where he left off prior to the misstep. MF217's genuine reaction of surprise really sells how even he had no idea how he survived in the end.
    • Agumon managing to Warp Evolve without Takuma into Agumon -Bond of Courage-, and likewise The Master not immediately being destroyed by inadvertently causing his own human partner's death upon De-Fusing into Fanglongmon Ruin Mode.
  • Official Couple: Every fic he works on has at least one that doesn't wait until the very end to get together.
  • Outside-Context Hero/Outside-Context Problem: He takes advantage of the concept of The Multiverse a little too much at times. The Ultimorian Deities, for a start, are entities which are more or less completely unable to be compared with any contemporary characters from whichever fic they appear in, bordering into the fact they're incredibly dark for whatever setting they're in, even if the native verse is rather dark itself already.
  • Parody Retcon: Deconstructed, only to then be Reconstruction with the fallout that happened. With his attempts to defend the imperfections of his older artwork by stating the characters have unusual anatomy on purpose, he wound up digging his own grave briefly because his art eventually became stagnant. While admittedly he draws better than the stereotypical user of MS Paint, he was heavily restricting his overall art quality on his belief he did not need to practice actual anatomy. Then when it came to the attempt to create a webcomic, this bit him in the ass so very hard that he himself realized he could no longer excuse his terrible artwork quality on humans or other real entities. As a direct result, beginning with 2018 and continuing into the present, MF217 has been taking anatomy lessons from either friends or via self-teaching, and the results he had gotten with the practice in question showcased just how much improved Art Evolution he managed to achieve with a few select examples. He also tried twice to successfully draw an anatomically correct Tyrannosaurus rex and in both cases succeeded with an initial traditional art sketch and an MS Paint drawing as the second attempt. In the light of the results, he stopped using Parody Retcon as a means of justifying his mistakes, but rather admits to his faults whenever they're blatantly noticeable and actively attempts to improve his artwork even to this very day.
  • Physical God: His original works having a tendency to crossover into whatever fic he's writing ultimately lead way for the Ultimorian Deities to get involved somehow. Considering they're The Omnipresent, this is kind of unavoidable for the most part.
  • Porn with Plot: Something he mentions in the Chapter 4 Author's Notes of The Champion's Successor is that while he gladly read other works featuring Porn Without Plot, he himself can't bring himself to actually write anything less than Porn with Plot by comparison. This is more or less the entire reason behind the existence of Digimon Re: Adventure and Sword Art Online: Special Edition among his older works, is because while sex scenes were planned in both fics since the start, he still ultimately preferred telling an actual story in favor of just mindless smut. The same also applies obviously to The Champion's Successor, from which the entire point behind this fic is it being a Flash Forward Fic which features the daily lives of the now adult Dawn, Lucas, and Barry among other characters.
  • Ret-Canon: The term Ultimorian Deity only existed in MF217's original works only after the In-Universe Trope Codifier, Mirror M in this case, had existed and his originally conceived stories were over. At the same time, Ultima, Dragora, Grandis, Zaalim, and Darigus had also already existed before the term Ultimorian Deity was properly defined, leading into all seven of those characters being retroactively considered a part of the Ultimorian Deities group before six other designs would later exist who would be designed with the intention of being Ultimorian Deities from the start, whereas the original seven to define the term were designed as very powerful beings who were originally of no relation to the other until the term Ultimorian Deity took its place in the canon that grouped the original seven together into the same pantheon. Mirror M is also who first utilized the Phase System among the Ultimorians in general, with a former intent of parodying Digimon with how it works.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Something that MF217 can be a big victim of; thankfully most people who review his works (so far) are not exactly huge in the Grammar Nazi department... but some of them still tend to point out the author's troubled work with using the correct tense, something the author has admitted "being correct at these things is easier on paper than in practice, regardless of prior experience".
  • Rule of Cool: A part of how he designs some of his characters and monsters, a bit of a Running Gag at times often involves a nuclear powered tail club on an Ankylosaur type of creature as a reference to Lugnut's P.O.K.E. weapon from Transformers: Animated.
  • Rule of Symbolism: Chronicle-King, MF217's former namesake, is one of the opening of Pandora's Box if he actually appears in a given story. Minerva's Non-Mammalian Mammaries are to represent her gaining humanity in every way in which she tries so hard to deny.
  • Self-Deprecation: Something he himself admits he may have gone overboard with in his own works.
  • Serial Escalation: Seems to be something this guy has an unhealthy addiction for at times, especially when added into Fight Scenes.
  • Series Mascot: The Big Three of the Ultimorian Deities; Ultima, Dragora Galaxia, and Grandis.
    • In the older days, it was a doppelganger of Bowser turned Imp named "Chronicle-King", which is where MF217 gets his previous username from (his original was "Bowser-The-King", sometimes as "Bowser Da King"). Upon being turned into his original works self as his Imp design which removed the Bowser elements altogether, Chronicle-King barely gets used anymore if merely because if he does appear, it's a Wham Episode because he's an immediate red flag that shit is about to hit the fan because his arrival is Invoked Faux Symbolism of the opening of Pandora's Box.
