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"I use it... because... I think it is my duty."
Justin (to Landras, explaining his reason of using the Death Note)

Kira Is Justice is a Death Note Fan Fiction that is a Continuation of the series by Chihuahua0, a fellow Troper.

If you hadn't read or watched Death Note yet, there are Spoilers below.

Kira Is Justice is set four years later, after support of Kira seemed to fade away. A bored Shinigami named Landras receives a spare Death Note from Ryuk, and drops it down at a bored high school student in Chicago named Justin. After killing someone and getting over it, Justin becomes the New Kira. This attracts the attention of Near, who had become the New L. However, a mysterous person called O is trying to capture Kira too, and also is attempting to expose Near. A Creepy Child named Fiona, who works with O, sends sixteen SIS agents to Chicago to try to find Kira. Meanwhile, there is David, who is Justin's uncle, and Sol, who is Justin's cousin...

Now has a character sheet.

Here is the disussion page for it.

Kira Is Justice provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: Justin and Landras. The latter isn't a real name.
  • Allergic to Routine: Justin can't keep a hobby. Apparently, he was once on the debate team and won state, but then quit. This attribute is what causes Justin to take up the Death Note.
  • A Million Is a Statistic: It is rather hard to view the deaths as particularly horrifying, when the numbers are liberally given every chapter (30 a day or so, at one point).
  • As You Know: Averted in the case of giving names. They are usually just given in the narrative, as sometimes when a new character is introduced, he/she is introduced in his/her own Point Of View. For example, Ronan.
  • Batman Gambit: Near tricks Justin into killing an imprisoned criminal that was only annouced on Chicago news.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Fiona is childish, and has split personalities. She's one of the three to receive a letter (besides O and T) after Near.
  • Captain Obvious: "But vigilantes are also considered criminals in society"
  • Colour-Coded Characters: Fiona's five personalities each has their own color. In order of speaking order: White, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Pink.
  • Creepy Monotone: Fiona again...
  • Dull Surprise: Justin just fell for the new L's trap, potentially endangering his life and everything he knows. His reaction? "'Darn,' Justin thought, 'L is good. I need to be more careful next time.'"
  • Dysfunction Junction: Justin's family. He's shy, his sister kleptomaniac, his father is bipolar, and apparently Justin's older brother is insane but out of the story.
  • Easter Egg:
    • First, count the number of ways Four Is Death (and multiples of four) are incorpurated into the story.
      • The story begins in October, which used to be the eighth month on the calender.
      • Peterson has eight letters.
      • Justice is sixteen years old.
      • Near is about twenty-four years old.
      • Sixteen SIS agents were send to the United States.
      • The story happens four years after Death Note.
    • See Mythology Gag for the reason behind Shadow's codename.
  • Embarrassing First Name: Justin's real name is Justice (which is a rare uni-sex name).
  • Evil Redhead: Fiona is a redhead, and she's creepy...
  • Expansion Pack Past: Justin gets more random backstory added on, such as a job as a hacker being mentioned in passing.
  • Expy: Let's say that more than one character is a lot like their Death Note counterpart.
    • Justin is just as intelligent as Light, and goes through a very similar transformation, only much more sudden.
    • Sol seems to have some similarities to Light as a high school senior, except he's not Kira.
  • Dead Fic: As of Chapter Twenty, the author is considering a re-boot, due to being Old Shame. Sadly the fic has been officially dropped.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: The author notes are guilty of the dramatic version of this, often explaining the importance of each and every chapter.
  • Four Is Death: Kira Is Justice is set four years after Death Note.
  • Gambit Roulette: In Chapter Nineteen, Justin stages a hijack with his Death Note, so he could plant a virus on the SIS agent's laptop to find out who they were. Almost everything was under his control.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Justice is an uni-sex name, but it is mostly used for girls.
  • Gen Fic: As far as the story goes, there isn't going to be any shipping with any of the orginal characters.
  • I Do Not Own: There is one at the beginning, which is slightly Played for Laughs:
    Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note nor make any money off of it. I don't own some of the characters or a few lines either. This will be the last time you'll see this disclaimer. Also, this is my first fan-fiction story on the Internet. Be nice.
  • Informed Ability:
    • In chapter one, Justin is said to be very smart, but we don't actually get to see this in action.
    • In chapter two, the story says Justin is "similar to L, but different" without ever saying why.
  • Inner Monologue: Well, this is based on Death Note...
  • Intrepid Reporter: Justin's father
    • Actually, it isn't stated if he is this kind of reporter. All that is stated in the text so far is that he writes about Kira, but it isn't stated whatever he investigates stories or not.
  • Not-So-Imaginary Friend:
    • Landras, of course.
    • Also, one element of Not So Imaginary Friend is defined and enforced by the author. To prevent Justin from just talking to Landras in his room, where his family might notice, the Telepathy Necklace is introduced. It hadn't been abused yet.
  • Oblivious Guilt Slinging: Justin's uncle happens to be a FBI agent and Justin's cousin openly opposes Kira.
  • Oh, Crap!: Literaly, when Kira's location was pinned down. Counts as a Precision F-Strike, since Kira Is Justice lacks a lot of bad language, strangely.
  • One-Steve Limit: Played straight, so far. Some of the criminals that were stated in the eariler chapters were a little over the age (Lucas Pent?)
    • Averted if you considered the original manga to count. There's a Shinigami called Armonia Justin Beyondormason. This was completely unintentional.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: Besides being a little smarter than normal and being anti-social, Justice seems normal until he finds the Death Note.
  • Painting the Medium:
    • For some reason, Fiona and Landras speak in bold.
    • Exaggerated with Fiona's five personalities, which each have their own way of speaking.
  • Sticky Fingers: Justin's sister, Kate, is a kleptomanatic. This is mostly for comic relief.
  • Take That!: A subtle one:
    The rest of them consisted of security cameras, new channels, and re-runs of Sesame Street (one with a previously-banned appearance of Taylor Lautner).
  • Title Drop: A stuble one: When Justin decides to experiment with the Death Note, one of the victims yell out the words, "Kira is justice!" in a prison calfteria before dropping dead. One reviewer found it very amusing. It was actually unintentional on the author's behalf, but it is a good case of Fridge Brilliance.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Landras has a taste for yogurt.

Fiona: Hello Troper... Come closer...