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Roleplay / Order Of The Broken Arrow

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A Heroic Fantasy Play By Post forum roleplaying game hosted on This Very Wiki. It takes place in the fictional Kingdom of Rylaath, where for countless generations, the Order of the Broken Arrow has taken up the responsibility of protecting the Kingdom from magical threats. The job description is that they locate Artifacts of Doom; hunt down necromancers, vampires, leprechauns and other sorts of dark magicians and creatures; seal portals, tears and rifts; and generally try to preserve the status quo.


While once considered the heroes of legend, they've done their jobs too well, causing people to forget about their necessity, and the normal sources of new members to all dry up. This causes the Order to lower their recruitment standards and accept all sorts of quirky characters.

Not to be confused with the film, Broken Arrow (1996). Or anything else of the same name.

This roleplay provides examples of:

  • Always a Bigger Fish: When a group of goblins charges the caravan they are escorting, the Order members mobilize. Then they discover that the goblins are fleeing from something far far nastier...
  • Amplifier Artifact: Every member of the Order has a gem grafted to their heart which causes dark magic to be less effective against them, which has the side effect of amplifying their magical abilities.
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  • The Dark Arts: The Order exists to stamp out products of dark magics.
  • Fantasy Gun Control: There are very few guns, and those that exist, such as the Mage's Shotgun, are mainly just metal tubes which magic users use to aim projectiles.
  • Functional Magic: Nearly all the major types of magic are usable in the setting.
  • Manchurian Agent: Invoked; Jian Yu theorizes that Bahtan may have been this, due to the strange markings on her body.
  • Necromancy: Oddly enough, it's not inherently evil nor a form of Black Magic, though it commonly is viewed as such.
  • Power Crystal: The majority of magic technology uses gems of some sort, such as focusing crystals, illumination stones, and "core gems" which control automated systems.
  • So What Do We Do Now?: The main driving force behind the plot is that after countless years of successfully beating back the forces of darkness, the Order is no longer needed as badly.
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  • Vancian Magic: How Jian Yu's magic works, due to being cast through paper seals.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Roland has a lot of built-up stress over this. Being a lich is tough.
  • Wizarding School: A magic academy exists somewhere, though the specifics are not known.


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