  • Shout-Out: Often times his works will feature explicit shout-outs to other works by virtue of how some of his monsters are designed or how certain plots or pieces of dialogue end up unfolding as he types it up.
  • Shown Their Work: Not too often, but it's something that MF217 loves to try and pull off. Sometimes he achieves this by Accidentally-Correct Writing instead.
  • So My Kids Can Watch:
    • Not so much kids as more of a girlfriend situation. His girlfriend did not like the Porn with Plot aspects of Digimon Re: Adventure at all, and had varying reasons for why she wouldn't read his other fics, but mostly boiled down to them being made from series which she had no knowledge of or were not a fan of to begin with. Digimon Re: Tamers was written based off of some ideas tossed around MF217 and his girlfriend, and ultimately become a prominent work when MF217 decided to Invoke this trope so that his girlfriend could be able to read a Digimon fic that was Lighter and Softer and completely lacked the porn elements altogether.
    • Averted with his Let's Play videos, which he enforces are not intended for kids because of how often he goes on swearing tangents just to prove this point, even down to the fact he begins averting Country Matters as of 2021 onward.
  • Stealth Parody: Even he admits when it comes to his Pokémon fics that he includes so many Mythology Gags, lampshading numerous clichés for Pokémon as a whole, the numerous Ascended Meme or Meme Acknowledgments as a whole, and you'll generally get the impression why even the author admits he never takes himself completely serious, regardless of the tone being aimed for, when it comes to this particular franchise.
  • Take That Us: Despite the fact Grandis is described as an "ideal version of the author", he's also designed as to be an exaggerated take on the author's negative traits and flaws as a whole, as to make Grandis into a form of pseudo-Hate Sink at certain times.
  • Trash the Set: Agumon -Bond of Courage- doesn't simply punch out The Master by the climax of his one-shot appearance, but true to his word, he saves both worlds without Takuma being there, by willfully destroying the entire universe and forcefully rebooting it by having Big Bang II being what brings about the Cosmic Retcon that ensues. Even when he first evolves to this form, he flat out destroys the entire islands that the game took place in with a fiery explosion so massive that it proceeded to continue on for hundreds if not thousands of miles away and beyond.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses:
    • Depending on who you are, this can be either one of MF217's greatest strengths as he avoids falling into the Department of Redundancy Department regarding overarching characters or events, or it can be a glaring flaw because it ultimately causes a case of Continuity Lock-Out, from which MF217 outright acknowledges the latter as being borderline a fact with his works.
    • He references Twilight in a 2021 video he does for Skyrim featuring him going on a Werewolf feeding frenzy by spending the entire video on webcam being shirtless. He makes no attempt to directly mention Twilight aside from this, as he expects the visuals to do all of that for him instead.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show:
    • At least one of the major antagonists in any given fic is meant to be this to be considered qualified to be a Complete Monster as the Intended Audience Reaction in MF217's intentions. Darigus is so immensely vile in nature that he's often limited to works which are intended to be Lighter and Softer with his inclusion being the only true exception unless Cerebus Syndrome happens as well in those given fics, with so far the best example of Darigus' overall vileness is his appearance during Chapter 8 of Digimon Re: Tamers.
    • However, none of the examples compare to the story that was so far never told; Dr. Devoniak, said by MF217 to be his most evil character he's ever created. Devoniak is in a weird situation, considering much like with Chronicler, MF217 is oddly defensive about this character, but this is more so because of the fact Devoniak is such a notorious character In-Universe wherever he goes that his debut needs to be nothing short of perfection to pull off what establishes who he is.
  • Weird Crossover: You could say that.
  • Wham Episode: His Banjo-Kazooie 100% Completion Part 7 "Rusty Bucket Bay" episode. Not only is this when MF217's first death in the whole game occurs, but he also begins to quickly lose his shit throughout the entire level every time he narrowly avoids death prior to then, and by the time he's trying so hard to get through the propeller room which he's dubbed the "Windmills of Death", he admits that the room is making him anxious and adversely affecting his ability to concentrate with trying to avoid dying while trying to navigate the room. It isn't until he mentions something about a "Negative Zone" that he ultimately succeeds in clearing the propeller room and wins himself what he had called earlier the hardest Jiggy in the whole game and thus ultimately doesn't employ whatever he had in mind should he had died again.
  • What If?: His absolutely biggest defining trait with his fics are the various twists and turns he makes with characterization, plots, and anything from the source material and seeing what could happen if he can alter them as much as he wants and yet stay somewhat true to the original media's general appeal.

    Let's Play Tropes 
  • 100% Completion: His Banjo-Kazooie Let's Play from 2021 in a nutshell.
  • Accidentally-Correct Writing: MF 217 basically defended his usage of save states during the Grunty's Furnace Fun segment of Banjo-Kazooie by stating that considering the bear and bird ultimately made it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, that there was a high likelihood that an update would be given in some capacity to the Nintendo Switch Online which would add Nintendo 64 games to the library of available games, and that if this actually happened, his entire run of Banjo-Kazooie seen in his video could easily be replicated on the Nintendo Switch. As of January 20th of 2022, Banjo-Kazooie is available to play as part of the Nintendo 64 lineup of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass, and just like every other Nintendo Switch Online game, Expansion Pass or otherwise, there is indeed the option of save states available as MF217 predicted. The reason this is this trope instead of I Knew It!? MF217 outright denied the overall possibility of lightning striking twice in favor of the bear and bird, but honestly expecting the outcome of a Nintendo Switch availability of any Banjo-Kazooie game to never be likely to happen any time soon.
  • Cutting the Knot: Regarding Whitney in Gen II Pokémon or their remakes? He's never had the issues with her that a lot of other players have simply because his Starter Pokémon is always final form and roughly Level 36+ by the time he finally decides to face her for the badge to begin with. Not for lack of trying to think of a proper strategy; by the time he gets to Goldenrod he kinda focuses more on his Starter to brace for what's to come upon later reaching Ecruteak City.
  • Early-Bird Cameo:
    • The Pokémon he compiled together both in the main file and other files of Gen III are all going to reappear later down the road in other Pokémon Let's Plays. However, the case with Dvalin the Salamence was more unique. He's foreshadowing the Big Bad of his planned sequel to his completed fic Truth and Ideals, in which one of the Big Bad's Pokémon is a Salamence named Skyterror.
    • The titular Maneater appears in a webcam recorded episode in the Switch Port of her own game which leads into the aftermath of the Banjo-Kazooie Let's Play pretty much outright confirming the PC Port would be recorded as a full Let's Play for the channel.
  • Foreshadowing: His Let's Plays contain a few bonuses either intentional or otherwise regarding why certain things ultimately happen.
    • Someone blurted out the code while recording Clanker's Cavern the code for infinite air. MF217's rules for the non-Stop 'n' Swap codes was that he could only use them if he memorized them ahead of time. He does indeed use this code later on during the Rusty Bucket Bay episode, explicitly having remembered it ahead of time to be allowed to do so.
    • His apparent dislike of Dragonite during Gen III has him imply he already had a fully cultivated Salamence for use once he could trade it over for use in the LeafGreen Let's Play. Once the Sevii Islands campaign is beaten, that's literally the focus of the first bonus episode is showcasing this Salamence in particular.
  • Game Mod:
    • His entire Star Fox Adventures run has included Fox McCloud's attire as being different overall, most prominent with a black leather jacket he's wearing. MF217 uses it mainly because he thought it looked cool and reminded him of an edited image of Fox with a similar jacket he knew about years prior.
    • In the wake of the end of his Pokémon LeafGreen Let's Play, he released a few small episodes of a rom hack he's working on for FireRed.
  • Godzilla Threshold: For the Rusty Bucket Bay episode of his 100% Completion Let's Play of Banjo-Kazooie, he employs two cheat codes in the sandcastle instead of one, and heavily implies using a Game Shark code with his wording of the "Negative Zone" very late into the episode because of him dying for the first time in the whole Let's Play within Rusty Bucket Bay. He doesn't ultimately employ the "Negative Zone", because he winds up succeeding on literally the next attempt at the infamous room of Rusty Bucket Bay and gets both the notes from there and the final Jiggy in the level alive, and spends most of the remainder of the episode off-screen just recollecting all of the other notes he had gotten over the course of the level on the first entry.
  • Not Hyperbole: His remark to Grunty about seeing her in 2 years in the wake of the Banjo-Kazooie Let's Play, in which, while being rather late, he actually did follow up on with a Banjo-Tooie Let's Play a little over 2 real world years later in 2023.
  • Old Save Bonus: When starting a new Let's Play of Digimon World 4, he had exploited the fact he could easily transfer over some useful items from his main file which was on Very Hard Mode at the time, and as a result was able to give his new Digimon some early-game advantages compared to a regular, freshly started file. Based off of what he says in the description of the first episode, he had done this trick numerous times in the past alongside his brother, who both of them frequently played multiplayer with this game in the past.
  • Ruder and Cruder: His 2021 Let's Play videos onward, which often make no short effort to have him graduate to a Sir Swears-a-Lot all the way to the point of averting Country Matters.
  • Shirtless Scene: In two of his videos in July of 2021 he's shirtless, both of which are in reference to what exactly are in both videos in question.
    • In the first of the two, he's continuing where he left off on his 100% Completion run of Banjo-Kazooie with Freezeezy Peak, with him being shirtless because he claims it's hot outside.
    • In the second video, it's a brief video of him in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim where he's going on a rampage through a bandit settlement as a Werewolf, from which he all but outright references Twilight through him still being shirtless in this video.
  • Tempting Fate: For the entirety of the Banjo-Kazooie Let's Play he had been denying the remote possibility of ever seeing the game on the Switch, and didn't really bother justifying his use of save states during Grunty's Furnace Fun either. However, then the Switch Online did reveal Banjo-Kazooie as one of the upcoming games, and since Nintendo Switch Online retro games have save states by default...

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